Medical Abbreviations Glossary These medical abbreviations are commonly used in hospital, medical, and dental records. There are many others, rarely used, and some doctors and hospitals create their own. If you cannot locate an abbreviation in this glossary, contact us for assistance. A ______________________________ a aa AA AAA A2 AAL ab AB abd ABG ABN ABP abs a.c. Ac AC acc accom. acid phos. ACL ACTH AD add. ADH ADL ad lib adm. AE AEA AF AFB AFO AFP A/G AGA AI AIDS AJ a.k. aka AKA artery, bef
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  AA ______________________________  a artery, beforeaa equal part of eachAA affected areaAAA abdominal aortic aneurysmA2 aortic second soundAAL acute lymphoblastic, leukemia,anterioraxillary lineab antibodyAB abortionabd abdomenABG arterial blood gassesABN abnormalABP arterial blood pressureabs absenta.c. before meals (ante sebum)Ac acuteAC anterior chamberacc accidentaccom. accommodationacid phos. acid phosphateACL anterior cruciate ligamentACTH adrenocorticotrophic hormoneAD right earadd. abductor or abductionADH antidiruetic hormoneADL activites of daily livingad lib as desiredadm. admissionAE above elbowAEA above elbow amputationAF atrial fibrillation, afebrileAFB acid fast bacilliAFO ankle-foot orthosisAFP alpha fetoproteinA/G albumin globulin ratio (blood)AGA appropriate gestational ageAI aortic insufficiencyAIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAJ ankle jerka.k. above kneeaka alcoholic ketoacidosisAKA above knee amputationalb. albuminalc. alcoholalk. phos. alkaline phosphateALL acute lymphocytic leukemiaALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosisALT alternating with, alanine aminotransferase(formerly SGPT)AMA against medical adviceamb. ambulating, ambulatoryAMI acute myocardial infarctionAML acute myeloid leukemiaamnio amniocentesisamp. amputation, ampuleANA antinuclear antibodyanes. anesthesiaann. fib. annulus fibrosisANS autonomic nervous systemant. anteriorante beforeANUG acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitisAnxty anxietyA/O alert and orientedAOB alcohol on breathAODM adult onset diabetes mellitusAP ante partumA&P auscultation and percussionA-P anteroposteriorAPC atrial premature contractionsaph aphasiaA-P & lat anteroposterior and lateralAP resection abdominal perineal resection of the rec-tumaq. waterAR aortic regurgitationARD acute respiratory distressARDS adult respiratory distress syndromeARF acute respiratory failure, acute rheumaticfeverAROM artificial rupture of membranesart arterialAS left ear,aortic stenosisASA acetylsalicylic acid, aspirinA.S.A. American Society of Anesthesiologists ¤ 800-225-JDMD ore- u Only an expert case evaluation, performed by a qualified physician or dentist, can tell you what you need to know.Before you accept a case, be sure the odds are in your favor. Let JD.MD evaluate it. Medical Abbreviations Glossary 1 These medical abbreviations are commonly used in hospital, medical, and dental records. There are many others, rarelyused, and some doctors and hospitals create their own. If you cannot locate an abbreviation in this glossary, contact usfor assistance.  A.S.A. 1 normal healthy patientA.S.A. 2 patient with mild systemic diseaseA.S.A. 3 patient with severe systemic diseaseA.S.A. 4 patient with incapacitating systemic dis-ease that is constant threat to lifeASAP as soon as possibleASCVD atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseaseASD atrial septal defectASHD arteriosclerotic heart diseaseat. Flutter atrial flutterATN acute tubular necrosisATNR asymmetrical tonic neck reflexAU both earsaud. auditoryAur. Fib auricular fibrillationA-V arteriovenousAVF arteriovenous fistulaAVR aortic valve replacementA&W alive and wellAx. axilla, axillaryA.Z. Ascheim-Zondek test BB ______________________________  B. bathBA bariumBab. Babinski signBa.E barium enemaBas. basal,basilarbaso basophileBBB bundle branch blockBBT basal body temperatureBCA basal cell atypiaBCD basal cell dysplasiaBCE basal cell epitheliomaBCG bacillus Calmette-Guerinvaccine (tuberculosisvaccine)BDC burn dressing changeBE below elbow, barium enemaBEA below elbow amputationBFP biological false positiveBic. bicepsb.i.d. twice dailyBIH bilateral inguinal herniabilat. Bilateral, bilaterallybili bilirubinb.i.n. twice a nightBiW twice weeklyBJ biceps reflexbk. backBK below kneeBKA below knee amputationbl cult blood culturebld. bloodBl.T bleeding timeBM black male, bone marrow,bowel movementBMR basal metabolic ratebody wt. body weightBOMA otitis media, both ears,acuteBOW bag of waterBP blood pressureBPD bronchopulmonary dysplasiaBPH benign prostatic hypertrophyBPM beats per minuteBr. breech presentationBR bedrest, bathroombrach. brachialBrBx. breast biopsybroncho bronchoscopyBRP bathroom privilegesBS blood sugar, bowel soundsB.S. breath soundsBSA body surface areaBSB bedside bagBSC bedside commodeBSD bedside drainageBSO bilateral salpingooophorectomyBST blood serologic testBT bleeding timeBTL bilateral