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Internatinal Educatin Prgrams is pleased t annunce a Study Abrad Schlarship fr Seattle Central Cmmunity Cllege students. The schlarship has been established by the Internatinal Educatin Prgrams divisin
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Internatinal Educatin Prgrams is pleased t annunce a Study Abrad Schlarship fr Seattle Central Cmmunity Cllege students. The schlarship has been established by the Internatinal Educatin Prgrams divisin t aid students with the cst f studying in anther cuntry. The Study Abrad Schlarship is meant t supprt students pursuing academic study abrad thrugh the Washingtn Cmmunity Cllege Cnsrtium fr Study Abrad (WCCCSA) r Seattle Central prgrams. WCCCSA prgrams are designed t supprt the first time traveler, emphasize academic and cultural learning, and strive t prepare students fr their rle in a glbal sciety. The Study Abrad Schlarship is a great resurce fr the students at Seattle Central t apply tward any f the WCCCSA prgrams. While studying abrad, nt nly will yu learn abut ther cultures and ther ways f experiencing the wrld, yu gain insight int yur wn culture and hw it is perceived by thers. Yu have the pprtunity t learn, grw, and explre - t stretch the limits f yur hrizns. Yur experience abrad will change yur utlk n life and it will mst likely affect the chices yu make fr yur future. Yur internatinal experience will give yu an advantage in ur increasingly glbal sciety: crss-cultural awareness, adaptability and prblem slving skills are qualities that earn yu respect in the jb market and give yu the cnfidence t succeed. Please cnsider the value f studying abrad yu can earn cllege credit while immersing in a new lifestyle and culture, and becme an infrmed citizen f the wrld! By ffering the Study Abrad Schlarship, we hpe t make yur study abrad experience much mre affrdable! Fr mre infrmatin please cntact: Christina Taylr Study Abrad Crdinatr Internatinal Educatin Prgrams, BE 1113 Seattle Central Cmmunity Cllege *The mney will be awarded nly if a participant participates in any f the WCCCSA r Seattle Central prgrams fr the current quarter. APPLICATION FORM The applicatin will nt be cnsidered unless all required infrmatin is submitted by the deadline t Christina Taylr, Study Abrad Crdinatr at Internatinal Educatin Prgrams, BE We recmmend that yu make a cpy f yur applicatin fr yur recrds as IEP cannt be respnsible fr lst r misplaced applicatin materials. Please fill ut yur infrmatin: Name: SID#: Date f birth: US Mailing Address: Phne Number: Address: Citizen Status: U.S. Citizen *Eligible Nn-Citizen *must prvide cpy f Alien Registratin Card I-151 r I-551 Internatinal (F-1) student What type f degree r certificate are yu pursuing? Cllege credit hurs earned: GPA: (As f / / ) Please check the quarter fr which yu are applying: Fall Winter Spring Summer Which Study Abrad prgram are yu applying t? Have yu previusly travelled utside the United States? YES NO If yes, where and when? I certify that all the infrmatin I have prvided fr this schlarship applicatin is true and crrect t the best f my knwledge. Signature: Date: SCCC Cllege use nly: Please d nt write in this area! Admit: GPA: App: Essay: Rec: Descriptin Offered Eligibility Open t currently enrlled Seattle Central Cmmunity Cllege students. Fall Winter Spring Summer 1. Yu must be at least 17 years ld (18 fr Italy and Suth Africa) 2. Cmpleted at least 12 cllege level credits at Seattle Central Cmmunity Cllege 3. Minimum GPA f 2.5 r better Schlarship Amunt Based n prgram fees, students may be awarded up t the fllwing amunts: $1,000 fr prgrams $2,000-$4,000 $1,500 fr prgrams $4001-$6,000 $2,000 fr prgrams $6001-$8000 The essay yu submit will help determine the schlarship amunt. In the evaluatin prcess we ll take int cnsideratin the fllwing: Submissin f all f the required dcuments; Whether r nt the essay cvers the tpics required and hw clearly they are expressed; Hw the essay cmpares t ther applicant s essays The schlarship applicatins and essays will be evaluated by a Seattle Central Cmmunity Cllege cmmittee f 3 independent staff and/r faculty members Submissin Requirements Seattle Central unfficial transcript Cmpleted and signed applicatin frm 2 letters f recmmendatin frm persns ther than family members Essay f wrds Prject prpsal f wrds Submitted by the prgram applicatin deadline (see prgram materials fr specific dates) ESSAY TOPICS: We wuld like t hear abut yur expectatins fr the prgram and yur excitement t study abrad. The fllwing questins shuld be answered thrughut yur essay. Why are yu chsing t study abrad? Why have yu decided t chse this particular cuntry? What d yu hpe t gain frm yur experience abrad? Hw d yu think yu will benefit frm this experience in the future? Hw des yur study abrad prgram relate t yur future prfessinal gals? What bstacles, financial r therwise, have yu faced in yur decisin t study abrad? Why d yu think a glbal educatin is imprtant in tday s sciety? * The mney will be awarded nly if a participant actually ges n WCCCSA r Seattle Central prgrams fr the quarter applied fr. * Schlarships will nt be awarded t participate in prgrams NOT spnsred by WCCCSA r Seattle Central. * Limited schlarships are available. PROJECT PROPOSAL: This is yur chance t explain hw yu will give back by t Seattle Central s campus, inspiring thers t pursue their wn experiences abrad. Yur prject must be cmpleted by the end f yur study abrad quarter. Yur grades will be held until this is cmpleted. Things t cnsider in yur prpsal: Wh is my target audience and hw am I ging t reach them? Hw will I infrm members f my target audience abut my prject? What arrangements will I need t make t publicize my prject? Are there already established campus r cmmunity rganizatins, ffices, student grups r netwrks that I can utilize in reaching ut t my target audience? Hw will wrking with these grups/ffices help t benefit and expand the impact that my prject will have? Hw will I carry ut my prject? Are there methds I can utilize, such as pwer pint presentatins, slide shws, websites, blgs, phts, etc. that can assist me in achieving my prject gals and reaching my target audience? RECOMMENDATION Student name: Student ID (PLEASE PRINT) FIRST LAST I hereby authrize this frm t be cmpleted and sent t Seattle Central and waive my rights f access t this infrmatin. Signature: Date: Fr the Recmmender: Name: Psitin: Title & Place f Emplyment: Telephne: STUDENT: Please submit t an instructr, advisr, r emplyer wh has wrked with yu during the past tw years. RECOMMENDER: recmmendatin. Please cmplete bth sides f this frm. Yu may, hwever, submit a separate letter f Please attach it t this frm. After cmpleting, return t: Christina Taylr, Study Abrad Crdinatr, Seattle Central Cmmunity Cllege, BE 1113, Seattle, WA Rating N basis fr judgment Pr Belw average Average Abve average Superir Cmmunicatin skills Academic ability Judgment Cperatin Interest in glbal educatin Integrity Cmmitment RECOMMENDATION Please describe yur cnnectin t the student yu are recmmending, including capacity in which yu knw them and hw lng yu have knwn them. Please describe the applicant s academic and persnal suitability fr study abrad. Please add any additinal cmments that wuld help in the evaluatin f this applicant. Recmmendatin: Highly recmmend Recmmend Recmmend with reservatins
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