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12/07/12 AAcademic Technology Committee U MINUTES OF MEETING: APPROVED BY COMMITTEE: 2/01/13 Submitted Exec. Committee: Approved by Exec. Committee: Submitted Academic Senate: Approved by Academic Senate:
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12/07/12 AAcademic Technology Committee U MINUTES OF MEETING: APPROVED BY COMMITTEE: 2/01/13 Submitted Exec. Committee: Approved by Exec. Committee: Submitted Academic Senate: Approved by Academic Senate: ATC Members Present: Helen Heinrich (chair), Soheil Boroushaki, Sharlene Katz, Isaiah Liu, Gina Masequesmay, Sydni Powell, Ron Saito, Chris Sales, Mary Schaffer, Sally Spencer; Excused: David Miller, Michael Sullivan Absent: Jussi Eloranta; Executive Secretary: Hilary Baker, Recording Secretary: Marla Joseph for Jennifer De Iuliis; Guests: Suzanne David, Karen Girton-Snyder, Jodi Johnson, Chris Olsen, Ernie Perez, Ben Quillian, Paul Schantz 1) Announcements Reminder to register for the faculty retreat; will include many IT presentations. Provost Hellenbrand will be attending the February 1 st ATC meeting. Baker announced that if anyone has technology stories that could be highlighted in Digital Stories please reach out to her directly or Zell. Zell and the Faculty Technology Center staff are creating a digital story from Sally Spencer s TeachLive presentation from the last ATC meeting. 2) Approval of Minutes The minutes from the November 2, 2012 meeting were approved. 3) Previous Meeting Action Item Review Wireless Network Connection to Doceri App Spencer stated the application is no longer experiencing issues connecting to the CSUN wireless network. Waitlist Baker shared information provided by Elizabeth Adams. Changes to the waitlist for fall 2013 are still being evaluated. Miller had inquired about having permission numbers with shorter expiration dates, and Adams confirmed that faculty can choose the expiration date. Further details can be obtained by contacting the college SOLAR coordinator; a list of coordinators is on the SOLAR Support webpage. Password Expiration The communication has been updated on the web to make it clearer that there is a need to complete an update on all devices at the same time. Baker asked members to please inform if there are any other further questions. Elluminate to Blackboard Collaborate Information has been updated on the IT web site which provides details, Schaffer was having trouble finding the link; Zell stated that they will temporarily put a link on left side of Academic Technology page. 4) Chair s Report a. ACAT meeting update meeting was rescheduled to December 17, b. Council of Chairs update Ann Morey from the Career Center did a presentation on the role of technology in the job market place for students. This included the tools needed to land a job. Heinrich asked if the committee wanted to see the presentation. 1 Saito asked the direction of change and Heinrich said traditional transitioning to virtual. Masequesmay inquired about closed captioning services. Zell explained that there is a partnership between CSUN and Automatic Sync. The FTC can make arrangements to accommodate needs; payments could possibly be made via chargeback. The timeframe is approximately 3 days to complete; however, if a need for a rush it can be 24 hours. Spencer asked if captioning services for Elluminate/Collaborate sessions were available. Zell stated the FTC can capture these as well, but advance notice is required. Masequesmay noted that ADA compliance will be costly as compliance increases. Baker stated that paying for captioning is hopefully only a short term solution and we hope to see new technologies emerge as a long term solution. Zell noted that the NCOD arranges for students caption, which is less expensive. Masequesmay shared concerns regarding a video she had captioned that she was only able to share within her department and not share with the library because the video copyright issues restricted the broader sharing of materials. Heinrich stated that the library s database of streaming videos do include captioning. c. Faculty Senate update The new CSUN Shine was presented noting its use is in addition to the current standard logo. Heinrich stated that President Harrison said that it was okay to use the plural, shines. 5) VP/CIO Report a. Upcoming technology projects with potential faculty impact (Baker) Handout titled Technology Projects with Possible Faculty Impact, Dec. 6, 2012 Winter Break: December 2012/January 2013 Testing technology failover process for Business Continuity On January 12, 2012 during the regular IT maintenance window, IT will perform a test of key recovery processes at our failover site at Sacramento State. During this time, access to the Web, Portal, and Moodle will be intermittently unavailable. Spring 2013 Lecture Capture This service is being expanded to other large lecture halls. Faculty can also continue to capture their lectures outside of the classroom by downloading the software and running on any computer. CSUN to join EduRoam This wifi access will be available within the next year, which allows campus visitors to login on our campus wifi using their own campus credentials. EduRoam will eventually replace the current CSUN WPA2 wifi option. Voic upgrade Functionality will be similar to the current system; however, old voice mail messages will not be available in the new system. The old voice mails will be accessible via or from a specific phone number that will be communicated prior to the upgrade. Heinrich asked if there is a way to access voice mail from an ipad. Olsen stated that the icon in the message can launch and play voice mail messages. 