Abis Data Configuration

Abis data configuration Contents: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ I- BSC side(data configuration) I-1 IP address planning I-2 steps of data configuration I-3 Commissioning II- BTS side (data configuration) II-1 Steps of the configuration II-2 Commissioning I-BSC side In this step according to the RNP planning we choose the subrack where is locate the BTS. The PEUB and the SPU (XPU) should be locate on this subrack. I-1 IP address planning ‡ PEUB/ BCIM address: For this bords we use 168 network segment.the s
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  Abis data configuration  Contents: I-BSC side(data configuration)I-1 IP address planningI-2 steps of data configurationI-3 CommissioningII-BTS side (data configuration)II-1 Steps of the configurationII-2 Commissioning  I-BSC side In this step according to the RNP planningwe choose the subrack where is locate theBTS. The PEUB and the SPU (XPU)should be locate on this subrack.  I-1 IP addr  ess pla nning PEUB/ BCIM address:For this bords we use 168 networksegment.the second digit calculated by thefollowing formula:subrackNo*20+unit of slot No. Set the third digit to 0 for thePEUB and to the link group number for theBCIM. Set the fourth digit to 1 for thePEUB and 2 for the BCIM.

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Nov 12, 2017
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