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Abbreviations and their meanings for AIS
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  AIP MALAYSIA DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION MALAYSIAGEN 2.2 - 1   GEN 2.2ABBREVIATIONS USED IN AIS PUBLICATIONS *Abbreviations marked with an asterisk (*) are either different from or are not contained in ICAO Doc 8400. A  AAmber  AAAAmended meteorological message AAIMAircraft autonomous integrity monitoring AADAssigned altitude deviation AALAbove aerodrome level A/AAir to air  ABIAdvance boundry information ABMAbeam ABNAerodrome beacon ABTAbout ABVAbove ACAltocumulus ACARSAircraft communication addressing and reporting system ACASAirborne collision avoidance system ACCArea control centre or area control ACCIDNotification of an aircraft accident ACFTAircraft ACKAcknowledge ACLAltimeter check location ACNAircraft classification number  ACPAcceptance (message type designator) ACPTAccept or accepted ACTActive or activated or activity ADAerodrome ADAAdvisory area ADCAerodrome chart ADDNAddition or additional ADFAutomatic direction-finding equipment ADIZAir defence identification zone ADJAdjacent ADOAerodrome office ADRAdvisory route ADSAutomatic dependent surveillance ADSUAutomatic dependent surveillance unit ADVSAdvisory service ADZAdvise AESAircraft earth station AFILFlight plan filed in the air  AFISAerodrome flight information service AFMYes or affirm or affirmative or that is correct*AFRSAerodrome fire and rescue services AFSAeronautical fixed service AFTAfter. . . . . . . . (time or place) AFTNAeronautical fixed telecommunication network A/GAir-to-ground AGAAerodromes, air routes and ground aids AGLAbove ground level AGNAgain AICAeronautical information circular  AIDCAir traffic services inter-facility data communication AIPAeronautical information publication AIRACAeronautical information regulation and control AIREPAir-report AIRMETInformation concerning en-route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of low-level aircraft operations AISAeronautical information services ALAAlighting area ALERFAAlert phase ALRAlerting (message type designator) ALRSAlerting service ALSApproach lighting system ALTAltitude ALTNAlternate or alternating (light alternates in colour) ALTNAlternate (aerodrome) AMAArea minimum altitude AMDAmend or amended AMDTAmendment (AIP Amendment) AMSAeronautical mobile service AMSLAbove mean sea level AMSSAeronautical mobile satellite service ANCAeronautical chart - 1:500 000 (followed by name/title) ANCSAeronautical navigation chart - small scale ANSAnswer *ANZUKAustralia, New Zealand and United Kingdom AOCAerodrome obstacle chart APAirport APAPIAbbreviated precision approach path indicator  APCHApproach 17 MAR 2005AIP AMDT 1/2005  DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION MALAYSIAAIP MALAYSIAGEN 2.2 - 2  APDCAircraft parking/docking chart APNApron APPApproach control office or approach control or approach control service APRApril APRXApproximate or approximately APSGAfter passing APVApprove or approved or approval ARCArea chart ARFORArea forecast (in aeronautical meteorological code) ARNGArrange AROAir traffic services reporting office ARPAerodrome reference point ARPAir-report (message type designator) ARQAutomatic error correction ARRArrival (message type designator) ARSSpecial air-report (message type designator) ARSTArresting [specify (part of) aircraft arresting equipment] ASAltostratus ASCAscend to or ascending to ASDAAccelerate-stop distance available ASEAltimetry system error *ASOAeroshell oil ASPHAsphalt*ASTOAeroshell turbine oil ATAt (followed by time at which weather change is forecast to occur) ATAActual time of arrival ATCAir traffic control (in general) ATDActual time of departure ATFMAir traffic flow management ATISAutomatic terminal information service ATMAir traffic management ATNAeronautical telecommunication network ATPAt time or place ATSAir traffic services ATTNAttention ATZAerodrome traffic zone AT-VASISAbbreviated T visual approach slope indicator system AUGAugust AUTHAuthorized or authorization AUWAll up weight AUXAuxiliary AVBLAvailable or availability AVGAverage AVGASAviation gasoline AWTAAdvise at what time able AWYAirway AZMAzimuth B BBlueBABraking actionBASECloud baseBCFGFog patchesBCNBeacon (aeronautical ground light)BCSTBroadcastBDRYBoundaryBECMGBecomingBFRBeforeBKNBrokenBLDGBuildingBLOBelow cloudsBLWBelow. . . . . . . .BOMBBombingBRMistBRFShort (used to indicate the type of approach desired or required)BRGBearingBRKGBrakingBSCommercial broadcasting stationBTLBetween layersBTNBetweenBUFRBinary universal form for the representation of meteorological data C CCentre (runway identification)CDegrees Celsius (Centigrade)*CAASCivil Aviation Authority of