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Absolute freedom without absolute truth

thinkers of our time, the postmodern incredulity toward metanarratives, its kind of a quirky epistemological outlook on reality, and its open protest against institutional authorities, among others, are certainly bothering. For here comes a posture
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  Absolute freedom without absolute truth By Edwin VargasChristian & Postmodern Theology Examiner To not a few thinkers of our time, the postmodern incredulity toward metanarratives, its kind of a uirky epistemological outlook on reality, and its open protest against institutional authorities, among others, are certainly !othering" #or here comes a posture of the mind that threatens to destroy the foundational structures upon which human civili$ation is !uilt" %o real and so frightening is this way of thinking, for the most part !ecause it refuses to su!mit itself to a!solute  principles that for so long a time have prevented our own animalistic tendencies from completely destroying ourselves as well as our world"ndeed,  postmodernism does not only deny a!solute principles that govern the world" t also aims to deconstruct the underlying principles that point to the fact that the a!solutes indeed exist" 'nd when the process of deconstruction is completed, the usual postmodern verdict is that these so(called a!solutes have !een put into place !y those in position of authority for no other reason !ut to maintain their control over their weak su!)ects !y suppressing their freedom"  %uch an approach appears to !e aimed at creating a culture of suspicion * that is, suspicion against every so(called truth(claim that applies to everyone in every place at any point in time" #or the postmodern mind, he who claims to know the truth in the o!)ective, a!solute sense of the term is therefore suspect+ for one way or the other, he is necessarily motivated !y the drive to take control"But the postmodern deconstructionist such as the likes of -acues .errida, Paul de /an and %tanley #ish0 must !e asked1 2ow did you absolutely know this must have !een the case3#or the deconstructionist to !e a!le to say with certainly that any truth(claim in the a!solute sense of the term is necessarily motivated !y one4s pursuit of power, he must first adhere, at least for a moment, to an epistemological point of view that operates on the presupposition that a!solute truth indeed exists" The postmodern quest for absolute freedom 't the end of the day, what really follows here, if we are to deconstruct what the deconstructionists themselves have to say, is that lying !eneath their postmodern denial of the a!solutes is their passion to promote a!solute freedom" '!solute freedom without the  implications !rought a!out !y a!solute moral principles that govern the world * this appears to  !e what the postmodernists have in mind in positing the notion that there is no such a thing as a!solute truth"But is there really such a thing as a!solute freedom3 s it not, in fact, the other way around * that there is such a thing a!solute truth, and that there is no such a thing as a!solute freedom3Consider the lessons of history, another school of thought that is now !eing tampered !y another  postmodern group known as the revisionists" 5emem!er those who in the 6789s du!!ed !y many historians as the decade of protests0 identified themselves with the so(called counter(cultural movement3 n favor of secular humanism, they accused Christianity of dehumani$ing suppression of a!solute freedom, which did not differ at all from what the postmodernists of our own time have in mind" They did their own thing without ever thinking what the rest of the world was up to, so long as they are left alone to their own devices" "The results are unimpressive," says the veteran evangelical theologian -ames " Packer of 5egent College in Vancouver"5evolutions turn out to !e an exchange of one tyranny for another" 2ippyness is found to  !e no passport to happiness" The self(styled 4freethinker4 spends his strength denying what his parents or some other authority figure once tried to teach him, and he never gets  !eyond it" :omen challenging exclusive male leadership end up mannish and loud" s any of this recogni$a!le as the freedom for which we all inwardly long3 The idea that freedom is what you have when you have thrown off all that represses or constrains you is a false trail that leads nowhere !ut to pu$$lement and disillusioned !itterness" A radically different approach to freedom But there is a radically different approach to freedom, one that is !eing consistently ignored today !y a vast ma)ority of people especially in the :est, including the counter(culturalists of the 6789s and the postmodernists of our days" :ithout ever looking closely enough at this approach, they have readily !randed it as oppressive and have unfairly counted it as an impediment to human creativity"This approach to freedom is simply stated !y -esus as recorded in the Bi!le1 "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" -ohn ;1<=0" Truth in this regard has everything to do with freedom" 'nd in this scheme, truth is known not merely as a result of philosophical speculations, academic pursuits, scientific experiments or  mystical experience" 5ather, here is truth sufficiently revealed in the pages of 2oly %cripture, and ultimately in the person and character of -esus 2imself" 2e, as a matter of fact, is the em!odiment of truth, so much so that 2e has all the guts to claim, "I am the way, the truth and the life" -ohn 6>180"t then points us to one very important truth every one of us must face if we are to gain real freedom1 the pro!lem of human depravity , which all !y itself is enough to explain everything that is wrong in the world" Every human !eing, says the Christian gospel, is !orn a sinner, so that the inclination of his or her heart is enslaved to its own depravity" /easured against the standard of ?od4s holiness a theological concept almost already lost even in contemporary Christianity0, we are all !y nature, in our heart of hearts, depraved, separated from 2im in whose  presence alone is freedom"magine then what the world would look like if depraved humanity is given a!solute freedom" /any may have dismissed it as antiuated or a !ig stum!ling !lock to freedom" 2owever, compared to what other worldviews have to offer, this Christian assessment of the human nature alone corresponds with reality" n the words of Christian apologist 5avi @acharias,n our educational sophistication and philosophical !ra$enness, we may mock the !elief in the depravity of man as an antiuated idea, !ut it resurfaces every day, in every life, and in every culture, destroying civili$ation in its march"  References: • Packer, -" " Truth and Power: The Place of Scripture in the Christian ife!  :heaton, A1 2arold %haw Pu!lishers, 6778" • @acharias, 5avi" Can an ive #ithout $od!  ashville, T1 : Pu!lishing ?roup, 677>"
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