Banner BATTERIES WORLDWIDE. THE POWER STORY. PLANT FROM AUSTRIA FOR THE WORLD. Banner is Austria s only battery manufacturer and one of the leading companies in the European branch.
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Banner BATTERIES WORLDWIDE. THE POWER STORY. PLANT FROM AUSTRIA FOR THE WORLD. Banner is Austria s only battery manufacturer and one of the leading companies in the European branch. The company s entire starter battery output is producers at its plant in Linz-Leonding and then distributed to branches and sales outlets all over the world. PREMIUM QUALITY SINCE Banner was founded in 1937 by Artur Bawart and is still under sole family ownership. From the outset, Banner attached the greatest importance to the optimisation of its products and manufacturing processes, as well as the modernisation and improvement of service performance. The Banner company has traditionally felt a major obligation to all its clients and ongoing innovation. THE Banner GROUP IN FIGURES: Sales volume 2013: 3.70 million starter batteries / thereof 1.2 million O.E. batteries Sales revenues 2013: 233 million Employees: 760 Export quota: over 90% Investments : 30 million R&D expenses: 7 million per year POWER_AROUND THE WORLD HOW A BATTERY IS MADE. The path from raw material to a fully charged premium battery involves numerous production phases. The strict fulfilment of top quality production parameters secures performance and safety and serves to convince both leading automotive manufacturers and end consumers. LEAD DELIVERIES BALL MILL BARTON REACTOR 01 LEADASARAWMATERIALAS A MATERIAL. Lead in 45kg bars is the most important battery raw material. The lead delivered is processed into positive and negative charged plates. PRODUCTION OF LEAD OXIDE. A ball mill comminutes the lead into a fine powder in order to create the largest possible surface for oxidation PRODUCTION OF LEAD OXIDE IN THE BARTON REACTOR. Very fine lead droplets and air are used to create lead oxide, which is then stored in oxide silos. EXPANDED METAL LINE BOOK CASTING CONTINUOUS CASTING 04 GRIDSFROMROLLEDLEAD ROLLED LEAD. Expanded metal grids are produced using rolled, positive and negative lead strip. CAST GRIDS. Depending on the battery type, the book casting process is used to produce lead grids alloyed with antimony and calcium GRID CASTING WITH ROTA- TING ROLLERS. During the production of negative grids using the continuous casting process, melted lead alloys solidify on a cooled, rotating grid roller. PASTING EXPANDED METAL PASTING BOOK CASTING MATURATION CHAMBER 07 PASTING, EXPANDED METAL/ CONTINUOUS CASTING. Punching and drawing are used to create an expanded metal grid into which lead paste is worked. 08 PASTING OF BOOK CAST GRIDS. During book casting, positive or negative lead pastes are worked into the grids and must then mature. 09 MATURING OF PASTER GRID PLATES. The pasted plates are stored in a maturation chamber for 24 to 56 hours. This creates optimum current absorption and storage capacity. Subsequently, the plates are ready for assembly. PLATE SEPARATION THE PLATE WAREHOUSE BATTERY ASSEMBLY 10 PLATE SEPARATION. Before the book cast plates are put into storage, they are separated with the result that each pasted grid produces two plates. 11 THE PLATE WAREHOUSE. The plate warehouse is designed to hold supplies for 6 to 11 days. On average, lead bars are turned back into finished plates in around 22 days. 12 BATTERY ASSEMBLY. Banner manufactures batteries on six production lines in 4-shift operation. Up to 1.2 million plates are needed daily for some 15 different battery types. CONTAINER FORMATION BATTERY STORAGE DISPATCH 13 CONTAINER FILLING IN. Conventional starter batteries are filled during container formation. Charging, cleaning, load testing, labelling, coding, storage or dispatch then follow. 14 THE BATTERY WAREHOUSE. Banner stores between 250,000 and 400,000 batteries. March and April sees stocking up, August and September warehouse clearance. 15 BATTERY DELIVERY. Up to 40 trucks deliver starter and industrial batteries, and wheel weights daily. These are delivered to Banner s sales branches, OEM customers and retailers. POWER_AROUND THE WORLD THE Banner POWER RANGE. With Banner you will always find the perfect power pack, irrespective of whether vehicle starter batteries, batteries for leisure, or for drive, machine and stationary operation are required. In addition, an extensive range of accessories, chargers, testing devices, services and wheel weights ensure first class maintenance, long service life, and decisive extra safety for every application. RUNNING BULL New AGM and EFB technology provide uncompromising safety. The RUNNING BULL series consists of absolutely maintenance-free, leak-proof starter and electrical system batteries for vehicles with start/stop systems. UNI BULL This absolutely maintenancefree, universal starter battery with patented ACCUSAFE leak protection and pure calcium technology. POWER BULL Extra powerful and super safe. Modern, pure calcium technology for all cars. Entirely maintenancefree. POWER BULL PRO The power pack designed for modern cars with a high energy requirement. STARTING BULL The starter batteries for cars with few additional electrical consumers. BUFFALO BULL SHD PRO Where others have already quit, the SHD PROfessional serves as the solution for the toughest operations in the commercial vehicle sector. ENERGY BULL The special, cycle-resistant battery for hobbies and leisure. Electrical power to take on your travels. BIKE BULL The motorcycle battery with Banner Power. TRACTION BULL BLOC The leak-proof, recombination battery with GEL technology for the extreme operational area. STAND BY BULL The stationary battery for as secure emergency power supply. Banner BATTERY ACCESSORIES The technology for professional battery servicing. POWER_AROUND THE WORLD LEADING BRANDS TRUST