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About the certification Code of the certification: C_TAW12_71 Name of the certification: SAP Certified Development Associate – ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.02 Format of the certification: Contains 80 questions that have to be answered in three hours. All questions will be multiple choices and no partial marking is there (it means no mark will be given to you if you tick on two correct answers out of three correct one). For a question which has multiple answers, they will specify how many co
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  About the certification Code of the certification:  C_TAW12_71 Name of the certification:  SAP Certified Development Associate  –   ABAP with SAP  NetWeaver 7.02 Format of the certification:  Contains 80 questions that have to be answered in three hours. All questions will be multiple choices and no partial marking is there (it means no mark will be given to you if you tick on two correct answers out of three correct one). For a question which has multiple answers, they will specify how many correct answers are there. No negative marking. Tips for the certifications:    Try to read F1 help for all the basic syntax so that it will clear your basics.    Three hours is quite a big time to write 80 questions. So allocate five minutes of time for reading the rules first.    In the exam they will not ask stupid questions like „Which  transaction code or function can be used to do XYZ tasks, etc.‟  So, do not waste your time in mugging up t-codes and function modules. At last best of luck for your exam! During the certification:  My heart was beating at a speed of 33k / 3 hrs (of course money matters). As my exam was about to begin I was too much nervous because I was appearing for the certification exam with only one month of preparation. When I saw the first question, unfortunately, I did not know that one, and therefore, for a moment a got shocked. But I concentrated my mind for the next question and everything went on easily. I made flag to that question which I had doubt for later input. I did not believe myself, I revised two times every question and answer given by me. How he prepared:  I studied using books TAW10_1, TAW10_2, TAW11 E, TAW12_1 and TAW12_2 and a little from ABAP in 21 Days  book. Topics like Webdynpro for ABAP and Unicode will not be covered very effectively in these books so you need to prepare those topic on your own. TAW 11 E is an e-learning course, so you will not find any book. After completing these books it will be good if you practice with sample questions and answers. You can even start looking at the sample question given by SAP : Do not become too much over confident as these questions are very simple and do not lose the hope as after finish ing all the books it will be a child‟s game for you.   Result:  He passed the exam with the score 85%.  Sample questions and other notes:  Here are some sample questions. The first one was the simplest question one could ever encounter. 1. You have newly joined a development team and your team member is developing a report. He wants to put the validation for the vendor No. In which event he should put the error message so that in case when wrong vendor is entered error message should appear and focus the cursor on that field.  A. Start-of-selection B. End-of-selection C. At selection screen on field D. Initialization It boosted my confidence and the answer is C. At selection screen on field. 2. Business want to change the F1 help for the field for all reports. At what level you will change  so that it reflects for all places.  A. Domain B. Data element C. Change all table field D. Code at selection screen on help-request in all the reports As data element store the schematic information, it can be used and the idea of changing the code of all reports with D option is useless. So the answer is B (Data element). 3. Which statement can be used to read a single record from the internal table.  A. Move it_tab to wa_taab with . B. Read table it_tab into wa_tab index . C. Move corresponding it_tab to it_taab1. D. None of the above. The answer is : B 4. Which one of these event will be triggered first when you execute the program?  A. INITIALIZATION B. LOAD-OF-PROGRAM C. START-OF-SELECTION D. END-OF-SELECTION  This one also does not take much time as loading of the program is the first thing which is done and after that it will start looking into the code. So the answer is LOAD-OF-PROGRAM. 5. What is the valid combination among these for SAP R/3?  A. 2 application server and 1 data base server B. 2 database server and 1 application server C. 2 application server and 2 database server D. 3 application server and 2 database server The question is not that clear but as far as SAP is concerned it believes in central instance. So, the answer is A. 6. There is one function group name AG which contains three function module FM1, FM2 and  FMR. It also has one global variable Gl_val. FM1 and FM2 has a simple code of adding 1 into that variable and FMR has the code of returning that global variable. So what will be the output of falling code?  Report test_fungrp. Data : gl_val type i. Data : ret_val type i. Call Function FM1. Clear gl_val. Call Function FM2. Call function FMR importing VAL = Ret_val. Write : / Ret_val. A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 H Hhmmm… need to use a little of mind in this. As function group will have only one instance through out the program run, so only one copy of that global variable. Answer is B. 7. Which layer will be used to convert the OPEN SQL into the database specific query?  A. WORK Process B. DATA BASE interface  C. ABAP interprter D. None of the above The answer is B. Data base interface that will be used to make SAP database independent. 8. You have 10 records into the internal table .you want to make use of loop statement to loop through all the records which system variable can be used to find out the loop iteration?  A. SY-INDEX B. SY-DATUM (What an option!) C. SY-TABIX D. None of thee above So… Easy, right? The answer is C (SY -TABIX). 9. Can a database view be used to fetch the data from the database using SELECT Query?  A. True B. False The answer is A. 10. In Case of Webdynpro for ABAP how will you map context Attribute of view container and component container?  A. Double click on that B. Drag it to the another contai ner‟s context   C. Wirte the mapping path into context‟s attribute  D. You cannot mape. I know you want to kill me!!! But this question was there… Any way, the answer is clearly B.   11. Which one of the following will contain user interface?  A. Model B. Component container C. Window D. View The answer is D. 12. Which are of those are GUI types in SAP?  
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