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AWARD INFORMATION FOR Quote # Internet Streaming Media Hosting

AWARD INFORMATION FOR Quote # Internet Streaming Media Hosting AWARD DATE: May 8, 2012 AWARDED TO: EarthChannel Communications, Inc. ADDRESS: P.O. Box Stone Mountain, GA PHONE NUMBER:
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AWARD INFORMATION FOR Quote # Internet Streaming Media Hosting AWARD DATE: May 8, 2012 AWARDED TO: EarthChannel Communications, Inc. ADDRESS: P.O. Box Stone Mountain, GA PHONE NUMBER: FAX NUMBER: ADDRESS: CONTACT: Michael T. Ashby CONTRACT PERIOD: June 1, 2012 through October 31, 2015 EXTENSION: November 1, 2015 through October 31, 2017 EarthChannel Communcations, Inc. Item # Quantity U O M Description Unit Price Extended Total 1 1 Ea. One time cost for start up Months Monthly fee (installation through September 30, , , Years Annual Fee (Fiscal Year October through September) 13, , Ea. Training for County Staff (specify lump sum or per hour cost) Grand Total (Basis of Award) , Other Fees (define) Internet Streaming Media Hosting Q SCOPE OF SERVICES Services, hardware, software and connectivity to be provided by vendor 1. Live content five streams total Stream 1 (the source for Streams 1 and 2 is the same programming feed). a. 24/7 live streaming video/audio fed from PGTV (150Kbps, 320x240 resolution). Stream 2 (the source for Streams 1 and 2 is the same programming feed). a. 24/7 live streaming audio fed from PGTV (56Kbps). Stream 3 a. Live video/audio for webinars and other educational programs (150Kbps, 320x240 resolution). Stream 4 a. Live, limited viewer HQ stream for broadcast 560Kbps video, 128Kbps audio, 640x480. This stream would be for internal use only (i.e. remote site to master control room at the County facility). Stream 5 a. Live video/audio for archival use (Used to save the live feed without interrupting any of the above feeds). 2. General Requirements a. Vendor must provide instantaneous notifications of stream breaks and stream restoration to Polk County whenever the live streams break. b. Access to video (Vendor must provide links/pages to allow Polk County to preview the live stream). c. Ability to do server-side recording of a live stream (at vendor s site) (as opposed to recording the stream in Polk County and then uploading it to the vendor). d. Ability to trim the data files (beginning and ending of program to eliminate superfluous video). e. Must make available monthly and annual statistics on stream usage, connections counts and disk storage use. f. Direct linking and thumbnails for social media sites (i.e. Facebook). g. Tightrope s Cablecast software integration - direct encoding of CableCast MPEG to WMV. 8 Internet Streaming Media Hosting Q Archived content a. Approximately 2000 files, 250GB of disk storage. b. The current files are in WMV format and must continue to be supported. c. Must include an application that will allow Polk County citizens the ability to browse through and play archived content. 4. Indexing a. A solution that will allow Polk County staff, in real-time during the meeting or afterward to build a html document with hyperlinks to portions of each archived meeting according to an agenda we prepare. b. Ability for Polk County to upload files, images, documents in various formats (i.e. PDF, MS Office format, jpg, gif ) 5. Required Hardware a. Successful vendor must provide an encoding server with the ability to support WMV and /or H.264. b. Polk County currently has a Windows Media Encoder in place. c. Must be able to support Windows Media standard for both streaming and stored videos. d. Must be able to support Adobe Flash Player. e. Polk County plans to transition to H.264 within the next months. 6. Connectivity You must provide sufficient bandwidth for a normal load of 100 concurrent users, with possible occasional peaks of 400 concurrent users (medium-bandwidth, 150Kbps connections). 7. Training On-site training for Polk County Information Technology (I.T.) and Communication Division staff in the operation of the encoding software and indexing solution. 8. Warranty Specify the warranty period for all provided hardware and software. 9. Technical/Customer Support a. 24/7 response within 4 hours b. Monday-Friday (8 a.m. 5 p.m. EDT) response within 1 hour 9 Internet Streaming Media Hosting Q Required Technical Specifications a. Frame rate of 15 fps. b. Screen size 320 pixels by 240 pixels. c. Windows media format RTSP (H.264. cross-platform/mobile). 11. Assumptions: a. Polk County will provide a stable video and audio feed. b. Polk County I.T. will assist with the installation/connection of any hardware/services to our network. c. Network staff will provide a static IP for the encoding PC/appliance. 12. Polk County Responsibilities: You must list all hardware, software and services Polk County must provide as part of your proposal. 13. Polk County s current configuration: a. Media Encoder: Intel Pentium 2.8Ghz, 1GB Ram, 160GB HDD, Windows XP SP3 Analog, Composite and S-video inputs, 1 each b. Full T3 45Mb to the Internet. c. Currently sending a 24/7 video feed to three cable providers. This is the same source for the 24/7 Internet content. d. Composite video and mono audio will be fed to the encoding PC/appliance. 14. Vendor Information: a. Must have full time developers on staff available to work directly with Polk County I.T. b. Company background Number of years in business (minimum 5 years). 15. Additional Information a. Detailed description of your installation including: 1) Server infrastructure 2) Redundancy and disaster recovery 3) Internet connectivity capacity described in frame sizes (T1, T3, OC-12 ) and /or maximum bandwidth in megabits (mb). b. Please describe any streaming options you offer that will support multiple bandwidth scenarios for the county citizens, allowing higher quality feeds based on 10 Internet Streaming Media Hosting Q their bandwidth connection speed. 16. Fees a. One-time cost for start-up. b. Monthly Fee (installation date through September 30, 2012) c. Annual Fee (beginning October 1, 2012). d. Training e. Other Fees (define) (outside basis of award) 11
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