IN Banner POWER! Audi BMW Porsche Mercedes VW Škoda Bomag Aston Martin Knaus Tabbert Kässbohrer Volvo Morgan KTM Caterham Liebherr The best cars are fitted with the best batteries and it is precisely these that are now available for your retrofit! Banner supplies leading automotive manufacturers around the world with top class batteries that are carefully produced in line with the strictest quality standards. And it is this self same quality that is also contained in the retrofit batteries of the Banner Bull family. Banner The Power Company. RUNNING BULL AGM BMW, Porsche RUNNING BULL BACKUP Volvo, BMW, Audi, Mercedes LKW POWER BULL, PRO Aston Martin, VW, Skoda, BMW, Audi, Caterpillar BUFFALO BULL, SHD, PRO Liebherr, Mercedes Original Banner batteries are installed in the following vehicle makes: RUNNING BULL: Knaus Tabbert STARTING BULL: Caterham UNI BULL: Morgan Sportscar, KTM ENERGY BULL: Autotrail BUFFALO BULL: Kässbohrer TRACTION BULL NASS: Jungheinrich, Linde POWER_AROUND THE WORLD SEHR GUT (1,4) im Test Starterbatterien Banner Power Bull P72 09 Ausgabe 12/2012 100 PER CENT CERTIFICATED POWER. EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL MONITORING Banner s exemplary process and procedural quality is subject to ongoing monitoring according to ISO/TS 16949/2009 and is implemented on a daily basis. An in-house quality management team supports the various company areas with their respective processes. Banner CONVINCES. Leading European automobile clubs such as ADAC (D) and TCS (CH) all trust in Banner s top quality. The Type P72 09 Power Bull received a top Very Good rating in checks by both the clubs and the latest 2012 testing by the German Stiftung Warentest. The latter represents the toughest independent examination to which batteries can be subjected. The Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD), the Austrian ARBÖ and the Dutch ANWB have long demonstrated their confidence in Banner s quality products by using them for breakdown assistance. CUSTOMER COMMITMENTS: Quick cold start test devices = min. label value of 12.70V voltage and 20 C Banner batteries fulfil the stringent test criteria of the Stiftung Warentest and ADAC Germany Banner batteries are designed and tested in line with the EN European battery standard GREAT BRITAIN_LOCATIONS SALES STAFF Thomas Ostrovsky Tel: ++43/732/ Monika Bartal Tel: ++43/732/ SALES STAFF Willy Trillsam Tel: ++43/732/ Karin Planer Tel: ++43/732/ QUALITY & SERVICE. ALWAYS ON YOUR DOORSTEP! SERVICE COMMITMENTS: Battery technology and testing training for all customers On-the-job staff training (stock management, sales advice, warranty diagnosis, troubleshooting) Local area workouts Factory visits Full range of POS and marketing support Battery supplies ex-works: open-circuit voltage 12.70V Battery supplies from sales branches: open-circuit voltage 12.60V Storage of ready-to-use batteries at Banner 12.50V Our Performance ratings are guaranteed to EN-Standards POWER_AROUND THE WORLD POWER TO THE WORLD Banner THE AUSTRIAN BRAND BATTERY. Banner is one of the largest battery manufacturers in Europe and produces starter batteries, which constantly meet the highest technical demands of current vehicles, and markets drive - machine - stationary batteries, wheel weights and a tailor-made programme of accessories. In this brochure you can discover why Banner, the Austrian quality battery, is always the first choice for you and your customers. We wish you every success and excellent sales! A CLAIM TO QUALITY Banner batteries for the aftermarket are produced in OEM quality, i.e. on the same production lines, using the same technologies and quality assurance systems as those employed for batteries for automotive manufacturers. EXPERIENCE DATING BACK TO 1937 More than 75 years of starter battery production expertise mean that Banner is one of Europe s most experienced battery manufacturers. HIGH LEVELS OF INNOVATION Banner AGM batteries are utilised for micro-hybrid applications (start/stop, braking energy recuperation) by companies such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo and VW. Other patented developments also serve to secure company success. INDEPENDENT, PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANY Banner is owned entirely by the Bawart family and is managed in the third Generation by Andreas and Thomas Bawart. LEADING IN EUROPE With sales of 3.7 million starter batteries and sales revenues of 233 million (financial year 2013/14), Banner is one of the largest suppliers in Europe. A modern product range consisting of seven Bull families covers virtually every starter battery application from motorcycles to articulated trucks. LEADING FIRST FITTERS AS CUSTOMERS Some 30 per cent of Banner s starter battery production goes to the European plants of important automotive manufacturers such as VW, BMW, Porsche, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Mercedes Truck, Caterpillar, Kässbohrer, Liebherr, Jungheinrich, Knaus Tabbert, etc. MADE IN AUSTRIA The Banner plant in Linz-Leonding is one of the most modern and environment-friendly battery production facilities in Europe. In the past two years, some 25 million have been invested in the modernisation and expansion of production capacity. TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE Over 250 sales staff at 28 branches in fifteen European countries guarantee first class consulting and comprehensive customer service. THE BOOK OF POWER PATENTS AccuSafe joint patent with Gore - usufruct rights assigned to Gore DE AccuSafe new applicant Banner A - 943/2001 Double cover joint patent with Moll U (registration still in progress, also registered in the USA) AGM valve stopper joint registered design protection with Accumalux Banner GmbH, A-4021 Linz-Austria, Banner Straße 1 Telefon +43/(0)732/ , Fax +43/(0)732/
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