Product Brochure Gas-insulated Switchgear ELK-04 Modular System up to 170 kV, 4000 A, 63 kA Content Innovation by Tradition Bilding Block System Functional Modules – Circuit Breaker – Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism – Combined Disconnector and Earthing Switch – Make-Proof Earthing Switch – Cable End Unit, Gas-to-Air Bushings – Current and Voltage Transformers – Completion Modules, Gas Compartment System – Control and Monitoring Combination of Modules Execution Examples – Double Busbar Ar
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  Gas-insulated Switchgear ELK-04Modular Systemup to 170 kV, 4000 A, 63 kA Product Brochure  Content Innovation by Tradition 3Bilding Block System 4–5Functional Modules 6–21– Circuit Breaker 6–7– Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism 8–9 – Combined Disconnector and Earthing Switch 10–11– Make-Proof Earthing Switch 12– Cable End Unit, Gas-to-Air Bushings 13– Current and Voltage Transformers 14–15– Completion Modules,Gas Compartment System 16–17– Control and Monitoring 18–21Combination of Modules 22–23Execution Examples 24–27– Double Busbar Arrangements 24–25– Single Busbar Arrangements 26–27Value Added, Innovation, Quality 28Engineering, Project Handling, Service 29Summary, Technical Data 30–31 2 Content | Gas-insulated Switchgear ELK-04  Innovation by Tradition Decades of experience create the basis for a maturetechnology ABB is one o the technology leaders in the range o gas-insulated switchgear. Nobody has more hands-on experience,gathered in thousands o applications, in all climates, operat-ing conditions.The ABB portolio or gas-insulated high voltage switchgearcomprises several modular designed model ranges or voltageratings rom 52 kV up to 1100 kV.More than 14000 installed bays in almost 2500 substationsin over 70 countries demonstrate their value every day. Thisextensive substation operational experience under a widevariety o conditions and requirements orms the basis or thedevelopment and production o our gas-insulated switchgear.ELK-04 meets the most demanding quality requirements.Owing to actory pre-manuactured and pre-tested compo-nents, transport, assembly and commissioning are simple andast. As a matter o course all unctional modules were type-tested according to IEC-Standard (IEC 62271-203). Highavailability with reduced operating and maintenance costsguarantee excellent substation productivity. In this way,ELK-04 represents the lowest cost over the entire lie cycleo the substation.ABB has more than 40 years o experience in the develop-ment, production, engineering and project handling in thegas-insulated switchgear business. That means more than40 years o customer ulillment and long-term managemento customer beneits. ABB is a pioneer o GIS-technology,with unequaled know-how and unrivaledsystem competence. ELK-04 in 1½ circuit breaker arrangementGas-insulated Switchgear ELK-04 | Innovation by Tradition 3  Building Block System ELK-04 – a model of success since 1992 The ABB portolio or gas-insulated switchgear has seencontinuous upgrades and improvements since the end o the sixties. Market and customer requirements are met byinnovative solutions.For instance, the ELK-04 gas-insulated switchgear wasdeveloped in such a manner that a complete bay its withinone standard industrial shipping container. At the time o itsmarket launch in 1992, ELK-04 was designed or a ratedcurrent o 3150 A, a rated short circuit current o 40 kA anda rated voltage o 170 kV. Depending on the requirements,today it is possible to assemble switchyards with higher orlower rated values at optimized costs rom a well-devisedmodular system.A dierentiation with respect to the required layout designis basically possible with the standardized lange diameter.For a rated voltage up to 145 kV and a rated normal currento 2500 A, modules with small lange diameters can be used.For ratings above these values modules with a larger langediameter are necessary. Perfect modules result in powerful systems The system o gas-insulated switchgear is composed byunctional modules consisting o dierent primary and secon-dary technology. Each unctional module ulils the task in anoptimal way in conjunction with other unctional modules.We see our challenge in the continuous improvement o allunctional modules and in the enhancement o the operatio-nal reliability, realized by appropriate constructions, ail saesystem architectures, careul testing and strict methodologicalquality assurance. A unique optimized building blocksystem ulls almost all requirementsin high voltage technology. ➀   Busbar with disconnectorand earthing switch ➁   Circuit breaker ➂   Current transormer ➃   Voltage transormer ➄ Feeder disconnector andearthing switch ➅   Make-proo earthing switch ➆   Cable end unit ➇   Local control cabinet Up to 170 kV, 4000 A, 50 kA and 63 kA up to 145 kV The essential modules of the ELK-04building block system: ➀ ➁ ➂➇➃➄ ➅ Active parts under high voltageEnclosureSF 6 -GasInsulation materialMechanical parts, structuresLow voltage parts4 Building Block System | Gas-insulated Switchgear ELK-04
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