Arba`in Fil Wurood Il Mahdi Al Maw`Ood

this is a book of 40 ahadith on the description of al mahdi and his coming
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    A HLE SUNNAH WAL JAMA ` AH DOCUMENTS   2011 (A RBA ` IN FIL W UROODIL M AHDI AL M AW ` OOD Forty Ahadith on the coming of Imam Mahdi Ruhan MadniA HLE SUNNAH WAL JAMA ` AH DOCUMENTS      IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST BENEFICIENT, THE MOST MERCIFUL.Know that the narrations about al mahdis arrival have reached a level of mass transmission(Tawatur) , and amongst the “elitist” and “modern minded” Muslims I found those who in their ownthinking don’t believe in his coming. They don’t believe, that mahdi will arrive, and they don’t even believe that he will be a person, rather they think that either the narrations are not reliable in thismatter, or they think that it all is a metaphorical happening. I have compiled these carefully looked for ahadith against such people who in their “modernist” view of everything change and mould the religion in the way they want to look at it, may ALLAH save us from their likes. These forty ahadith(43 to be more precise), I have chosen from the very beneficial book of Imam Suyuti about the narrations of mahdi namely “arf al wardi fi akhbar al mahdi” in which he compiled almost all thenarrations regarding his coming and they reached upto more than 250. These narrations includedsahih (completely strong), hasan (fair) and even Da`eef (weak) ahadith. I found out that it was quitetough for a common reader to read so much especially in an age when people have become moreaudiovisual oriented. Moreover, there was excessive repletion of very very similar narrations in the  great book which in nowadays doesn’t seem to be necessary at all. I believe that muslims all around the world, in the east and west, belonging to any school of thought, whether from the ahle sunnahwal jama`ah (the four schools of Hanafi, Shafi`I, Hanbali, and Maliki) or any other school of thoughtand understanding should know about the mahdi and the end of  this “new world order” which he inshALLAH will raze to the ground. It is quite unfortunate that our ulema fight over petty issuesthese days (although, we should understand that discussions over small things too are necessary, butto make them a complete new subject and go over it again and again and fight isn’t good at all anddoesn’t exhibit muslim culture), and such topic of eminent importance is being left alone and no one pays attention to it. we should accept the fact that we are living quite surprisingly, but quite truly very near to the end of the world and the coming of al mahdi. When he comes, how do werecognize him?, what are the signs that will attest to his being true?, what will be the state of theworld at that time?, how shall we prepare for his arrival and coming?, all these question should ringin our minds, but it is a shame that even our learned ones aren’t paying any great attention to it. keeping in view the precious time of the readers, and other points, I thus took the arduous task of choosing the most important and the most essential and informative ahadith of the great book of the great Imam Al Suyuti, with the intention (and ALLAH knows best) of benefitting ourselves, so thatwe ponder about the awaited imam, and become mini- encyclopedias about him, just by readingsome 10 or 12 pages regarding him. It is the dire need of the time and maybe ALLAH accepts thiseffort of mine and makes it a means for me, in this life and most importantly and preferably thehereafter, and forgive our sins because of it as we tend and try to learn of this beautiful religion.    May ALLAH benefit everyone who reads, and may ALLAH increase our faith, and may HE protect usfrom the fitnah (trial) of al maseeh ad dajjal (the antichrist), and curse his supporters who arepaving the way knowingly for him even today, before his coming. May ALLAH accept my effortfrom men and accept the readers effort too. Ameen.Ruhan Madni Naqash Shafi`i.IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST BENEFICIENT, THE MOST MERCIFULHIS APPEARANCE:    Abu Dawud, Nu'aym ibn Hammad and al-Hakim narrated from Abu Sa'id al-Khudri[radhiyallahu 'anhu] that he said: The Messenger of Allah [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam]said: The Mahdi is from me (the ahle bayyit), high of forehead with a prominent nose. He will fill theearth with equity and justice, as it had been filled with tyranny and oppression. He will rule for seven years.”      And Abu Nu'aym narrated from Ibn 'Amr [radhiyallahu 'anhuma] that he said: TheMessenger of Allah [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam] said: The Mahdi will come, with a turban on his head, and a caller will announce: This is the Mahdi,the khalifah of Allah, so follow him!    And at-Tabarani in al-Awsat  and Abu Nu'aym narrated from Abu Sa'id al-Khudri[radhiyallahu 'anhu] who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam]saying: A man will come from my Ummah, who speaks according to my Sunnah. Allah ['azza wa- jall] will cause the rain to fall for him, and the earth to bring forth its blessings. Through    him the earth will be filled with equity and justice, as it was filled with tyranny andoppression. He will rule over this Ummah for seven years, and will settle in Bayt al-Maqdis.    And Abu Ya'la narrated from Abu Hurayrah [radhiyallahu 'anhu] that he said: My close friendAbul-Qasim [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam] told me, saying: The Hour will not come until a man from my household comes out against them (the enemies of islam) , striking them until they return to the truth. He [i.e. Abu Hurayrah] said: I said: And how long will he rule? He said: Five and two(seven).    And Abu Nu'aym narrated from 'Abd ar-Rahman ibn 'Awf [radhiyallahu 'anhu] that he said: The Messenger of Allah [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam] said: Allah will send a man from my descendents, with evenly-spaced teeth and a high forehead,who will fill the earth with justice and give out wealth in abundance.    And Abu Nu'aym narrated from Hudhayfah [radhiyallahu 'anhu] that he said: The Messengerof Allah [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam] said: If there remained but one day for this world, Allah would send a man whose name is my nameand whose behaviour is my behaviour, whose kunyah [patronym] is Abu 'Abdillah. He will be given the bay'ah between ar-Rukn and al-Maqam. Allah will restore by him the religion, and grant him many conquests, so that there is no-one left on the earth except that he says: La ilaha illallah  [there is no god but Allah].    And Abu Nu'aym narrated from Abu Umamah [radhiyallahu 'anhu] that he said: TheMessenger of Allah [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam] said: There will be four peace-treaties between you and ar-Rum [i.e. the Christians of Europe], the fourthupon the hands of a man from the people of Heraclius that will last for seven years. So a man from 'Abd al-Qays named al-Mustawrid ibn Khaylan said: O Messenger of Allah, whowill be the imam of the Muslims on that day? He said: The Mahdi, from my descendents; a man forty years old, his face like a shining star,upon his right cheek a black mole, wearing two fringed cloaks, as if he is from the men of BanuIsra'il. He will rule for twenty years, bring out the treasures, and conquer the cities of shirk [polytheism]. (He will even have a complexion of an arab and a build of an Israeli according toanother hadith)    And Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, at-Tabarani and al-Hakim narrated from Umm Salamah[radhiyallahu 'anha] that she heard the Prophet [sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam] saying: The Mahdi is from my descendents, from the children of Fatimah.
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