SingaporeCATCategoryCATClear air turbulenceCAVOKVisibility, cloud and present weather better than prescribed values or conditionsCBCumulonimbusCCCirrocumulusCCAor CCB, CCC etc Corrected meteorological messageCDCandelaCDNCo-ordination (message type designator)CFChange frequency to. . . . . . . .CFMConfirm or I confirm 18 NOV 2010AIP AMDT 4/2010  AIP MALAYSIA DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION MALAYSIAGEN 2.2 - 3 CGLCircling guidance light(s)CHChannelCHEMChemicalCHGModification (message type designator)CICirrusCIDINCommon ICAO data interchange networkCITNear or over large townsCIVCivilCKCheckCLCentre lineCLAClear type of ice formationCLBRCalibrationCLDCloudCLGCallingCLIMB-OUTClimb-out areaCLRClear(s) or cleared to. . . . . . . . or clearanceCLRDRunway(s) clearedCLSDClose or closed or closingCMCentimetreCMBClimb to or climbing toCMPLCompletion or completed or completeCNLCancel or cancelledCNLFlight plan cancellation (message type designator)CNSCommunications, navigation and surveillanceCOMCommunicationsCONCConcreteCONDConditionCONSContinuousCONSTConstruction or constructedCONTContinue(s) or continuedCOORDCoordinatesCOPChange-over pointCORCorrect or correction or corrected (message type designator)COTAt the coastCOVCover or covered or coveringCPDLCController-pilot data link communicationsCPLCurrent flight plan (message type designator)CRCCyclic redundancy checkCRZCruiseCSCall sign (used to request a callsign)CSCirrostratusCTAControl areaCTAMClimb to and maintainCTCContactCTLControlCTNCautionCTRControl zoneCUCumulusCUFCumuliformCUSTCustomsCVRCockpit voice recorder CWContinuous waveCWYClearway D D. . . . . Danger area (followed by identification)DADecision altitudeD-ATISData link automatic terminal information service*DCADepartment of Civil AviationDCDDouble channel duplexDCKGDockingDCPDatum crossing pointDCPCDirect controller-pilot communicationsDCSDouble channel simplexDCTDirect (in relation to flight plan clearances and type of approach)DEFromDECDecember DEGDegreesDEPDepart or departureDEPDeparture (message type designator)DEPODepositionDESDescend to or descending toDESTDestinationDETRESF ADistress phaseDEVDeviation or deviatingDFDRDigital flight data recorder DFTIDistance from touchdown indicator *DGCADirector-General of Civil AviationDHDecision height*DIADiameter DIFDiffuseDISTDistanceDIVDivert or divertingDLADelay (message type designator)DLADelay or delayedDLICData link initiation capabilityDMEDistance measuring equipmentDNGDanger or dangerousDOMDomesticDPDew point temperature 18 NOV 2010AIP AMDT 4/2010  DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION MALAYSIAAIP MALAYSIAGEN 2.2 - 4 DPTDepthDRDead reckoningDRGDuringDSDuststormDSBDouble sidebandDTAMDescend to and maintainDTGDate-time groupDTHRDisplaced runway thresholdDTRTDeteriorate or deterioratingDTWDual tandem wheelsDUDustDUCDense upper cloudDUPEThis a duplicate messageDURDurationDVORDoppler VORD-VOLMETData link VOLMETDWDual wheelsDZDrizzle E EEast or eastern longitudeEATExpected approach timeEBEastboundEDAElevation differential areaEETEstimated elapsed timeEFCExpect further clearanceEGNOSEuropean geostationary navigation overlay serviceEHFExtremely high frequency (30 000 to 300 000 MHz)ELBAEmergency location beacon - aircraftELEVElevationELRExtra long rangeELTEmergency locator transmitter EMEmissionEMBDEmbedded in a layer (to indicate cumulonimbus embedded in layers of other clouds)EMERGEmergency*ENEnglishENDStop-end (related to RVR)ENEEast north eastENGEngineENRCEnroute chartENRTEn routeEOBTEstimated off-block timeEQPTEquipmentERHere. . . . . . . . or herewithESEEast south eastESTEstimate or estimated or estimation (message type designator)ETAEstimated time of arrival or estimating arrival*ETCEt ceteraETDEstimated time of departure or estimating departureETO Estimated time over significant pointEVEveryEVSEnhanced vision systemEXCExceptEXERExercises or exercising or to exerciseEXPExpect or expected or expectingEXTDExtend or extending F FFixedFACFacilitiesFAFFinal approach fixFALFacilitation of international air transportFAPFinal approach pointFATOFinal approach and take-off areaFAXFacsimile transmissionFBLLight (used to indicate the intensity of weather phenomena, interference or static reportsFCFunnel cloud (tornado or water spout)FCSTForecastFCTFriction coefficientFDPSFlight data processing systemFEBFebruaryFEWFewFGFogFICFlight information centreFIRFlight information regionFISFlight information serviceFISAAutomated flight information serviceFLFlight levelFLDFieldFLGFlashingFLRFlaresFLTFlightFLTCKFlight checkFLUCFluctuating or fluctuation or fluctuatedFLWFollow(s) or followingFLYFly or flyingFMFromFMSFlight management systemFMUFlow management unit 18 NOV 2010AIP AMDT 4/2010

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