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As Per Your Fraud by Kate of Gaia

All use of the legal name constitutes fraud. Notice to all LEGAL entities of awareness and acceptance of participation in the fraud.
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  * As Per Your Fraud   by kate uv kaiaTo whom it may concern;A vast fraud upon all of humanity has recently come to my attention and something you may or may not be aware of, depending on your job, role, title as it relates to government, post office, legal/lawful occupations, law enforcement, military etc. There is much confusion with many in that ones true name given to them is assumed/presumed to ! #$ be a #%&A# A'%, which it certainly is not. The fraud is assuming/presuming one is automatically a #%&A# A'% in things like mortgages, loans, tickets, fines, ta(es etc. where, in fact, no disclosure of the intent to commit fraud, entice a human into slavery via deception etc. et al from the true owner of all #%&A# A'%)+ !-$&0T, namely the owners/oathers of the !1 !-!AT! has never and was never offered rendering all things legal/lawful null and void since it is based on fraudulent intent ab initio.As a case in point, if someone were to know the difference between the #%&A# A'% and their true name )which sounds the same+ they would be immediately in contempt of every court on this planet if they set foot in one 2 !1 & this but would also be deemed cra3y for even being there, if even only to e(plain this mistake of assumption/assumption deception. %very judge/justice/mayor )chief justice+ would instantly be guilty of aiding and abetting fraud, which they are anyway based on their own rules, if someone made this known to them in a 4A/!1 courtroom.1hile it is not and never my intent to harm anyone, it is also not my intent to place anyone who is knowingly/unknowingly taking an active role in the thefts, slavery and murdering spiritually humanity as a whole in an 5aiding and abetting fraud5 e(posed position such as a judge in T0% courtroom where their only defense of that e(posure is to 5lock somebody up or send them for psych eval etc.5 egardless again of the fact that it would just be my intent to help them see the frauds they are enabling every day for their police/law enforcement masters whom they work for and not the other way around because this is a matter of the heart that those that 5judge5 others the very thing they need to judge within themselves. 6nfortunately, their programs of graft and 5protocol5 run too deep in their 78 paper world and it will always be assumed/presumed that  am somehow the #%&A# A'% that  2 !1  am not but any/every 5judge5 would have enough self9serving justification to claim such a thing anyway; their greed and 5corrupted by power5 ego will only perceive me as a threat to  their illusional/delusion lifestyles. orry,  dont do 5cra3y5 and  dont pick fights with anyone, especially those with pre9conditioned and programmed psychopathies or sociopathic tendencies that only spend their days inflicting harm on innocent people based on the #%&A# A'% :A68. ust because a thief has the ability to steal what they can, never justifies a thiefs stolen property just because theyre good at stealing.   t is a simple case of damned if you do, and damned if you dont if one carries any form of fraudulent 8% T:AT! which can only be created A:T% T0% :AT of the 4T0 %T:AT% intent to commit fraud on every mother, father and child. t is a fact that a 4T0 %T:AT% is !T evidence of 8% TT$ yet any/all forms of 8% T:AT! can only be obtained upon the presentment of this 5 T% T T! !''T :A68 %<8% % 8!6'% T5. ts =uite simple really. As another simple e(ample of this, nothing in the legal/commerce world could, can or would e(ist without this #%&A# A'% :A68 in place that puts everyone using any/all forms of #%&A# 8% T:AT! immediately in a state of false personation, fraud and countless other A-TA# '% for the mere freewill consent and thinking one actually is a legal A'% which they certainly are not. A legal name only e(ists on paper in a flat earth, two dimensional paper sea where those defrauded via deception into using one/thinking they are one, are the very ones that give this dead by consent fictional reality its e(istence at all. t>s =uite insane really when you think about it.1hen one uses the fraudulent legal name 8% T:AT! , ones own body is assumed/presumed -!-%T$ !: T0% !1 by virtue of the &..:.T. )see 4lacks law 5&amete ntra9:allopian Transfer? i.e. the point of conception+ of the &<% A'% as a result of non9disclosure of this fact to any/all who %&T% their child )pronounced killed as per -hoenician law+ inasmuch as they are also likely %&T%%8 themselves, as slaves per the same fraud perpetrated on their mother and father. The delineation here is =uite clear where the !1 assumes/presumes !1 %0- of the physical body via this fraud where the true living spirit, completely separate from physical is in control of that 5<%%#5 but not !: that vessel. <isit a local funeral home to verify lack of spirit in a dead body to see the difference between life source consciousness pre9sent/ab9sent. All material world is dead when it is void of life source consciousness i.e. humans, animals, birds, insects, plants etc.As an e(ample; t is the same as someone 5stealing5 your car you think you own but 'om and 8ad 5sold/&..:.T9dead5 it at conception on the assembly line, and then take the car, with you in it, to the crusher and all the doors are locked, seemingly  permanently. 