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  Includes:Cellular Therapies, pg. 7Patient Blood Management, pg. 10Digital Downloads throughout Your #1 Source for Professional Resources—When and Where You Need Them LABHOME CLINIC ANYWHERE PUBLICATIONS CATALOG 2014  The AABB professional development portal makes it even easier to accomplish your training needs and earn CME/CE credit. T he learning portal provides: n Anytime convenience and accessibility n Access to varied and relevant content n Personalized CME/CE tracking n Attendance certificationThese valuable benefits are just a click away at For questions, email: Stretch your professional development dollars by earning CME/CE credits as a group or individually at your own pace.   AABB provides the flexibility to fulfill every facility’s professional development needs. Visit AABB’s website to access live audioconferences for training in a group setting with credit for all in attendance. Alternatively, access the archived content for individual learning and credit. Thousands of credit hours are waiting for you and your staff even within limited training budgets. Earn More CME/CE Credit Learning at Your Fingertips  This year is an exciting time  for AABB education— it brings a “doubling down” of commitment to expert educational resources for our community. In addition to expanding an ever-richer portfolio of content, this is also a year of investment in new technology platforms that will deliver professional development tools to support all learning styles and schedules. The expanded content in transfusion medicine, patient blood management and cellular therapies provides the information needed by facilities to improve the quality of care that they are delivering to patients and donors. In the cellular therapy arena, standards for the laboratory setting have been expanded into the clinical care setting. Those faced with regulatory challenges now have access to a toolkit that provides customizable templates for regulatory submissions. For those facilities implementing patient blood management programs, multi-media learning modules will be available to provide the foundational knowledge to implement your program or to take your existing program to the next level. The already comprehensive library of print and electronic publications is being further supplemented with forward-thinking transfusion medicine content such as  Antibody Identification: Art or Science? A Case Study Approach , as well as new editions of invaluable references such as The Transfusion Committee: Putting Patient Safety First. In parallel with expanding our collection of relevant content, we are revamping our delivery platforms to make it easier to access that content. An improved online Marketplace will bring together all modes of learning—from webinars to books to digital toolkits—making it easier to find resources that fit your needs. A new, robust learning portal will allow you to manage all of your career development progress in one place. Yet, amid all of these exciting changes, one thing holds constant—the contribution of leaders in the field who collaborate to develop these innovative resources. Only through the deep partnership with our professional volunteer experts are we able to bring this body of knowledge to the field. I hope you will take full advantage of what AABB has to offer. Arming yourself with leading-edge knowledge is good for your professional growth, good for your facility, and good for advancing the field. Regards,Miriam Markowitz Chief Executive Officer, AABB 1 Practice Standards 2Quality Assurance Fundamentals 4Regulatory Requirements 6Cellular Therapies 7Patient Blood Management 10Transfusion Best Practices: General 14 Special Situations 20 Tissue Management 20 Components 21 Complications 22 Perinatal, Neonatal, Pediatric 24Operations Reference Manuals: Operations 25 Personnel/Training 27 Computers 27 Ethical/Legal Issues 27Donor Selection and Blood Collection 28Index by Title 29 Index by Author/Editor 30Individual Membership Application 31 AABB Publications Order Form 32 Ordering Information Inside Back Cover Look for FREE downloads  indicated by these symbols TABLE OF CONTENTSFOREWORD  Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories, 10th edition and Guidance CD   Effective Date: January 1, 2012 The 10th edition of  Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories (RT Standards)  features new and revised requirements in areas such as personnel responsibilities, first-time accreditation, the use of autosomal markers, testing of backup systems and corrective action. Also incorporated are changes to the content addressing supplier and customer issues, as well as the interim standards relating to accredited vs nonaccredited activities described in promotional materials.The Guidance for Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories  accompanies the RT Standards as a CD-ROM. In addition to detailed technical appendices, the Guidance  contains practical recommendations on how to meet the requirements of the RT Standards . (AABB, 2011, soft cover, 58 pages, CD-ROM included, ISBN 9781563953316) Product Code: 113110 |   List Price: $95   |   Member Price: $75      P     R     A     C     T     I     C     E     S     T     A     N     D     A     R     D     S Standards for Immunohematology Reference Laboratories, 8th edition Effective Date: October 1, 2013 The eighth edition relies on a matrix of quality management system and detailed operational requirements, such as those defining minimum antisera resources. Significant changes: n A new emergency preparedness standard requires that each laboratory’s emergency management plan be tested at defined intervals. n New standards have been added concerning equipment installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification. n A new standard requires that facilities inform customers in the case where testing is not performed and a report is not generated. n New standards address ABO/Rh problem resolution. (AABB, 2013, soft cover, 56 pages, ISBN 9781563958663) Product Code: 133125 |   List Price: $95   |   Member Price: $72 StandardsforBloodBanksandTransfusionServices,28thedition EffectiveDate:November1,2012 The 28th edition of   Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services  details the latest standards of practice in blood banking and transfusion medicine. As in the past, a quality management system is the framework of the standards, with each of the 10 chapter headings representing one of the 10 Quality System Essentials. Significant changes: n Required testing for Trypanosoma cruzi has been specified. n A new standard concerning donor instructions for postdonation information runs parallel with the previously established requirement of postphlebotomy instructions. n Written materials are specified for donor instructions regarding the donation process, postphlebotomy care, adverse effects and postdonation information. n The annual review cycle for all existing policies, processes and procedures has been adjusted to every 2 years. n New standards for records specify requirements for change control, protection during both storage and destruction, items recorded in the release of nonconforming products, and traceable items for record systems. n Monitoring of critical laboratory results has been added for peer-review programs. (AABB, 2012, soft cover, 120 pages, ISBN 9781563958380) Product Code: 123120 |   List Price: $164   |   Member Price: $114 PRACTICE STANDARDS 2 Digital Downloads: New!  Upcoming change to revision cycle for Standards AABB will soon change its revision cycle for  Standards  from 18 months to 24 months. This will take effect after release of  Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services , 29th edition, which will be available in coming months and effective April 2014.
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