Abbreviations Used in Medical Prescriptions

Partial list of prescription abbreviations Abbreviation aa ad a.c. a.d. ana ad ante cibum auris dextra ad libitum admove agita alternis horis Latin Meaning of each up to before meals right ear use as much as one desires; freely apply stir/shake every other hour ampule amount aqua water auris laeva, auris sinistra left ear around the clock auris utraque bis bis in die both ears twice twice daily bowel movement as a large single dose (usually intravenously) blood sugar body surface areas bucca cap
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  Partial list of prescription abbreviations Abbreviation Latin Meaning aa ana of eachad ad up toa.c. ante cibum before mealsa.d. auris dextra right ear ad libitumadmov. admove applyagit agita stir/shakealt. h. alternis horis every other hour a.m. morning, before noonamp ampuleamt amountaq aqua water a.l., a.s. left ear A.T.C. around the clocka.u. auris utraque both earsbis bis twiceb.d./b.i.d. bis in die twice dailyB.M. bowel movementbol.B.S. blood sugar B.S.A body surface areasBUCC bucca inside cheekcap., caps. capsula capsulec, c. cumcib. cibus foodcc cum cibocf with foodcomp. compoundcr., crm creamCST ad lib. use as much as onedesires; freely ante meridiem auris laeva, aurissinistra bolus as a large single dose(usually intravenously)with (usually writtenwith a bar on top of the c )with food, (but alsocubic centimetre)Continue sametreatment  D5WD5NSD.A.W.dc, D/C, disc discontinuedieb. alt. diebus alternis every other daydil. dilutedisp. dispersible or dispensediv. divided.t.d. give of such dosesD.W. distilled water elix. elixir e.m.p. as directedemuls. emulsum emulsionet et andeod every other dayex aq ex aqua in water fl., fld. fluidft. fiat make; let it be madeg gramgr graingtt(s) gutta(e) drop(s)H hypodermich, hr hora hour h.s. hora somni at bedtimeID intradermalIMinj. injectio injectionIP intraperitonealIV intravenousIVP intravenous pushIVPB intravenous piggybackL.A.S. label as suchLCDlin linimentum linimentliq liquor solutionlot. lotionmane mane in the morningdextrose 5% solution(sometimes written asD 5 W)dextrose 5% in normalsaline (0.9%)dispense as written(i.e., no genericsubstitution)dentur talesdosesex modoprescriptointramuscular (withrespect to injections) coal tar solution  M. misce mixm, min minimum a minimummcg microgramm.d.u. to be used as directedmEq milliequivalentmg milligrammist. mistura mixmitte mitte sendmL millilitrenebul nebula a sprayN.M.T. not more thannoct. nocte at nightnon rep. non repetatur no repeatsNS normal saline (0.9%)1/2NSN.T.E. not to exceedo_2o.d. oculus dexter right eyeo.p.d. once per dayo.s. oculus sinister left eyeo.u. oculus uterque both eyesozper per by or throughp.c. post cibum after mealspig./pigm. pigmentum paintp.m. evening or afternoonPRN, prn as neededp.o. by mouth or orallyp.r. by rectumpulv. pulvis powder PV via the vaginaq quaque everyq.a.d. every other dayq.a.m. every day before noonq.d.s. four times a daymore dictoutendushalf normal saline(0.45%)both eyes, sometimeswritten as o 2 ouncepost meridiempro re nataper osper vaginam quoque alternisdiequaque die antemeridiemquater diesumendus  q.p.m. every day after noonq.h. quaque hora every hour q.h.s. every night at bedtimeq.1h, q.1° quaque 1 horaq.d. quaque die every dayq.i.d. quater in die four times a dayq.o.d. every other dayqqh every four hoursq.s. quantum sufficiat a sufficient quantityQWK every weekR rectalrep., rept. repetatur repeatsRL, R/Ls sines.a. secundum artum use your judgementsubcutaneoussig write on labelSLquaque die postmeridiemquaque horasomnievery 1 hour; (canreplace 1 with other numbers)quater quaquehora Ringer's lactate without (usually writtenwith a bar on top of the s )SC, subc,subcut, subq,SQsublingually, under thetongue


Nov 27, 2017
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