The Companies Aot, 1956 (Company Linited By Shd€s) Anicle ofAssciation of DUNWELL SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED PRELIMINARY t. Subj€ct to rh. prcvisioN h@inans, r€8 aijo6 conraioed in Tabl. A of Sch.dul. I to dE CrnFnid Ac! 1956 shall apply lo the Compdy (l) (a) (b) (2) INTERPRETANON TIF Ac! ne@ ihc Compmics Ac! 1956 a mmded fron rine to iih€_ Tne Sal mems Lhe CoMon or Lhe Conpsny, Ude$ lhe @nrexr olheMjse RqLr. *ordr or expRsioB @nraned in dck EguladoN shrll bee the dedirg G rhe Act or tuy
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  t. (l) (a) (b) (2) The Companies Aot, 1956 (Company Linited By Shd€s) Anicle ofAssciation of DUNWELLSECURITIESPRIVATELIMITED PRELIMINARY Subj€ct to rh.prcvisioN h@inans, r€8 aijo6 conraioed in Tabl.A ofSch.dul. I to dE CrnFnid Ac! 1956shall applylo the CompdyINTERPRETANON TIF Ac! ne@ ihc Compmics Ac! 1956 a mmdedfron rine to iih€_ Tne Sal mems Lhe CoMon sl or Lhe Conpsny, Ude$ lhe @nrexr olheMjse RqLr. *ordror expRsioB @nraned in dck EguladoN shrll bee the se dedirg G 'n rhe Actor tuy Sbrtory modincdor PRIVATE COMPANY TlEConpary is a hvat Limird Company vithin the mmine of S€cliot(35) ad IlrnrolLheComMisAcL lc56stuch haahinihMpaidipcapitlof One Lnc Rupees orquch hish€r pdd up cspibt d dal be pr.*dh.d ;d ;co;iaer, {a) I ihi6$enqbaof iblrmb.Rb r'ftyrclimtudne: l Pelv3 who e in rhe ehptotmot otrh. @hpo). ii) Pebons wlD havins bcing foddy in llF mpbFat of th€ compo!). w mmbcr ol$e compey. *rite in Lh..nplorarflr d h,ve @odnued robe memb.ts dRtr Lhe mdoymmt c@; pNvided rhal whm Mo o! noE p.eb hotd orc o, mft sheersr in;omran)jointly, thet shalt for itre prqEe of thjs defnition be ued€! 4; single mmb€r (b) PohibiLs my inviiation ro th€ public ro ey sh@ iA or .Lbotur of rhc cmpdy. (c) R6Eids tne .idt b rznsf4i6 shes inth€ II]@.r hftiMn . povid€rt. ldl Prchibirs my intil,rion or .ccePh4 of &posiE noD pc@6 oLhq Lh& rl5 memb.a. diffi^.r Eh vx AHARE CAPITAL nie Aulhoriad Shm Capiid shall be sh s nenrion d in th€ claB V ofrh.Memobdum ot Asecdtior or rhe Conpany dd $. se b€ in@.d or d.cFaed. dividedor sub-diqded in tuh shft 6 menrion.d in ctsN Vof the MenomdM ofAssaiaiiod. IlE sb@ shd! b. uder dr.6ni.rt of lh. DirecloB whomay alloi or olhesjse disFe of 1he se to seh p.Mtu on tuh ttu N the DidtoB My llink tit dd b siv. dy peME ey shmc wh.$er al tE or d a l)lmm ad for trh @nsidedion s Lhe DiFchR m:v ihinr trr 5. r!---  6 Tfi. DidroB dv tltot ed ics sh,Fsin th< epiEl ot lh' 6mp€rv a DqF nl or - o tr-p y.- r.. i l p-p.n'. 8o.& or m(hftry ePPlied or $ld or frnsfercd or fd 3dic4 ddered b lh. .omPeY, ffi ffi {I*ffi ffi @nre .