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CFP Cinema e Storia 2019 - Cinema e populismo/Cinema and Populism

Is it possible to investigate " populism " through cinema? What relationships can be established between cinema — as an apparatus that produces widespread images and narratives — and those political phenomena that can be described through
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  CALL FOR PAPERS«Cinema e Storia. Rivista di studi interdisciplinari» — n. 1/!1" Cinema and populism. Shared forms, images, and genealogies edited #$ %alerio Coladonato & Andrea San'iovanni(s it possi#le to investi'ate )populism* t+rou'+ cinema, -+at relations+ips can #e esta#lis+ed #eteen cinema — as an apparatus t+at produces idespread ima'es and narratives — and t+ose political p+enomena t+at can #e descri#ed t+rou'+ t+e concept o populism, 0+e issue 1/!1" o t+e ournal «Cinema e Storia» ill #e dedicated to t+e anal$sis o t+ese e2c+an'es rom an international perspective. 0+e cate'or$ o populism is slipper$ and contradictor$3 #ot+ in common parlance andin its +istorio'rap+ic application4 +ere e ill adopt an e2tensive deinition3 partl$ #orroed rom political sciences. -e ill understand as )populist* t+ose political p+enomena c+aracteri5ed #$ atleast t+ree elements4 t+e ima'ination o a uniorm )people* +ic+ acts as t+e moral custodian o soverei'nt$6 t+e construction o a c+arismatic leader6 and contempt toards politics and/or a presumed corrupt elite. 7iven its paramount role in t+e representation o t+e masses and t+eorc+estration o aect around )e2traordinar$* individuals in t+e 88t+ centur$ 9e.'. t+rou'+ t+ecreation o t+e star s$stem:3 cinema can provide tools or t+e anal$sis o populisms. 0+is is alsodemonstrated #$ some recent or;s t+at +ave applied cate'ories derived rom ilm studies to t+eanal$sis o t+e communication and perormance st$le o a political leader3 or to +i'+li'+t t+eoverlaps #eteen t+e notions o )people* and )audience* in media populisms. (t is t+ereore possi#le to investi'ate t+e multiple a$s in +ic+ cinema +as contri#uted tot+e c+an'in' relations+ip 9and disintermediation: #eteen people and leader — eit+er #$ reducin'distances or #$ prei'urin' ruptures #eteen t+e to. Anot+er possi#ilit$ lies in anal$5in' +o political passions   and conlicts are represented in populist conte2ts t+rou'+ cinematic inluences.7iven t+at t+e consensus   o populist movements depends on a #inar$ split o t+e social ield3opposin' t+e people and a corrupt elite and o#scurin' all intermediar$ positions3 +at narrativeormulas and s$m#olic elements acilitate t+e construction o suc+ ima'er$,0a;in' into account t+e alread$ mentioned am#i'uit$ and indeterminateness   o t+e concepto populism3 contri#utors ill #e invited to reer to +o t+is notion +as #een t+eori5ed in politicalsciences3 +i'+li'+tin' #ot+ its eicac$ and its limits in relation to t+eir case studies. (t ill #enecessar$ to distin'uis+ populism rom ot+er cate'ories and +istorical orms o political action9suc+ as ascism:. 0+e evolution o discourses on populism — #ot+ as an anal$tical cate'or$ and inits polemic use in political de#ates and ilm criticism — ill also #e ta;en into account. <oreover3aspects intersectin' it+ similar de#ates can #e discussed4 or instance3 t+e relations+ip #eteen political cinema and t+e cate'or$ o )popular3* as ell as discourses on t+e )popular* vocation o cinema 9also in contrast to t+e lan'ua'e and cultural le'itimac$ o ot+er communication orms:.0+e articles can eit+er ocus on sin'le ilms and directors3 or t+e$ can #roaden t+eir  perspective to t+e processes o construction and circulation o t+e ilmic ima'er$ in a speciicconte2t.Proposals can address one or more o t+e olloin' topics 9t+is list is not e2clusive:4  = representational strate'ies o poer in a 'iven +istorical conuncture +ic+ presents t+e traits o  populism6= t+e relations+ip #eteen c+arismatic orms o 'overnment and t+e populist ima'inar$ 9e.'. t+e permea#ilit$ #eteen t+e star s$stem and political communication:6= e2c+an'es #eteen populist movements and t+e ields o ilm production and distri#ution6= t+e representation o relevant +istorical i'ures in populist conte2ts6= conceptual oppositions in critical discourses 9e.'. t+e deinition o some directors or cinemato'rap+ic movements as populist or neopopulist:6= discourses on ilm audiences in relation to t+e idea o t+e )people*3 and t+eir politicalimplications6 = t+e +e'emonic 'ender models in populist communication and t+eir relations+ip to t+e star s$stem. Deadlines & Guidelines 0o propose an article please send an a#stract and s+ort #io'rap+ical note to t+e addressreda5ione> by March 31, 2018 . A#stracts must #e #eteen !! and ?! ords3 and ma$ #e presented in En'lis+ or (talian3 alt+ou'+completed articles must #e in (talian = prooreadin' ill #e 'uaranteed #$ )Cinema e Storia*editorial #oard. 0+e proposal s+ould include4 ive ;e$=ords3 names o aut+or9s:3 institution9s: and contact details9email3 telep+one:3 to'et+er it+ a s+ort #io or eac+ aut+or. ( t+e proposal is accepted3 t+e aut+or/s ill #e as;ed to send t+e complete article to t+e same e=mailaddress by July 31, 2018 . Contri#utions ill #e sent to to independent revieers in a dou#le=#lind peer revie process prior to t+e inal pu#lication decision. Aut+ors ma$ #e re@uested to c+an'e or improve t+eir articles i su''ested #$ revieers. Articles s+ould #e #eteen 3!!!=?3!!! ords in len't+ 9no more t+an B?3!!! c+aracters3 spacesand notes included:3 #ut s+orter articles ill #e also considered. For ino3 please send an email to4 valerio.coladonato>' and/or asan'iovanni>
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