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    Date: Day: 21 st  Month: Oct Year: 2018 Name of Student:  Noor AlSuwaidi / H00370271 Time: from: 11:00am to: 11:55am length of class: 55 minutes Name of School: AlQarayen Kindergarten Name of MST: Tr. Layla Grade: KG2/5 No. Ss: 29 Details about the book that the MST uses: Name of book: “Where’s My Teddy?”   Unit: English (telling a story)   page(s) 20   PURPOSE  –  Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to be able to do by the end of the lesson that they could not do before? OBJECTIVES Students will be able to ….      Understand the story    List the things which were in the story    Develop their listening skills    Solve the worksheets    Recognize the characters LANGUAGE  –  What is the language I hope to teach? Specifically  –  what do I want the students to be able to say or write or read or listen to? Is it new language, or am I revising something I or my MST has already presented and practiced, or is it a mixture? -   The students will sit around the teacher to listen to her telling the story. -   The teacher will read a new story “Where’ s M y Teddy?”  to the students, while most of the students doesn’t und erstand the English language, the teacher will read it in English language first then I’ll translate it to them in Arabic language, page by page. -   My aim is to teach the students English language. I’ll  read for the students a story in English language to develop the language for them, although most of the students do not understand English, I’ll keep translating it for t hem in Arabic so they could understand the words in English and learn new words. -   The students will learn to understand the story by listening and watching the pictures, and then they’ll  be able to tell what they saw and learned. -   I’ll read the story for the students with sound effects first and I’ll give the students several  activities on it at the end. -   The students will have to answer me with a full sentence for example: “yes I do understand”, “no I don’t understand”.  -   The students will ask me to re explain it when they don’t understand; the students will say : “may you explain it again plea se?”  -   If the students don’t know something they’ll ask the teacher: “what’s this miss?”   SKILLS  –  Which skill(s) am I teaching and what aspect of that / those skill(s) will I focus on? -   Develop their listening, memorising and speaking skills. Lesson Planning Year 2, SEM 1      RESOURCES  ––  What resources do I need to create the context and provide practice so the students can do what they need to do to develop? - Include realia, books, handouts, multimedia, songs, games, etc. -   “Where’ s M y Teddy?” book story  -   The bear footprints and sound -   “Once Upon a Time” bag with real objects of the characters in the story  -   Flashcards (memory cards game) -   Worksheets activities (maze, puzzle, circling)   ACTIVITIES  –  What activities can I design that use the resources and are appropriate in the context? Are my activities authentic and purposeful? 1-   While reading the story I’ll bring “Once Upon a Time” bag, inside it I’ll have the characters, to make my story more interesting I’ll  bring out a character out of the bag each time a new character appears in the story. 2-   Memory cards game, the students will play the memory cards game on the board. 3-   There will be a “maze” worksheet and the students will look for the right way to take the boy to its teddy bear. 4-   There will be 4 pieces that makes a picture of a boy holding his teddy bear and the students will fix the right pieces together to make the right picture and glue it on a white paper. 5-   The worksheet has three parts which are characters, setting, and the weather in the story. Each section will have several pictures in it and the students will be able to distinguish the things which were in the story and circle them.      Activity Time Interaction Teacher (activity + exact instructions you intend to give) Student (what they do + language you expect them to use) Purpose / objective  of the activity MCT comments Engage (Starter/Opening)   2 minutes 3 minutes T-S S-T S-S Rules  –   reminder T tells the student to sit on the mat. T elicits prior knowledge T will point at the footprints on the floor and ask the students which animal has those footprints? T will play a sound of the bear loudly and ask the students what animal makes this sound then ask them to imitate it T will show the students the  book and ask them what do they see from the front book  picture and what do they think the story is about? T will distribute a smiley and a sad face to each student and  before reading the story and will explain to them that if they don ’t understand something they should raise the sad face up and if they S will sit on the mat circle. S will try to guess what animal has those footprints S will guess what animal makes this sound and will imitate it S will try to guess what the story is talking about S will listen to the teacher giving instructions about the smiley and sad face to know why and when to use them   To make it authentic To engage the students To make them recognise the footprints of the bear To make them recognise the sound the bear makes To expand their imagination and knowledge To express their feelings and understanding      understand they should raise the smiley face up. Transition (Strategy how to move from one part of the lesson to the other) 2 minutes T-S T will ring the bell to attract the student’s  attention and to announce that it’s time to move from the carpet to the disks.   S listen carefully S prepare for listening to the story To obey the teacher’s rules  To check the understanding To sit quietly and focus   Building Knowledge (Lesson Proper/Teaching) 10 minutes 5 minutes T-S S-T T will start reading the story for the students with sound effects. T will read it in English, and I translated it in Arabic page by  page for them to understand the story. I also focused on the vocabulary words and asked them to repeat the words  behind me.   T will bring “Once Upon a Time” bag, while reading the story and inside it I’ll have the characters of the story, to make my story more interesting I’ll bring out a character out of the bag each time a new character appears in the story. S will sit down around the teacher and listen carefully while she’s reading the st ory S will focus and get into the story while the teacher is reading it. S will repeat the vocabulary words behind the teacher S will guess what’s in the box   To attract their attention To keep them focused To make it exciting To improve their English and help them in learning new words. To scaffold students to understand the story. To attract their attention To make my story more interesting and exciting.  
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