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Avon Grove High School IE Offerings Fall 2016 IE0116- Academic Competition Students will have an opportunity to prepare for academic competition by collaborating with peers and working closely with the
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Avon Grove High School IE Offerings Fall 2016 IE0116- Academic Competition Students will have an opportunity to prepare for academic competition by collaborating with peers and working closely with the academic advisor. IE0010- Adventures in Sketchbook Drawing Explore the most invaluable tool for artists- YOUR Sketchbook! Journal, Draw, Collage, and Paint. Keep track of new visual ideas and concepts. Draw from observation and your imagination. Travel to new locations in and around the school for inspiration. IE0011- Agricultural Biology Learn about the importance of agriculture, especially in the geographical area. We will focus on the STEM in agriculture. Technology and equipment that will not be typically used in a school environment will be utilized IE0013- Algebra I Remediation Students will be able to receive support specifically for Algebra 1. There will be time to complete homework with a Math teacher and extra problems if necessary. IE0014- American Sign Language I Through fingerspelling and numbers, this course provides students the fundamentals to learn basic letters, words, and numbers in American Sign Language. This course will prepare students to communicate with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people on a basic level. Practice time in class will allow students to easily increase their speed signing. IE0015- Analysis of Men s Lacrosse Games Students will have the opportunity to view lacrosse games and analyze various components. Items addressed will be taking notes, analyzing data, compiling information, and writing pieces. IE0016- Animal Aid Club Love animals? Wish cat cuddler and dog smoocher were feasible career options??? Well the animal aid club is for you! We will have events that not only fundraise for a local shelter, but that also allow the public (and students!) to interact with and learn about the adoptable animals in the area. Most importantly, we will convince the community to love animals as much as we do, and to treat all animals with the dignity, empathy, and respect that they deserve! IE0017- AP Art History Intervention and Ceramics Enrichment For current APAH and Ceramic students this will be a time to enrich what we are learning in the class by extra projects and learning opportunities. IE0018- AP Prep We will work on testing taking skills, writing skills, and content review in preparation for the AP Exam. IE0019- AP US History Lab This session is for currently enrolled AP US History students who want extra help with outlines, writing assignments, and review activties. The session is especially geared for students who are taking an AP history course for the first time, but anyone in the course is welcome to attend. IE0020-Art Society Create art for your own as well as charitable purposes. Opportunities to work on school related murals/projects may pop up as needed. Weather permitting we will spend time working outdoors. IE0021- AT Enrichment AT Seminar for AT Students without Lab or Study Hall (Only offered Day 4) IE0022- At the Movies: Jane Austen & Bronte sisters; subtle feminists Students will view movies based on the authors' work. Through group discussions and critiques, they will explore the messages of feminism in the 19th early century. IE0118- Audio Recording Want to learn how to record and edit music using the latest in digital equipment? Come to this I/E in order to learn new skills, develop your skills further, and learn more about exciting technology. IE0023- Avon Grove Vinyl This is an opportunity to learn about a revived musical medium and to listen and share music that we love. IE0024- Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Extra Help Students from any level of biology or anatomy and physiology can ask questions and get help with their science content IE0025- Bullet Journaling Bullet journals are a great way of tracking tasks, thoughts, activities, and life events to record information that will enable you to be your best self, physically, emotionally, and mentally! IE0114- Business Office Hours This I/E session is intended for any student who needs extra assistance in a business course. IE0026-Car Detailing and Care Instruct students in the proper methods of caring for the exterior and interior of a car. Students will see various care products and be instructed on how to use them. IE0027- Cheer Club This I/E offering is intended to promote school spirit and to learn cheerleading basics. IE0028- Chemistry Assistance This is an offering for current chemistry students at Avon Grove High School. Students will be able to receive extra help in topics that they are currently covering or have recently covered in their chemistry courses. This offering is not for chemistry topics beyond the scope of the content found in the curriculum of student s chemistry courses. IE0029- Coffee House This will be a relaxed and creative space for students to write and play music, journal, write poetry, and/or read. IE0031- Color through Hispanic Culture Take a colorful journey through Hispanic countries such as Spain, Mexico and Peru. Color the paintings of Picasso and Kahlo and the Flamenco dancers of Spain. IE0032- Coloring for Relaxation Stressed? Bring your coloring books and coloring utensils of choice and come color! Students will be required to provide their own coloring books and pencils/markers/crayons in order to participate. IE0033- Cowen Office Hours Session offering tutoring for students who need additional help with my assigned English work IE0034- Cross Country Seminar We will study pace, time and race strategy. We will also look deeper into famous runners of the past and current. Finally we will develop workouts to build strength and endurance. IE0035- Current Event Issues Current Event Issues introduces students to various issues facing the world today. Students will explore global economic systems, human rights, world health, environmental issues, and the role of the United States and the United Nations in a changing world. IE0036- Davis Office Hours Need help with an essay? Working through a tough book? Just want to chat about your favorite book you're reading? Stop in. IE0037- Digital Photography: Sports & Action To help the yearbook