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Abductions and the Hybridization Program

I introduce alien abduction phenomenon, discuss causes, possible purposes of the hybridization program, help to abductees, and possible effects on our future.
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  Abductions and thehybridization program by Max Steinberg, Ph.D. The theme of alien abductions is especiallyimportant because it ties our genetic past and ourgenetic future. The more I learn about alienabductions, the more I realize that they are thekey to the understanding our srcins and who weare. Understanding the motives for the alienabductions surprisingly is also the key to manyproblems of our present and to what we mayexpect in the near future.It is hard to estimate the scale of alien abductions.Many abductees are not aware of them, someprefer to ignore them, some are aware, but prefernot to report them even anonymously fearing theleaks. Nonetheless, few reasonably designed andreasonably sized polls in 1990s estimated thatalien abductions involved few percent of thepopulation - these were the respondents that wereaware of their abductions and are not afraid toreport them in economized polls. … polls suggest that 3 or even 4 percent of thegeneral population have been abducted … One suchpoll that fosters this idea is the oft-quoted “Roperpoll.” Based on this poll, a report by abductionresearchers Hopkins, Jacobs, and Westrum (1992)concluded that aliens had abducted almost fourmillion Americans. The Roper organization allows forother questions to be tacked onto the end of its ownregular polls. A representative sample of almost6,000 were surveyed. Respondents were not directlyasked if they had ever been abducted by aliens;instead, they were given a series of indicator 1  questions about whether they had ever undergonethe following experiences:ãWaking up paralyzed with a sense of a strangeperson or presence or something else in the room.ãExperiencing a period of time of an hour or more,in which you were apparently lost, but you could notremember why, or where you had been.ãSeeing unusual lights or balls of light in a roomwithout knowing what was causing them, or wherethey came from.ãFinding puzzling scars on your body but neitheryou nor anyone else remembering how you receivedthem or where you got them.ãFeeling that you were actually flying through theair, although you didn’t know why or how. 1,2 A “yes” answer to four out of the five questionswas taken as evidence of alien abduction. The 62-page report, with its introduction by John Mack, was… defended by Hopkins and Jacobs on the basis thatthey were experienced researchers who had workedwith nearly 500 abductees. … this evidence wasinterpreted to conclude that up to 4 millionAmericans and 185 million earthlings have beenabducted by aliens. The findings were mailed to over100,000 … mental health professionals in the UnitedStates.2   There are subtle indications that the rates of abductions dropped in recent years, after aboutthe year 2002. Those of the abductees that consciouslyremember their trips to alien ships, report largeincubator rooms containing thousands of embryosat different levels of development. 3 Channeledalien communications of Bashar 4 and 1 Ronald D. Story, The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters:The Definitive Illustrated A - Z Guide To All Things Alien , Illustrated.(Robinson Publishing, 2002). 2 Gary Bates,  Alien intrusion (New Leaf Publishing Group, 2005). 3 4 2  Cassiopaeans 5 confirm the existence of so called“alien hybridization program” run primarily byZeta Greys in collaboration with other alien races. The goals of the alien hybridization program havenot been adequately revealed to us, so we have tobe guessing and deducing them from theinformation available.Is this question important? In a larger prospectiveit is the most important question as it defines thefuture of humanity. What could we deduce fromavailable facts and hints about the possible goalsof this alien hybridization program? 1.   One clear goal is to create new humanoidraces and to place them on other planets .Bashar communicated that at least five humanoidraces have been created by hybridizing humanand grey DNA. We know of two such races fromdifferent channels: these are races named Sassani(channeled by Bashar) and Yahyel (channeled viaAdronis 6 ).2. The second goal is to train abductees inemergency management. Abductee Jim Sparksreports that he and other abductees were trainedto direct the evacuation of humans in disasters, toaccommodate the refugees in the alienspaceships and in computer classes on the ships. 7  Apparently, and fortunately, according to Bashar,Pleiadians and other alien channelings: by the2011 we have likely passed the time when the 5 6 7 Jim Sparks, The Keepers , 2nd ed. (Granite Publishing, 2008). 3  major disasters were probable. Therefore thesedisaster rescue skills of the abductees hopefullymight never find the need, nor use.3. The third possible goal was conveyed to us inCassiopaean transmissions. The goal is toreplace us . The idea is that humans may not bewell genetically designed for whatever purposesthe Greys have for us and they are modifying ourgenome to their liking. In this regard there are twopossibilities:(1) They are already replacing us duringmultiple generations and via the families of abductees. It is possible that the abductees arealready hybrids spiked with new DNA sequences.Some abductees have been told so by the aliens.(2) We will be removed from the planet andthe planet will be repopulated with a newhybrid race . This removal is a very dominanttheme in a large variety of alien communications.Bashar testifies that we will continue to be herefor more than 300 years, but after 1000 years will not reincarnate on Earth any longer .Pleiadians give us another 26, 000 years but it isnot clear whether they imply us being currentHomo Sapiens or a new hybrid race. Many NewAge teachings teach that humanity will Shift tothe higher level, density, dimension, leaving theplanet for new species.Bashar predicts and promotes the idea of ourfriendly coexistence and interbreeding with4
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