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  Academic WritngExerciseCindy Novia Ongkowijoyo0712012005C!oose  ower#$% o ic senences& Ex %ain w!y !e o!ers are no good o ic senences& Powerful topic sentence :1.Mother Theresa is arguably one of the best examples of a godly woman.2.Failure in a course could be caused by three things.3. lo!e iphone because of its pri#e$ screen %uality and applica&ons.1. My fa!orite holiday ' it is not a complete sentence2. The best place that  ha!e e!er had in my en&re life ' it is not a complete sentence and the writer doesn(t state his)her best place3. n 2*1*  +nished my undergraduate study ' it is a fact,. The explora&on of the bene+ts of using smartphone in 21 st  century ' it is not a complete sentence-. hy tra!eling by car is much be/er than by train ' it is a %ues&on   C!ose wo o ics 'e%ow and creae a o ic senence #or eac!   & ndonesia : ndonesia is the most heterogeneous country in the worldMy fa!orite sub0ect : bstetric is my fa!orite sub0ect since  was in igh chool Creae a good o ic senence #or !e #o%%owing aragra ! 4earning system in 5uropean uni!ersity is di6erent from the one in 7nited tates.n 5uropean uni!ersi&es$ students are not re%uired to a/end classes. n fact$ professors in8ermany generally do not 9now the names of the students enrolled in their courses. n the7nited tates$ howe!er$ students are re%uired to a/end all classes and may be penali#ed if theydo not. Furthermore$ in the 5uropean system$ students usually ta9e 0ust one comprehensi!eexamina&on at the end of their en&re four or +!e years of study. n the orth ;merican system$on the other hand$ students usually ha!e numerous %ui##es$ tests$ and homewor9 assignments$  and they almost always ha!e to ta9e a +nal examina&on in each course at the end of eachsemester. Creae a conc%$ding senence #or !e #o%%owing aragra ! <ou can be a good con!ersa&onalist by being a good listener. hen you are con!ersingwith someone$ pay close a/en&on to the spea9er(s words while loo9ing at his or her face. howyour interest by smiling and nodding. Furthermore$ do not interrupt while someone is spea9ing=it is impolite to do so. f you ha!e a good story$ wait un&l the spea9er is +nished. ;lso$ watchyour body language= it can a6ect your communica&on whether you are the spea9er or thelistener. For instance$ do no sit slummed in a chair or ma9e ner!ous hand and foot mo!ements.>e relaxed and bend your body slightly forward to show interest in the person and thecon!ersa&on. n conclusion$ you ha!e to pay close a/en&on to the spea9er$ do not interrupt$and watch your body language.   Creae a s$ ortng senence #or !e aragra ! 'e%ow 5!en when a +rst date is a disaster$ a couple can s&ll become good friends. For example$ my +rst date with 8reg was terrible.  thought he was coming to pic9 me up at .3*$ but instead he came at .**.  didn(t ha!e &me to do my hair$ and my ma9e?up loo9ed messy. hen  got into his car$  scraped my leg against the car door and tore my &ghts. ext$ he too9 me to an talian restaurant for dinner$ and  accidently dropped some spaghe@ on my shirt. Then we went to a +lm. e let me choose my fa!orite +lm. e fell asleep during the +lm$ and  got angry. ow that 8reg and  are good friends$ we can loo9 bac9 and laugh at how terrible that +rst date wasA.   C!oose one o# !e #o%%owing o ics( and creae a aragra ! consistng o#( a %eas( 11   senences& )se a %eas  connecors*conj$nctons in yo$r aragra !& My father is the best person in my life. e always supports all the things that  want to do$for example studying in medical school. 5!ery &me  as9 him for extra money before the end of the month$ e yells at me. ;t the end$ e 0ust gi!es me the money. ot only about a money$ thethings that  want$ li9e hand phone$ e always handed it to me e!en  must wait for a while withsurprise. 4ast two year  wanted a new phone so bad but my father said that he didn(t want tobuy it for me. urprisingly$ a wee9 before my birthday$ there was a pac9et$ a new phone$ for me.  5!erything is worth to be wai&ng for$ rightB e is the one who care me so much when  am sic9.;lthough it is a midnight$ e !olunteered himself to wa9e up and chec9 me. e alwaysremembers me to study hard in uni!ersity for my future.  9now that e lo!es me with all of hisheart as  am into him. omeday$  will be the one that do e!erything to ma9e my father happy.
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