*uot .,****drybtheB'ardor'*ros$e 1, 'i.i,J i.r'*r t'i r r '*,j ed rhe nmc o{ the propo*d nsr@ &d d' B@d ii'-* .irii t tl i,r- .u' ihe shds ofier€d at the fan vdu' ed if thc offd is **JJ,r; rr'* .r'at t *.d.nEd o th. aceptoF sd 'r rhe sh'rs or sv of then *i.r * uorca *:uin o* oodr! fr$m rhc dale of mtjce ro th. Bodd $' m'mbeE ^*l* r-lt t tUt r -v ,ite wirhin t*o nonths ttu lds bc d lib€o slbjd 'o i i r-i *o o r -t. *it -d tusfd Lh. rhss ro s' peMD d the s' or ai tn' r. ir'i't'ive or r'm ,ur be nad. or Egised qtlDur rbe pRio6sdioD old' -b* o .a *t * ,t. **fr is nad; bv s) m.mbtr or th.( oBp€rv ro uoth( ;b.r tr !o ;mber 3 wir. or child or childr.n or his hei's tnd th' D'EbE nt) (l.cri* to gU *rt* i- *ilhout Nsigning &v llsn snbj4t to scdon lll of thc q. Ilrc Uutcor rov rtus ro Egit.r e' tusfdolshes (1, wbft d' ConFnvha a lid on th. sh@ d (2) whcE lhe shm is nol a inlv poid up shffi I o i ' o. d'. aoo ot rhe swird or s@ivor $heeth. hmb€r sa jorn' holdd ad l$ hsat Eptt*DEti( s'ic he w a sle holdd shall b€ d' onlv p'en elisbl' for lh. tr&si$ion of $ch sh8e.Or rr. Commrv st'utt lru * liabilit) or GpoNibilitv $l!rl.vd in @nsqlme !l is i i*l*.i a'1no r*G ,o *v trasGr olsh6 mad.purponx4 o' apF nnB in $' R.-sic ;f M;bc; to th€ pd;ie of hlqns or claidsg er cqu'bble nshl iIl. tr intft$ in thc se. #ffi,t,l *'** - Amual cdc6l Meri.s sh.ll be calted qd!'rdin, 12- ;rr The Bo.d ;v. *'h.ider n rhinL! fii- sll d Exra frimr) Gd€r'lMe'ing ir rr r -r rl-. i[ev n nor ifiin lndi4 DiffoB @poble of actirE wno @ dfici€nl in -ue io ro- ir,ru. ol Ditur or m' tqt denb.6 or trE cobPsnv mv eI u qrnoAinary gcnml ne*ing b the s. mmd d nerlv s posiblc 6 lhai in which a ocring my b€ c.lled by $€ Board W. PROCEEDINGS Af GENERAL MEEIINGS ii-Ei;;G;h* b' -v D-iiqons oMincd 'n rh. codpdrd {cr' lqr6 dc ;brnedv @licabh io this aompev rcrice fot a longEr Friod E rcquiFd ar l'd**i' a.* ior* ooitinr,t'. plae. Lhe drv dd hou oI $' smdl bodv Detls 'nd i; c4 ;r sp.cirt ;^ii;s 'i. ;n* or uur buircs shdl b' sivm bd the Mdmlll .ii.tioo r. *i . no,i* ro - ,t no! 'wid of noda bv e pmn or pcFoN lo * hon ir n 'ivd sholl nol in volidtt Lbc pE..dinss d lh. Getrdl V'eting Hower' m -,ir-*. tl!l..or sut *,.quird to be mq.d to de noric' convding Gmenl i'll[ oi sr'*mra* i. * $ft k no sFkl bsims on th' asetrd! $ g o unde Selion l7l ofthe Act. )o\ r  14, (i) No bsin s shall be tresred at @y g.nedt m.liing ur 6s a qrcm ofnElbcF is pEpnr rr rh. rine when fie m<erine pGedsb buimj (ii) Tm mininm mmh.6 !r6e h p€mn shall b€ a qu{)m. 15- If d dy nering no Di@lor is wilinS to acl s Chajmm or if no Diqi.. is prcst within 15 ninut s .i* the .ppoinled &r hotding th€ m*ting, tbe nob6 lltgr shdt ch@e o& lhcir ndhss b b. Ch.jmd of6e m@ting, 16. (i) Ite Chaimd@y with th. conFnl of oy n .iing d *nich a quoM is pllMtdd shall if e diF{t dby the nmb€6, ldjou rlF hcelin& ftom tin€ b rirc and liom (ii) No bsine$ shall b.lransacied ar oy adjohed meering otlEr lhe lh. bsin6s left uffrhhcd at rhe De€rir8 Aom which th€ adjowmt 1@k plu.. (iiDwlEn a meains is adjowed fo' rhjriy dlrs o. not. nolice ofthe adjou€d mcdng shall be givs s in th. c4 of e ongiral meeling. (iv) ssv€ a .for.sid, n shdl mt b. nesdy lo sive my mice of e adjollmdr or of th. bcin.s to be t!l@r!{t at rhe adjoumed n elilg, 17, Io lh€ c@ of s .qu.liiy of voks, shelhd on show of h,ndsor otr a polt, llF .ha,Irm ofthr me€ting aiB,licfi rhe show ofbndr kld plre o. at which dr. potb dcddd.d, slEll b. orided to a s@d or rciing vo!e, lE. Aiy buin* olha rho ihat upotr which a poll has b€o d@aded my b. poe.ded wilh Fnding the kling ofthe pol!, w. olE&IgEs 19. nEnMbd of DiFcloBstall nol b. lds tne r$o &rd &t m@ l[& twniy in luding th. M@ging Dieror and . DiEtor need mi be a shenoud. 20. TteFi6r DiEroB ofth€ Crhp.ny sb,ll be: i. ARCIINA GUYTA 2. ALXAJAIN I. NEETUJAIN 21. nE Board of Dielor shal b!v. rh. po*r b fill ey 6ud vrc@y on thc Bo6rd 6d ! DiFror s.Npinted shstl hotd ofije uril corclcid of the nqtAdu.l coeal 22. Tn€ B@rd of DiBt6 shdl po}q sr ey ine srd fioo tine to d@ appoinr &y othd peMn lo b. Addiional DiEclo{9. Such Additioml Dir.cto(9 Cdl noid o6e ro rhe n xt follNiDg eul g.ncnl needne sbj.ct to S€.tion 260 oflle Act. 23. fte B@rd ofDndiob Meting shall b€ peided ovr by Chaim.l@&d fon rin lo 24. The r&eeid 66l Dielo6 shall nol be liabt. ro Elirc by oiaion. The Coopey in CocEl Me$ns may arpoini ey p€Mtr s Di@ro(t sd previded th.r $ch ti@br or Di@to6 shall mr be liable b r€tiE by bration, 25. Th. Boad of Dieto6 may, Aom dn. io tim, lppoinr onc or norc rhcir body ro he tne Mdasj4 Dirccto(s)ofrhc 6Dpmy. A Didtor n4! not hold sy qu4tifi@tioD sh4s, 26. Subje.t rolne !rcvisiom of rh. Conpdi6 A.t, t956 ilE DiEto6 my, toD rine ro tin , diret dy sM of norey d roy b. ihoughr ft to h€paid 6 ed by way of Emu€r.tion lo th.n or oe or noE of thd. nE DnEro(t al$ b€ otilted to Meiv€ all rJav.ljog &d horet dF@s incmd by lhm in or about ll. p.fol)m.e of then duties 6 Dieros iellding fien .xFts to !n nd B@rd Metilgs_Th. \  Dids' shdl be @id a fa of mt dm tna RuFs 5oortRupee Fnc Hudrdl lot 'd.idino .8h n*tn! of 0t B@rdor SutsComitLe. iheml lhe Boud of Di'ecto6 My wi'vc paFfll ;f sidine fc b rhe Di!.flolrsr bv pd3iig s @lution dd mav simildlv 61oe sucb Ev64t. 2?. Subi*l'to rhc pmvi;oN ol Sc.dotr ll] of lhe ComFdi's Ac( 