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Biology Majors Information Session. Biology Advising Center NHB PDF

Biology Majors Information Session Biology Advising Center NHB Biology Advising Center Resources See course descriptions for any of the degree options Find degree checklists for any of the options
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Biology Majors Information Session Biology Advising Center NHB 2.606 Biology Advising Center Resources See course descriptions for any of the degree options Find degree checklists for any of the options Links to the other sites of interest to Biology majors Review syllabi for frequently offered courses Run an Interactive Degree Audit. Run audits for any option to compare requirements Careers in Biological Sciences Aquaculture Aquariums Bioethics Bioinformatics Biotech Industries Blood Banks Centers for Disease Control Clinical Microbiologist Conservation Biologist Conservation Botanist Cytogenetics Drug Industries Environmental Agencies Environmental Analyst Environmental Law Epidemiologist Ethno-biology Field Biologist Food/Agriculture Forensics/Crime Labs Genetic Counseling Graduate Studies Hospital Laboratories Law/Public Policy Marine Biotechnology MD/PhD Natural Resource Manager Neurologist Peace Corps Pharmaceutical Sales Private Research Laboratories Public Health Research Scientist Biology Teacher Scientific Writing Texas Department of Health Wildlife Biologist World Health Organization Career Planning Natural Sciences Career Health Professions Office Biology Degree Paths Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science and Arts One option Well-rounded Bachelor of Science Ten options More specialized Typical 1st Semester Courses for All Options Calculus: M 408C or 408N Chemistry: CH 301 Biology: BIO 311C Biology: BIO 206L (if needed) Fine Arts, Social Science or UGS course Biology Degree Paths Bachelor of Arts 4th semester foreign language proficiency 6 hours each social science and fine arts One semester of calculus More elective hours Minimum 120 total hours BA Biology Your career options could include: Pharmaceutical Sales Scientific Writing Environmental Law Bioinformatics Bioethics Ethno-biology Biology Degree Paths Bachelor of Science 2nd semester foreign language proficiency or foreign culture courses Physics and chemistry required Two semesters of calculus Fewer electives Minimum 126 total hours Degree options : I: Ecology, Evolution & Behavior II: Human Biology III: Marine & Freshwater Biology IV: Microbiology V: Cell & Molecular Biology VI: Neurobiology VII: Plant Biology VIII: Teaching IX: Biology Honors X: Computational Biology Option I: Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Focused course work on animal, plant and ecological studies, evolution and adaptation, and field experiences 27 hours of BIO after Genetics Option I: Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Careers include: Wildlife Biologist Natural Resource Manager Field Biologist Environmental Analyst Conservation Biologist Graduate studies Option II: Human Biology Interdisciplinary approach to the study of biological sciences Relationship between biology and society Includes course work from: Anthropology, Geography, Sociology 37 hours in the major after Genetics Option II: Human Biology 18 hours common core biology 15 hours concentration (must choose one) Cell, molecular and developmental Social aspects of health and disease Genetics and biotechnology Problems in developing countries Pathogenesis and immunity Human impact on the environment Option II: Human Biology Careers include: Public Health Genetic Counseling Bioinformatics Biotech Industries Law/Public Policy World Health Organizations Peace Corps Option III: Marine & Freshwater Biology Focused course work on oceanography, marine ecosystems, aquatic plants, insects and fishes Summer field study at the Marine Science Institute in Post Aransas, TX 29 hours of BIO after Genetics Option III: Marine & Freshwater Biology Careers include: Marine Biotechnology Graduate Studies Research Scientist Environmental Agencies Aquariums Aquaculture Option IV: Microbiology Focused course work in microbe/host interactions, virus replication, immune system responses, bacteria and fungi Strong emphasis on lab work Option IV: Microbiology Careers include: Epidemiologist Research Scientist Biotech Industries Clinical Microbiologist Texas Department of Health Centers for Disease Control Graduate Studies Option V: Cell & Molecular Biology Other requirements include calculus-based physics and 6 hours of upper division chemistry Focused course work in cell structure and function, DNA and RNA, and cell development & evolution Opportunities for research Option V: Cell & Molecular Biology Careers include: Research scientist Biotech industries Graduate studies Option VI: Neurobiology Interdisciplinary preparation in neuroscience with options for courses in chemistry, computer sciences and psychology Focused course work in cell and molecular systems, neurotransmitters, brain and nervous system disorders, and biochemistry Opportunities for research Option VI: Neurobiology Careers include: Neurologist Research Scientist MD/PhD Biotech Industries Graduate Studies Option VII: Plant Biology Course work covers all aspects of plant biology - physiology, ecology, molecular biology and genomics Choose 11 hours from other disciplines within Natural Sciences 24 hours of BIO after Genetics Option VII: Plant Biology Careers include: Graduate Studies Research Scientist Drug Industries Food/Agriculture Conservation Botanist Option VIII: Teaching Complete teaching certification and a science degree for middle or high school in four years Get experience in a classroom setting right away Students advised by UTeach advisor Option X: Computational Biology Investigate complex systems using mathematical, statistical and computer-based techniques Provides essential foundation in mathematics, computer science, and statistics 24 hours of BIO after Genetics Careers include: Biotechnology Industries Research Scientist Graduate Studies BS Biology Option X: Computational Biology Biology Degree Paths Bachelor of Science Bachelor 2nd of semester Science foreign and Arts language proficiency 48 hours or foreign of science culture and courses math 12 hours Physics of and cross- chemistry disciplinary required work Two hours semesters of a minor of calculus or certificate Fewer electives BSA Options in: Biology, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience Minimum 126 total hours Other Degrees Medical Laboratory Science (BS) Public Health (BS) Environmental Science, Biological Sciences Track (BS) Biochemistry (BA, BS and BSA options) Neuroscience (BS and BSA options) BS in Medical Laboratory Science Specialized degree Perform laboratory procedures that diagnose and treat disease 100 total hours of course work required (23 hours of BIO after Genetics) Completed in a month accredited program of clinical education For more go to: Medical Laboratory Science major information BS in Public Health 19 hours of foundational courses 18 hours of public health core courses 9 hours from one of 6 different concentration areas For more go to: Public Health major information BS in Environmental Science Environmental Science (EVS), Biological Sciences track 18 hours of Biology after the completion of BIO325 For more information go to: BS in Biochemistry 9 hours of Biology after the completion of BIO hours of Biochemistry + 21 hours of Chemistry For more go to: Biochemistry major information BS in Neuroscience Full Calculus sequence, Calculus based Physics Neuroscience coursework and research in a Neuroscience related field For more go to: Neuroscience major information What s next? Choose your Biology major option after researching the Degree checklist and course descriptions. Consider your interest in the courses required and your potential for success based on a strong foundation in your previous Biology courses. Remember, a Biology degree is not required for a Health Professions career. Good luck!
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