get sharp, vibrant pictures, we will learn how to leverage aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and other camera settings so that you can get off of the Auto settings to freeze action as you see it. Due to limited camera availability, so students are requested to have their own cameras with manual controls (e.g., DSLR, Mirrorless, or other camera with A, S, P, and M modes). IE0038- Disney Mix This I/E session will explore Disney Trivia, movies, as well as look at the biography of Walt Disney. IE0039- English 9 Core Curriculum Assistance This I/E period will offer students support with any assignment (reading, writing, presentations, research, etc) related to the 9th grade English Core Curriculum. Any 9th grade student is invited to sign up for this session. We will work together to make sure your assignments are completed on time and to the best of your ability. IE0040- ESL Intervention This period is a time for ELL students to receive extended help on assignments or just to practice English! IE0041- Euchre Card Game Euchre is a trick-taking card game using cards, and is played in groups of 4. The game is a challenging, strategic, and fun opportunity to meet new people and learn something new! We will teach the basics of the game, and put our knowledge into practice, as we design a competition bracket for everyone to play in and the opportunity to crown the first ever AGHS Euchre Champion! IE0043- Integrated Science Intervention This I/E session is intended for any student who would like assistance with integrated science work. IE0044- Earth and Space Science Intervention This I/E session is intended for any student who would like assistance with earth and space science work. IE0045- Extreme Couponing Want to learn how to save money or get things for FREE ? We will learn how to shop for items on sale and use coupons to get the lowest price possible. Save money to buy other things that you want-like a car! IE0046- Field Hockey Available for the Varsity and JV level field hockey players. This time will be used to go over film, work on team skills and game play (corners), utilize the weight room, or organize extra activities (play for the cure, youth clinic, etc). Study sessions can also be used when necessary. IE0047- Flow Yoga Come enjoy a flow yoga class, where movement is linked to breath. We will begin with basic sun salutations and move in to more complex postures and sequencing. Please bring a yoga mat and 2 blocks. IE0048- For Real? Do you like to read? Me too! Let's choose from a selection of fiction books, with some science thrown in there, and discuss and make connections! If there is a movie version of the book, let's check that out too! IE0049- French AP Prep This I/E session is intended to provide help to French AP students for oral practice, questions and answers, etc. IE0050- Geometry Intervention This I/E session is intended to provide help to anyone taking a Geometry course who would like extra help. IE0113- German AP Prep This I/E session is intended to provide help to anyone taking AP level German who would like extra help. IE0051- Guitar If you are interested in playing the guitar during the school day, then this is the class for you. Learn new songs and share with the group, or suggest songs for the group to learn together. Levels of expertise may vary, however basic strumming patterns and chords are a pre-requisite. IE0052- Health and Nutritional Planning This I/E is intended for those interested in developing healthy lifestyles through different dietary and exercise programs. IE0053- Honors Trig/Pre Calc Extra Help Any Honors Trig/PreCalc students feeling a little rusty on your Algebra 2 skills from last year? This session is for you! Come practice the prerequisite skills necessary to be successful throughout this year! IE0054- Hospice Christmas Decorations This I/E session is meant for creating items to fundraise for Hospice patients around the holidays. IE0055- Independent Language Learning Students who already are or would like to study a language on their own can come and meet other students. We will share ideas and experiences for independent language learning, and the kids may meet other students who are also studying the same language. IE0056- Integrated Science & Current Science Help Struggling to get or stay organized? Been absent? Just plain want to get a better handle on things? KBV is available to help you reinforce a confusing concept, guide you through a tough homework question, get more practice so you feel confident, organize your notebook, or catch up on missing work. IE0057- Spanish Intervention This I/E session is intended for any student taking a Spanish course who would like extra help! IE0058- iphone Apps Exploration of useful iphone apps for learning and everyday life. IE0117- Italian culture and Civilization from 500BC to 2000 AD This I/E session is intended for any student interested in exploring the origins of Italian culture! IE0059- Jigsaw Puzzles 1 Do you like making jigsaw puzzles? Come piece thing together and socialize with other puzzle-makers! IE0115- Jigsaw Puzzles 2 Spend your time de-stressing and conquering jigsaw puzzles of varying difficulty levels. IE0061- Let s Play! Using equipment and facilities available students will participate in various sports and activities. Athletic wear and sneakers required. IE0063-Logic/Strategy Games There are numerous challenging logic/strategy apps available on your phone, tablet or computer. If you want to give your brain a workout, join us as we explore, share and play our favorite games. IE0064- Making Christmas Ornaments for Hospice Patients Festival of Trees is a fundraising event held every November to raise money to support Hospice Centers. The ornaments will be used to decorate a tree that will be sent to an orphanage or children's hospital. IE0065- Math Club This I/E is intended to provide time for the Math club to meet and practice their math skills for competitions. IE0066- Meditation This I/E will teach students how to quiet their mind and center themselves to help deal with the stress of high school. Meditation will include gentle to moderate yoga, breathing techniques, and various mantras. IE0067- Military History through Film The viewing of selected films depicting military conflict to examine issues regarding leadership, conflict resolution, decision making, and historic time periods. Students will be expected to watch films segments and actively contribute to a discussion on the key