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  Question 1-Write down all the line and brand extensions of Parle Ans-P arle introduced the ‘parle - g magix’ and ‘parle -g- shakti’ and these have two flavours choco and cashew. It follows line extension as  –  1-   Monaco smart chips  – tangy tomato;crazy chat;macho masala. 2-   Parle wafers-masala masti;classic salted,cream s onions. 3-   Hide s seek-chocolate ,mint,coffee,Milano. 4-   Parlie marie- digestive actifit and marire choice. 5-   Fultoss- green mango,chutney,tangy,pickle,masala munch. Brand extension of parle- Sweets s toffees category 1-mago bite 2- melody 3- poppins Sancks extension 1-muchies 2-cheeselings 3-monaco smart chips 4- parle wafers Question2-What mistake did Parle make while launching its new snacks. What would you have suggested before launch of premium snacks. Where in new product development process will you put this mistake into. Ans- Parle makes mistakes while launching its snacks are as follows- 1-   The strategy of parle was not good to launch its snacks category as they have only one distribution team for both snacks and biscuits. 2-   They launched its snacks with brand name Must chips and must stick five years ago as it not used the parle brand name it did’nt work abd after when he launched parle’s fulltoss and parle’s wafers, its market shares increa sed suddenly. Suggestions before launching the premium snacks are as follows- 1-To do market research and then think when to launch the product and see customers requirement. Mistakes in new product development 1-Launching its product before the scheduled time and faced problemin launching. 2-they do not have done test marketing and because of that faced problem and can not know customers choises. Question3-Find out the prices and tag lines of all the biscuit brands offered by Parle. How do you think different biscuit brands are being positioned in the market. 1-Parle milk Shakti Price-rs10,20  Postioning-Yummy creamy biscuit with the goodness of milk, featuring the shape of tom & jerry on the biscuit. 2-Krack jack Price-rs. 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 Tag line -Taste ka double role jo khol sakta hai apki pol Postioning-This biscuit is crispy and delicious with equal amount of sweet and salt. 3-Parle Monaco Price-Rs 5 , 10, 15 Tag line-Life namkeen banaiye Postioning-Saltiness n distinct taste of parle Monaco. It is light n crisp 4- Melody Price-Rs1 Tag line-Melody itni chocolaty kyu hai? Melody khao khud jan jao. Postioning-It has the richness of chocolate 5-Parle Marie Price-Rs 5, 10, 15, 20, 22 Postioning-A healthy biscuit which is crisp and light 6-Kreams biscuit Price-Rs 2, 5, 10, 18 Postioning-It has outside the crunchiness of biscuit and inside the rich flavour of creams (available in many falvours) 7- Mango bite Price-50 paise Tag line-Aam ki rasili goli, enjoy very slowly Postioning-It has a juicy taste of sweet mangoes

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