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    A’isha , Maryam, Khizer and Ali Today when teacher Madiha was on non-contact time I came to under twos classroom. I sat on the floor, they all came to me - A’isha , Maryam, Ali and Khizer and sat around me. We played with the boxes  –   A’sha  was making castles, putting one box on top of other one and Khizer and Ali was pushing and smashing the castle, they were all laughing, but A’isha  was not very happy. So after a while A’isha  moved away and found some books. She picked up one and sat on the floor and started to look at the pictures. Then Maryam came to her and made a brave attempt to get the book from A’isha . A’isha   has very strong personality, she wouldn’t let Maryam to take her book away. She pulled the book away from Maryam as if saying in an angry voice, “This is my book, you are not allowed to touch it”. I could see how angry A’isha  was! So Maryam just let the book to A’isha  to look at and sat there quietly.    So I came and sat with them and said, “Lets read together”. We sat and read ‘The baby animal’ book, and looked at the pictures together. It was a very interesting book, full of animal pictures, they all loved looking at the pictures. After a while I left them and stood away to observe. It was amazing to see how nicely they sat together, sharing one book. Although it seems like A’isha  was the teacher reading the book, and Maryam and others are students sitting nicely, listening. A’isha  was turning the pages and showing the pictures to Maryam Khizer and Ali. She was pointing different animals, like saying, ”This is a cow” or “This is a Horse” etc. She even counting with her finger how many animals are there. In this age it’s very hard for the children to understand the concept of sharing. They think .”Everything is their own, if someone else touches it will be gone”. It’s our duty to help them understand how to share, and co-operate and be nice to each other . What’s Next?   ã  We will provide opportunities for A’isha , Maryam, Ali and Khizer to do activities together, so that they develop social skills, understand the concept of sharing. ã  Provide more activities and let them to take turns and talk about turn taking so that they get used to the idea of turn taking ã  Make sure that they have access to books to improve their pre-reading skills e.g. Holding the book right way, turning pages from right to left etc. In Te Whariki the National curriculum it stated in Contribution Goal 3, “Children will experience an environment in which opportunities to learn with and alongside others are encouraged”.  Written by  –  Teacher Rosy, 9 October, 2014.
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