1ell, the doors are unlocked now where it can no longer be assumed/presumed that  have anything to do with the #%&A# A'%, regardless of any/all 8% T:AT! because the !& A#  /'%/ T% T T! 8%%<%/A8 A 8 A4%T :A68 already belongs to the owners/oathers of the !1 !-!AT! . 1hile much confusion and ignorance of this fact eludes most law enforcement/4A member/!1 !AT0%8, it does not elude me, therefore;@. t is not my intent to commit fraud ! aid and abet anyone else into same commission/omission thereof where A6'-T! /-%6'-T! of A $/A## #%&A# A'%)+/A#A%/! 8% <A 4%A & :A#% 1T % etc. et al are concerned and;7. Any/all attempts by/of/for any/all who assume/presume me, the life source consciousness within '$ body reclaimed will be deemed 0&0 T%A! against the creator of all itself as  am part of all consciousness and my ouer9T/court and, by virtue of your own rules, are now !4#&AT%8 to arrest/detain/incarcerate any/all #%&A# A'% servants/slaves AT & in any/all TT#%/!::% etc. et al who have attempted, are attempting or will attempt to engage/in pledge in this activity against me and any/all those who know this fact and;. Any/all harms created against me, my family and humanity must now be made right where all things stolen, including time, '6T be put back in the hands of the true owners where these crimes against me/us could only be fulfilled in/of/by and for this !1 !1 %/!AT0%8  T% T T! !''T :A68 A4  T!.8o not e(pect me in any/all of your courtrooms or venues because it is not my wish to put you, myself or anyone in the position of 0&0 T%A! in the same way that those who serve the 510!% !: 4A4$#! 5/!1 !-!AT! via the 5'A2 !: T0% 4%AT/#%&A# A'%5 :A68 1T0  T% T by their own commission/omission/ignorance of this T6T0. As one of the true living beings on this planet, those that consent to be dead, have no voice where '$ voice shall command them now.  will simply now ask you; s it your intent to commit fraud or aid and abet me into committing fraud 2 !1 &#$B$ou are hereby commanded by '/%, the living to contact me to make amends in all !1 !-!AT! :A68 against me, that shall include, though not limited to any/all who have committed fraud, borne false witness against me where to not do so, places you in 0&0 T%A! against the heart of all creation itself where  freely, by and  of my own consent, let creation itself take its course.  judge not, lest  be judged. , who am without #%&A# A'% wash my hands of those who are of 6 #%A 0A 8. Assumption/presumption of #%&A# A'%)s+ :A68 nulled and voided, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc, ab initio, ad infinitum, fiat justitia, ruat caelum, deni=ue ultimatum, revereor verum. To fail in following your own laws, you render any/all laws/statutes 6## A 8 <!8.f you are confused in any of these matters, please feel free to visit at your leisure for a detailed e(planation of countless ignorances removed. gnorance of the true law is not a defence of/from it. *written with/in -hoenician/sonic definitions as defined only by me as per my intent, assumption and presumption of any/all possibilities other than my own are destroyed ab initio; ead the following information as a courtesy on my part lest you fear seeking truth any further where this is already and forever will be your binding contract to make right your ignorant ways. YOUR CONTRACT NOW  by kate u/v kaiawritten with/in -hoenician/sonic definitions as defined only by me as per my intent, assumption and presumption of any/all possibilities other than my own are destroyed ab initio; gnorance is !T a defense, time to wise upto 1hom it 'ay oncern, #%&A# A'% !T1T0TA 8 &, where any/all names mentioned in this are not and will never be assumed/presumed to be #%&A# A'% where any/all #%&A# A'% are, in fact, A8 & A 8 A4%TT & :A68. t is not my wish nor ever will be my wish to partake in any/all frauds ab initio, ad infinitum;be advised that  am currently investigating an all too common situation of 'TA2% /T!#% 8% TT$/:A#% -%! AT! regarding fraudulent use of !1 !-$&0T property, commonly known as the #%&A# A'%;nasmuch as all/any9thing)s+ #%&A# are without standing in reality or what you would deem to be the 5real world5, most of humanity is duped into this fraud via the 4T0 %T:AT% :A68/8%%-T! / ! 98#!6%/#%&A# A'%/:A#% '-%! AT! etc. where 5legality is not reality5 as per 5their9your? own 'AC' of law. -lease read attached 54abylon s :allen5 for a brief synopsis of this scam of humanity as a whole and be advised that any/all use of a #%&A# A'% has you complicit in all/any '% A&A T 06'A T$ henceforth;As an investigative reporter and :%% 5#A %5 journalist  have an obligation to humanity to e(pose any/all of these crimes to my millions of listeners/followers worldwide to bring a full awareness to the consciousness of humanity as a whole. n short, if youre playing with #%&A# A'%)+ and harming
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