2 Fall 2013 Exchange 2010 Online Migration Moving Exchange for faculty and staff to the cloud is currently being planned for later in Most users will see little or no changes; however, Webmail users from Mac devices will experience improved functionality. The migration process will be transparent and no actions will be required of users. b. Web-One update (Baker) The implementation is moving forward. The IT website has been moved into the Web-One environment and Academic Affairs websites, including Admissions and Records and AMC, will also be migrating to Web-One this academic year. Stephanie Nguyen in Academic Resources is leading this initiative for Academic Affairs. IT has been conducting training sessions since October. Spencer asked where to find out information on Web-One. Baker stated that there is a link on the IT web site and the web coordinators in each college also have information. c. Moodle transition update (Zell) An has been sent to all faculty announcing the transition to Moodle 2 in In the New Year, courses will be available in both the existing 1.9 environment will be copied into a Moodle 2 development space for testing. There are some new features. Powell asked about any changes that will be visible to students. Zell and Perez offered to attend an Associated Student s meeting to provide a briefing on the transition. Masequesmay stated she has issues with PDFs that are uploaded into Moodle because students are unable to read them. Other ATC members said that the plug-in for Adobe reader is the issue, and using force download should fix this. 6) Discussion Topics a. Student Access and Accommodation System (SAAS) (Jodi Johnson, Director for DRES & Paul Schantz, Director, Web and Technology Services, Student Affairs) 2:30pm time certain. In the past, students that needed accommodations completed paper documents, the DRES office approved the paperwork, and then the student took it to the professor for approval and returned the paperwork to the DRES office. Now, students can request services via a DRES web application and the DRES office and the professor can approve it online, including alternate testing requests. Benefits Replaces time consuming paperwork Student is not required to locate professor for signatures (online students) Allows professors to verify accommodations any time Better information security (no lost papers or altered information, audit trail) Academic department support staff have access to exam schedules and delivery info. Process Steps 1. Student requests accommodations online 2. DRES counselor approves/denies request 3. sent to professor for approved accommodations 3 4. Professor logs into SAAS and views accommodations 5. Professor creates Course Exam profile (if needed) 6. Student submits exam schedule request 7. Faculty logs in and approves/denies request Login to: Known Issues and Solutions 1. Link sent with auto-generated s to open SAAS does not always work well with the configuration of computers/devices on campus. Following the link opens an invalid login window. Solution Enter website directly into browser window and bookmark site. 2. Window XP Professional and IE 8 cannot access SAAS (circa 2002). Some issues for access with Mac s result in blank or partial displays. Solution Change browser to: Internet Explorer 9 Firefox version 15 or newer Safari version 5 or newer Google Chrome version 21 or newer 3. ipad Touch screen does not appear to activate menus or buttons Solution Touch screen button for at least 2 seconds to initiate event 7) Department/College Issues Computer updates Boroushaki asked who drives the desktop computer updates, the colleges or elsewhere. Quillian explained that the college technical staff drive and implement the computer updates, with the exception of Microsoft, which is centralized for security purposes and is pushed out to the colleges for them to implement. Computer lab status Masequesmay asked about the closure of computer labs because she is interested in using the space. Quillian stated that the goal is set to reduce the labs however, no schedule has been set. Quillian suggested she speak with the MAR or Dean in her college about space. volume Spencer asked if a special account could be created for urgent messages to handle the volume of more easily. Baker suggested that we review the issue and look to means to address the issue since a second account may not be the most effective approach. Spencer will send further details to Baker for review. Learning Commons Heinrich shared information on the library re-design project: Adding reference materials in electronic form as much as possible Footprint of the reference print collection will be decreased Desktops will be transformed into group settings Technology driven Different furniture Promoting and adjusting toward bring your own device Concept in more mature form in Spring 4 8) Policy none 9) New Business none Heinrich asked members to her even over the holiday break, regarding any agenda items they might be interested in for the next meeting on February 1 st. Meeting adjourned early at 2:50 PM. 5
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