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  Public Ofce not a Contract  ABANILLA vs COA  Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD), a local water district was organized as a government-owned corporation with srcinal charter Pursuant to P D 198 (Provincial Water Utilities ct o! 19 #)$C%&  MCWD, t'roug' its oard o! Directors, issued esolutions giving bene*ts and privileges ( hospitalization privileges, allowing the monetization of leave credits to its personnel, Christmas bonus and longevit allowance ) one o! w'o+ is Dulce M banilla, MCWD-s .eneral Manager   /n  !anuar , #$#, MCWD and Metropolitan Cebu Water District 0+ploees Union, e3ecuted a collective bargaining agreement %CBA& providing !or t'e continuous grant to all its regular ran' and (le emploees o! e3isting bene*ts, suc' as cash advances, thirteenth month pa, mid-ear bonus, Christmas bonus,
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