events they observe. IE0068- Nail Care and Simple Nail Art Learn how to take care of your nails, and simple nail art designs to give your nails a professional look. Please bring nail polish and polish remover. Any other needed supplies will be discussed at the first meeting. IE0069- NHS Tutoring NHS members are available to tutor students. All grades and subjects are welcome! IE0071- O Neill Office Hours Need help with an essay? Struggling with a reading? Or want to talk about a new book you're reading? Stop in for my office hours for help! IE0070- Trautman Office Hours This I/E session is intended for Mr. Trautman s students who need extra assistance with their work. IE0073- Photo Processes and Productions Students will participate in darkroom processes and also participate in conversations on video essays on photography. IE0074- Physics Intervention This is an offering for current physics students at Avon Grove High School. Students will be able to receive extra help in topics that they are currently covering or have recently covered in their physics courses. This offering is not for physics topics beyond the scope of the content found in the curriculum of student s physics courses. IE0075- Pilates Students will benefit from core strengthening and toning exercises. Comfortable clothes and yoga mat required. IE0076- Pinterest Crafts Ever want to try out some of the cool projects you see on Pinterest but just don't have the time? Now's your chance! We will do one Pinterest craft per week. IE0077- PMEA Band Audition Prep This I/E session is intended for preparation practices for PMEA Band auditions. Sight reading skills, scale prep, and solo prep will be discussed and applied as well as dealing with the physical stress of auditions. IE0078- PMEA Choral Prep This I/E session is a preparatory period for Choral students interested in auditioning for the PMEA Choir in November. IE0079- PMEA String Orchestra Audition Prep This I/E session is intended for preparation practices for PMEA Orchestra auditions. Sight reading skills, scale prep, and solo prep will be discussed and applied as well as dealing with the physical stress of auditions. IE0080- Puzzle Building This enrichment period will be spent building puzzles. IE0081- Robotics Students will learn basic engineering terms and concepts used in technology. IE0082- Scrapbooking 101 This enrichment activity is for any student who has an interest in making scrapbooks. Basic supplies needed include photos, scissors, scrapbook paper and adhesive. IE0086- Skiing and Snowboarding In this enrichment we will discuss some of the fundamentals about skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. In addition to tips and tricks, we will take a look at different ski destinations throughout the world. IE0087- Skits and Improv for the Morning Show We will involve students in video skits for the morning show. For example, a quiz program where 2 students answer questions pertaining to pertinent age level information. IE0088- Soccer Conditioning and Film Review In-season Boys Soccer players: This time will be used to view and breakdown game film of previous performances. Players will use this time also to practice and improve tactical awareness of specific positions and team strategies. IE0090- Student Newspaper- The Devil's Herald Students will work together to write stories for Avon Grove's student newspaper, The Devil's Herald. This is a great opportunity if you're interested in journalism, broadcast journalism, public relations, sports information, media relations, radio, or television. IE0093- Sunshine Committee Teachers and students will combine forces to make the building a more welcoming place. We are looking for those interested in interior designing, crafting, and being creative! IE0095- Tea Time Enjoy a midday break with your favorite cup of tea. Share your personal favorites and sample teas from around the world. Enjoy the break with good company in a quiet, relaxing environment. We will discuss and compare our favorite teas in an informal small group setting. IE Team Building Do you enjoy games and activities involving teamwork? Work with your peers and accomplish the various tasks at hand! IE0099- TED Talk of the Day Interested in ideas worth spreading? Come watch and discuss 18 minute talks given by some of the world's most inspiring and innovative people. IE0100- The Juggling, Poi, Devil Stick, and Hacky-Sack club Juggling, Hacky-Sacking, Poi swirling, and Devil Sticking with your peers! We will meet outside, weather permitting. Bring your positive attitude and explore the meditative effects of juggling. No prior experience needed; some materials required (120 pennies and three tennis balls; other equipment optional but welcomed). IE0102-Travel This I/E offering will provide opportunities for the students to learn about world travel through the use of videos/media, and internet exploration/research IE0103- Trig/PreCalc Intervention This I/E period is for students who would like assistance with trig./precalc. We can work on homework, comprehension of notes, and review for quizzes and tests. Bring your notebook and textbook. IE0104- Virtual travel/world cultures Learn about different cultures by planning a travel itinerary that includes must see places, food, necessary to survive phrases etc. in the local language. IE0105- Walking for Fitness Take time to breathe fresh air and stretch your legs. We will walk outside, weather permitting. Wear comfortable walking shoes. IE0107- Weight Training/Cardio Fitness The weight room will be open for anyone interested in weight training and/ or cardio fitness. Instruction and workouts will be provided if needed. IE0110- Writing Lab A place where students can meet with a writing mentor about a writing project to receive feedback and support in the following areas: focus, content, organization, style, and conventions. IE0111- Yoga This class is an introduction to Yoga, breathing techniques, and beginner type poses and light exercising. Please bring a mat and wear comfortable clothes. IE0112- Yoga Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice which has been shown to help with physical ailments as well as overall mental health. In this I/E offering, students will have the opportunity to experience a background of yoga, a variety of poses, and explore various other topics related to healthy living. Please bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing.
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