1916 lhe Boad of oficm mv pp.inr AlkmE Dituds]udd rhe ci(ulIlfues d duing $' Friod md $bj@l lothc previsi@sof 0Et diion 28- ilc DiElob_my appoint d Dir€.tor ev peMn nomimled bv the bttks or oth€r rl@e @mddo;F ; roEiEt indiruroN iD pm@e or e) fiMc'al llrosm'ni or aL scimor eotcrd bb wi(h th€8 S!.h DiFcroB ale necd rd hold mav 29. aubid lo lh. cmpii&e ot S.crionI 14 or thc Comp@.s Acr lgto il sv Ditlsr b.i;e willin& slEli b. elted upon ro Frfom drra * icd or ro nalc mv spq'al excrion u6inc or €iains cl3sheE $teths tn hdia or aboador orheju. tor d) ol o'. um.i oit co.o-r slall muenrc suct Dircror fr e doing dths b) a n*ir in q wrorasiop-ft o, otuissior or oth.eise s rov be .lftmrD'd b) rh. DiRbB ;d such ;nwdion Mv be eirh* ,naddition !o d in $b$iMion or his ml[@d@ alEv. prcvided.Jo. to $e s<d;n 29? & 2ao oa he Act. no Ditror shall b.disq@li6.d tom his ofie; bv cotudn! with lhe comDtny cilhq s v.ndd. pmh*t or olhwise norshall * *il-r* ot *c**t.t .rcd inlo bv or on b.hala of $. coDFnv in thrch ,N D'RM shdl be comded or inlE ed b..rod€d not shdl &v dit!fu' so @;t&d4d b.ins s @nm€d or inlcrcsr.d b.lilble to ac@ur b t[c comPanv foi -'mr; Rdized b\ et suh conMcr or artug.mor bv Een of wch Drc'oF hojdidosi ome or l\e 6dmisr' rlatim rheE b) €sbl'shed bd Lhc ntn@ or itrkE:r due t di*lo*d b him !l th. meetins of in. Dido6 ar stich tbe @nhcr tr !mg@.r'r of dE inic6t. But ilcs. pmYisionsshall noi aPplv to tuv @ntEcr bv or on- behdi of l[. oopsdy 10 giv. to the DiHloE or ev of then ev ecuitv bv wv of indditt or aeiiln dy lo$, which ln.y or snv of fid mav sufrcr bv lEen of b.coni; d bcinc aeti6 for tie conD6nv A sctr.El nolic thd ! DG!oF h a mmb-;r &y t*ifi.d fim or compdy dd is b be esar& N inrftned in tu) . bHMr Einslclions vilh $h fitrr or C@pd, shlll beRgsds sv such meitioN be sufficiol disclGc udd lhs Ani.l. d aner suh gd.Elrct'e rldl @l h€ ndesary lo sive my sp€cial notie ElaiinS 10 tuvpaniona tesions with sh fim or ComP€nY- 31. The Bdrd of Di@ro6 6ay, subidt lo th. pbvisioG of the ConPei€s Aci, 1956 dcle8ale my of lhe po*eB to ! coonitEe 6cisti4 of such menb€rs of ln€n body s Lhey dm fii and nay tom rime to dn., Pole srh delegarionAnv Crmifia e foncd sbntl 'n q€Eir olthe poffi o d.1.8!bd, onnm b sv Egubrios $at tuv be impG€d on th.m by the Board of Dn€c16. 12. Th. mclilg ed ilt€ pffidinCs of my such @noill* coffisdng of t*o or not DrdbeB !h.llb. gotem.d by the previsiotu h@in @ntair.d for rcgurdin8 $e ndin6 ed Dl1@diM of lhe DilfuG e fd s th€ smc N .tplisble heeto rd m misupcnraea uy ajry rceutatio Mde bv rhe D'l€ft untler $. lsr pceedroe
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