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  Casey 1 Abby Casey Professor Watson English 1001 29 October 2018 Do You Sea What I Sea? One of the most common problems that has yet to be solved nowadays is animal cruelty. It would seem to be common sense that we shouldn’t treat animals badly. More people than you would think don’t have this piece of consciousness in them and continue to di sregard animals. Animal cruelty is a very broad range of a topic. It can range from abuse, animal testing, dog fighting, captivity, and much more. One topic that has caught my eye for a while now is a company called “Sea World.” It is a company that holds orca whales in captivity and provides aquatic shows for entertainment. There is also a hotel resort attached to the aquatic company, making it a hot spot for any family. “In 2017, SeaWorld Orlando hosted an estimated 3,962,000 guests, ranking it the 11 th  m ost visited amusement park in the United States.” (Wikipedia) Sea World is great for families, entertainment, and educational purposes. What’s so wrong with one of the most popular vacation spots in America? How did Sea World first get their set of orca ki ller whales? They didn’t just come out of thin air. Sea World captured the whales, “ IN 1970, MORE THAN 90 ORCAS WERE STALKED AND HERDED into a three-acre net by deafening explosives, speedboats and airplanes at Puget Sound, a deep inlet of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington. Alongside the hired captors was Terry Newby, a young marine mammal researcher (in the red and blue sweater). Images taken by Dr. Newby himself tell the story of the horrific captures that  Casey 2 led to a lifetime of confinement and exploitation of orcas in marine parks and aquariums around the world. ” (Peta)  Dr. Newby and his crew hunting the whales This is one of the beginning images of capturing orca whales for Sea World. It has been said that the orca whales screams, and squeals could be heard for miles after being captured. How could one handle hearing any animal in pain and not do anything about it? Is there no heart to want to help these poor creatures? They have been randomly scooped up in painful traps just to be taken to a place to be held in undersized captivity.  Not only that, but hunters that were on the boat were “directed to put bombs in the water to get the whales to herd” (Blackfish) In the documentary, “Blackfish,” they did an interview with a man that captured one of the orca whales taken to Sea World. John Crowe was one of many men on the captor team. He said he had been a fisherman for a while, and then one day he was asked to go capture an orca whale. “It was fun…. Until everyone started to want to do   it.” Crowe had said. He said they were directed to capture the baby whales because it was more cost effective on shipping. John said that he had no problem capturing one, until the actual process  began. They had a huge net and tied the whales down. Crowe had said you could hear all the family members communicating and screeching for help. “’It was like kidnapping a small child. There was nothing you could do about it you had to continue on. I cried.’” (Blackfish) We would  Casey 3 cry too John. Imagine living a regular life and one day have your child just taken from you. By the end of the hunt there were three dead whales. The men were directed to fill the dead whales stomachs with rocks, so they would sink to the bottom of the ocean. John claimed at the time he had no idea that what he was doing was illegal. Sea World started getting a lot of hate for how they were retrieving their whales. With that being said, Sea World still needed to get whales. The most ethical way they could think of to fix their problem of getting more whales was to breed them. In nature, whales mate naturally with one another. Sea World forces their Orca whales to breed with one another. Eventually, when whales wouldn’t cooperate with the weekly breeding, they dec ided to get their trainers involved. “ In nature, orcas choose their own mates. But at SeaWorld, orcas are forced to  breed on a regular basis. Male orcas are trained to float on their backs, and their trainers masturbate them to collect their sperm. Females are artificially inseminated and forced to breed at a much younger age than they would in nature. Katina is used as a virtual breeding machine and is even being inbred with her own sons. ” (N/A) Anyone in their right state of mind that reads that the trainers collect whale sperm, knows that that is not okay. If Sea World is trying to be natural with how they are getting their whales, this is not the way to do it. Constant pregnancy for female whales takes a toll on their bodies, and can be traumatizing.  Not only does Sea World make their whales go through mentally traumatic events, but more often than not, the whales get incredibly ill. One can argue that all animals get sick at one  point or another, but to be at constant risk for fatal diseases is far from being morally correct. Would it be moral to house humans in a small capacity cell, with lots of people in the cell, prone to infections? For example, one of the oldest killer whales named Kasatka, died of a lung disease she had been suffering from for 10 years. “ One of SeaWorld's last killer whales from the  Casey 4 wild, Kasatka died at SeaWorld San Diego at around 8:15 p.m., surrounded by members of her pod as well as veterinarians and caretakers.”  (Wolf) The veterinarians mercy-killed the whale. If the whale was suffering for a whole decade, why didn’t they choose to take more humane options earlier? She was one of the last whales to be captured, so she had experience in the wild. Why couldn’t they have just returned her to her natural habitat sooner? These are questions that many people have for Sea World. Kasatka was not the only whale to suffer a ghastly disease or mistreatment. One of the most known whales was named Tilikum. He was srcinally a whale from a company called “Sea Land.” It was later shut down because of a death of a trainer, which was blamed on Tilikum. Watching the documentary, “Blackfish,” it goes into detail on Tilikum’s harsh past and what had led him to the aggression. Tilikum was bullied by the two other female orcas he was in a tank with. He was bullied because Orca whales are a highly matriarchy society. They would scrape him with their teeth and beat on him. Pay close attention to his curved fin. That is how they know he is a male and that he was responsible for the first killing of a trainer.
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