tubal ligationBUN blood urea nitrogenBW birth weightBx. biopsy CC ______________________________  c. withC cervical, CaucasianC. centigrade, Celsius complementCI-XII 1st to 12th cranial nerveC-1 to C-7 cervical vertebraeCa calciumCA carcinoma, cancer ¤ 800-225-JDMD ore- u JD.MD is Results… Medical Abbreviations Glossary 2  CABG coronary artery bypass graftCAD coronary artery diseaseCAHD coronary atherosclerotic heart diseaseCal calorie, caloriesCAPD continuous ambulatoryperitoneal dialysisCaps capsulescar. carotidcard. cardiacCard Cath cardiac catheterizationCAT computerized axialtomographycath catheterization, catheterCB Cesarean birthCBC complete blood countCBD common bile ductCBF cerebral blood flowCBG capillary blood gasCBR complete bed restcc. cubic centimeterCC chief complaintCCU coronary care unitCD cardiac disease,contagious diseaseCEA carcinoembryonic antigenCerv. cervix, cervicalCF cardiac failure, cystic fibrosisCHD congenital heart disease, coronary heartdiseaseChem. chemotherapyCHF congestive heart failureCHO carbohydrateChol cholesterolChr chronicC.I color indexCI cardiac insufficiency, cardiac indexCIS carcinoma in situCK creatinine kinaseCl chlorine, chlorideClav. claviclecldy cloudyCLL chronic lymphocytic leukemiaCl.T clotting timecm. centimeterCML chronic myeloid leukemiaCMV cytomegalovirusCN cranial nerveCNS central nervous systemcnst. constipationc/o complains of, complaintsCo2 carbon dioxidecomb. combine, combinationcomm. communicablecomp. compound, compressconc. concentratedcons. consultationcont. contractions, continuedCOPD chronic obstructivepulmonary diseaseCor heartCPAP continuous positiveairway pressureCPC clinicopathological conferenceCPD cephalo-pelvic disproportionCPK creatinine phosphokinaseCPPB continuous positivepressure breathingCPR cardiopulmonary resuscitationCPT chest physical therapyCR closed reductioncran. cranialCRD chronic respiratory diseasecreat. creatinineCRF chronic renal failureC/S, CS Cesarean sectionC&S culture and sensitivityCSF cerebrospinal fluidC-spine cervical spineCT computed axial tomographyC-V cardiovascularCVA cerebrovascular accident, costovertebralangleCVL central venous lineCVP central venous pressureCVS cardiovascular systemCx cervix, cultureCxR chest x-rayCysto cystoscopy DD ______________________________  DAP distal airway pressuredb. decibelDBE deep breathing exercised/c discontinue ¤ 800-225-JDMD ore- u At JD.MD reliability means performing consistently and meeting your expectations every time.Our medical and dental malpractice case evaluations are on target and on time. Medical Abbreviations Glossary 3  DC discharges, discontinueD&C dilation and curettageDD discharge diagnosisD/DW dextrose, distilled waterDDx differential diagnosisD&E dilation and evacuationdecr. decreaseddehyd. dehydratedDerm. DermatologyDES DiethylstilbestrolD5RL 5% dextrose and lactated ringersD5W 5% dextrose and sterile waterDI diabetes insipidus, diagnostic imagingDIAG. diagnosisdiam. diameterDIC disseminated intravascular coagulation,disseminated coagulopathydiff. differentialdil. dilutedim. diminishedDIP distal interphalangeal (joint)dis. diseasedisch. dischargedisp. dispositiondist. distilled, distalDIU death in uterodiv. divorcedDJD degenerative joint diseaseDKA diabetic ketoacidosisDLE disseminated lupus erythematosisD/L DI decilterDM diabetes mellitus, diastolic murmurDNA deoxyribonucleic acidDNKA did not keep appointmentDOA dead on arrivalDOB date of birthDOE dyspnea on exertionDors dorsalD.P. dorsal pediaDPT diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccineDR delivery roomD&R dilation and radium implantdrsg. dressingD/S discharge summaryDTR deep tendon reflexesDT’s delirium tremensDU duodenal ulcerDUB dysfunctional uterine bleedingDUI driving under influenceD/W dextrose in waterDx diagnosis EE ______________________________  e withoutEBL estimated blood lossEBV Epstein-Barr virusECF extended care facility, extracellular fluidECG electrocardiogramECHO enterocytopathogenic human orphan virusE.coli Escherichia coliECS endocervical scrapeECT electroconvulsiveED emergency departmentEDC estimated date of confinementEDOD estimated date of deliveryEEG electroencephalogramEENT eyes, ears, nose, throatEEX electrodiagnosisEGA estimated gestational ageEGD esophago- gastroduodenoscopyEKG electrocardiogramelev. elevatedELF elective low forcepsEmBx endometrial biopsyEMG electromyogramEMS endometrial scrape, emergency medicalserviceEn. enemaENT ears, nose, throatEoc. eosinophilesEOM extraocular movementEpis. episiotomyEpis.LML left mediolateral episiotomyEpis. Med. medial episiotomyEpis. RML right mediolateral episiotomyERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancre-atographyESR erythrocyte sedimentation rateEST electroshock therapyETIOL. etiologyETOH ethanolEUA examine under anesthesiaEVAL evaluationex. exercise, example ¤ 800-225-JDMD ore- u JD.MD is Reliability… Medical Abbreviations Glossary 4
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