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  NUMERICAL HEAT TRANSFER ANALYSIS IN A SQUARE CAVITY WITH NATURAL AND FORCED CONVECTION Presented by: “Abdul Basit ” MSME (16-18) DME, PIEAS Supervised by : “Dr Ajmal Shah” 1  Presentation Layout ■ Goals and Objectives ■ Validation of CFD methodology by published CFD results ■ Study of Natural convection heat transfer from vertical Cylinders for two L/D cases ■ Study of Natural convection heat transfer from Horizontal Cylinder ■ Forced convection study in ventilated enclosure ■ Conclusion 2  Goals and Objectives ■ TostudytheHeatTransfermechanismfromthesurfaceofthecylinderinnaturalandforcedconvection ■ TostudytheeffectofheatsourceorientationonheattransferinNaturalConvection. ■ TostudyheattransferinforcedconvectionusingdifferentTurbulencemodels ■ Thevisualizationofnaturalandforcedconvectioncurrentswithinthedomain. ■ Tostudytheeffectofoutletposition,inletvelocityandheatfluxinputinforcedconvection. 3  Validation of CFD Methodology 4


Dec 16, 2018
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