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  Alternative and Renewable Energy Christopher Nicholsonsection: AD Last 4 # of SIN: 5001  Current Primary Energy Sources  Current Primary Energy Sources ã The pie chart on the left depicts global sources of energy use. Notice how the majority of energy produced is non-renewable, and that the 3 primary sources are the most CO2 productive than any other energy source. This is because most economies have been built upon fuel dependency, and have not taken much consideration into more environmentally friendly, yet less efficient energy sources. ã The chart on the right depicts the US’s economic dependency on fossil fuels, especially foreign petroleum. This chart reflect the global non-use of renewable sources of energy. ã note: A quadrillion BTU’s is about equal to the amount of energy in 45 million tons of coal, or 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, or 170 million barrels of crude oil. In 1988, total world energy consumption was about 1 quad every 26 hours.  Solar Energy
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