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  1      B   e   n   e    f   i   t   s   o    f   H   R   M    D   e   p   a   r   t   m   e   n   t    S   u    b   m   i   t   t   e   d   t   o   :   U    b   a   i   d   A    l   i          GROUP MEMBERSNoor Alam KhanRegn #.Muhammad QasimRegn #.Submitted on: 06-10-2010 HRM Policies andPractices COMSATS IIT, Abbottabad.  2 H u    ¡   n ¢  £   sou ¤   c £¥¡   n ¡   g £     £   nt According all successful organizations, employees are their most important assets.Individually and collectively they contribute to the achievement of the organizationalobjectives and goals. When the organization succeeds, it is because of our employees. It istherefore important for organizations to ensure that their employees are satisfied and wewant to focus on the individual employee and his or hers development within organization.In this context here is the Comparison of two organizations which we have visited and askedabout the benefits of HRM, the first organization is having HR department and the next iswithout HR department. 1 ¦    Qar shi I ndust r i §   s Pv t ¨  L td ¨    Q  arshi is the only organization in SAARC, Middle East and Africa having 6International Certifications / Accreditations ISO 900 1 . ISO 14 00 1 , HACCP, ISO 17 025(Norway & PNAC) and Organic Certification. Shifa-ul-Mulk, Hakim MuhammadHassan Q  arshi started Matab Q  arshi (clinic) 7 5 years ago at the behest of the greatpoet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. In 1 968 his youngest son Mr. Iqbal Ahmad Q  arshistarted Q  arshi Dawakhana (Cottage Industry), which has now evolved into Q  arshiOrganization consisting of following entities: Q  arshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the largest natural products company inPakistan. From a humble Dawakhana, Q  arshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. has emerged asmodern, successful and progressive company manufacturing & marketing leadingbrands like Jam-e-Shirin, Johar Joshanda and Springley (Natural Mineral Water) apartfrom more than 200 herbal products. 2 ©    Asi a Mar bl    a nd Gra nit    I ndust r i    s   Asia Marble and Granite Industry is a small marble and granite factory working since 1 998 in the field of marble and granite. AMGI deals in different product line of marble like Marble Supreme, Marble A, Marble B and Badal etc. AMGI products aremarketed across Pakistan. 1     App r o a ch    s   of  Qar shi I ndust r i    s   to HR Let us look the approaches of these two organizations we have visited andinterviewed their representatives regarding Human Resource and compared themwith HRM wheel. y   Qar shis HRM philosophy   As per Q  arshis philosophy HRM is combinations of two different terminologiesHuman Resource and Management. Q  arshi philosophy of HRM is to efficientlyand effectively utilize the human resource, the most valuable assets of theorganization in a motivated manner. Whenever their employees will be motivated,secured and updated the company will easily achieve all the targets and goals.  3   y   W h a t   is   s    c re t   thing   b e hind Qar shis   succ e ss a s a l ea ding   o r g a niz a tion   in S outh   Asi a? T he approach of  Q  arshi is to give value to its employees that are the most importantassets of the organization. Because our human resource plans collectively andindividually, make products and services for our customers and serve the companyscustomers. Whenever our employees will not be satisfied obviously we will not beable to perform all these activities effectively. y   Ha s Qar shi   succ ee d e d   to a chi eve o r g a niz a tion a l   go a ls   by e st a blishing HR d e p ar t     e nt ? Q  arshi is a successful organization. Its major reason is we focus on our customers bysatisfying their needs that is only possible when we have internally mobilized,organized and motivated human resource. Yes we have succeeded by establishingHR department in such achievement. In 1 968 it was a DAWAKHANA just now it is aleading company of Asia with numerous international certifications, if we would nottook into account our human resource perhaps we would be in this position. y   W h a t k ind   of    functions   p er fo rme d   by HR d e p ar t me nt a t Qar shi ? HR Department mainly performs functions of Recruitment, Decruitment, T rainingand Orientation, motivation, performance evaluation, paying compensation,bonuses and employee development. y   H ow S t a ffing   is   conduct e d a t Qar shi ? We have current and future assessments of employees. We use an ISO Scale chartfor this purpose through which we plan. When new persons are needed we properlyadvertize it on national level news papers as well as on internet. We receive CVs of different candidates and then we send test letter to candidates who fulfill minimumeligibility criteria. After test we take interview of the candidates who have passedthe written test. T hen after interview we consider the right candidates. Along this wealso ensure police clarification and security certificate by grade 1 officer or localpublic representative. For the first 6 month we put the employee on probationperiod, after six month when HR department is satisfied with the performance of theindividual then we sign contract with him. T his is the way we pick the core skills fromthe job market. y   H ow De c r uit me nt   is   h a ndl e d a s   it   is a ver y   tuff  j ob ? Of course decruitment is not an easy job but due to economic downturn some timeswe also need to reduce in our human resource. But we handle such matters verydelicately and when we decruite we follow all the ethical and legal aspects that iswhy no sue is pending against us regarding employees claim. y   H ow   o r i e nt a tion a nd   t ra ining   is   conduct e d ?  4   We give complete orientation to our employees about the company, uses of resources, introduce the employee to the company and company to the employ asper need level. We also provide training to our employees. We provide specific aswell as general training to our employees. y   H ow Qar shi m oti va t e s   its em ploy ee s ? We pay standard wages, job security, bonuses, health and insurance facility, monthlyleaves, old age benefit facilities, flexible work hours, interesting job designs, cleanand honorable work environment, visit exposures, scholarships for employeeschildren. y   H ow Qar shi ma int a ins   p er fo rma nc e of    wo rk fo r c e? We have regular performance evaluation system through which we acknowledge theperformance of our employees after every six month, and we take step as per thatevolution system. y   W h a t Qar shi   thin k s a bout   futu re? And   with   which a pp r o a ch ? Q  arshi is an international organization and wants to expand the global market sharethrough different strategies. T hese strategies will only be success full when we keepregard of our human resource by keeping them motivated and investing on them. y   W h a t   do   you   thin k if    you   would   not   h a d HR d e p ar t me nt     would Qar shi   b e a bl e to  a chi eve such   st a tus     I dont think so, that without HR department or without considering the mostvaluable assets of the organization Q  arshi would be able. y   H ow m uch HR De p ar t me nt   is   n e c e ss ar y   fo r a n   o r g a niz a tion ? y   I think that an HR department is necessary for an organization as mother milk forinfant. As without mother milk any infant can not survive, or will survive with a lessimmunity as a result the child gets weaker. Same like this, a company without HRdepartment is an infant without mothers milk and can not survive in the globalcompetitive organization for a long run. 2     Asi a Mar bl e a nd Gra nit e I ndust r ys P hilosophy   y   Workers must be technical, loyal, and hardworking and paid fair wages and must bemonitor and control in order to increase productivity. y   H ow HR is   pl a nn e d ? And   how   p e opl e are hi re d a nd   fi re d ? We dont plan properly and whenever we need employees we hire by any source byconsidering experience and literacy only. When it come to firing we dont fire
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