ABAP Workshop 2009 - Part1 Topics ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã Program Types Dialog Program and DYNPROs Program Flow and Flow Events DYNPRO data elements Vs. ABAP data elements FIELD Command and Conditional Module Calls CHAIN Command TAB controls Field, Data Element and Domains Input Help (List of Values) –demo/coding Field Help (F1 Help) –demo/coding Understanding Menu Bar, Application Toolbar and Function keys Menu Control and Function Keys Context Menu Title Bar Demo Hands-on Practice 2
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   ABAP Workshop2009 -Part1  2 Topics ãProgram TypesãDialog Program and DYNPROsãProgram Flow and Flow EventsãDYNPRO data elements Vs. ABAP data elementsãFIELD Command and Conditional Module CallsãCHAIN CommandãTAB controlsãField, Data Element and DomainsãInput Help (List of Values) –demo/codingãField Help (F1 Help) –demo/codingãUnderstanding Menu Bar, Application Toolbar and Function keysãMenu Control and Function KeysãContext MenuãTitle Bar ãDemoãHands-on Practice  3 Program Types No All except event blocksfor reporting eventsN/AIncludes (I)NoNoneTYPE-POOLType group or Type pool (T)NoEvent block LOAD-OF-PROGRAM,subroutines, methodsPROGRAMSubroutine pool (S)YesEvent block LOAD-OF-PROGRAM,subroutines, methodsPROGRAMModule pool (M)NoNoneINTERFACE-POOLInterface pool (J)  YesAll except eventblocks for reportingeventsFUNCTION-POOLFunction group (or function pool) (F) NoMethods onlyCLASS-POOLClass pool (K) Yes All -except functionmodulesREPORT (or PROGRAM)Executable (1)Can this have or support its ownDYNPROSProcessing blockssupportedFirst statement inprogram (After theinclude statements areresolved)Program type  4 Dialog Programs and DYNPRO ãDYNPRO is a basic component (screen and flow logic) of Dialog programsãDYNPRO (DYNamicPROgram’s) are also called TransactionsãSometimes the terms DYNPRO and Dialog Program are usedinterchanginglyãThe procedure for creating dialog programs is different to that for reportsãA Dialog Program consists of one or more screensãScreen consists of a Layout (buttons, frames, labels, edit fields etc) and itsFlow Logic –code to handle user eventsãCollectively, a screen, its layout and flow logic is called a DYNPROãWhen a dialog program is run, screens are the objects called, not programsor subroutinesãIn Dialog programs the system displays a screen for the user to enter or request information and it responds to user input or request by 1) Branchingto next screen 2) Displaying an output 3) Running a report 4) Updating thedatabase
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