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  CHANGING TRENDS AND STRATEGIES   In the wake of dynamically emerging global environment and ever growing demand for a new breed of administrators, the UPSC in the recent past, has brought about many major changes in the examination pattern having far reaching impact on the way one used to study and the way one devised his/ her studying strategies. Following trends have been noticed in the latest examination pattern both in Prelims as well as Mains: 1. The distinction between traditional areas and current affairs is dying away. Now the questions basically involve the combination of the two. 2. The focus of questions has shifted from 'WHAT' aspect to 'WHY' aspect. This is the most important change witnessed in the UPSC pattern. The basic idea is to change the recruitment pattern from recruiting Cramming Parrots to Thinking Eagles, Foolish Donkeys to Wise Horses and ’Mechanical  Robots' to 'Thinking Humans'. 3. In-depth understanding of anything that you study is required. This is especially true in case of current issues relevant for the world, society and economy. Again the emphasis has shifted from sheer cramming to meaningful thinking. This makes it absolutely imperative for us to re-think, re-orient and re-devise our Studying Strategies. Following is therefore recommended: 1. Keep your eyes open all the time whether you are reading a newspaper or attending a class or watching tv or doing anything else. The exams today are becoming more of common sense based rather than requiring a PhD of the subject. 2. Think, Think and Think are the mantra for the success today. Don't cram but understand. Think 'why' this is required and apply this to everything you study. If you make this your study habit, take it from us that you will be closer to success. Wherever you don't know the answer to your 'why', discuss this with your teachers, your friends and your mentors. Let this habit flow through your blood and become the part and parcel of your personality. 3. Give very special attention to the issues of current relevance. This doesn't mean just the current affairs; it means the current issues relevant for the world today, for the society and for the politics & the economics. Make a list of these issues and have in-depth understanding of these. Rest more practical approach to actually materialise this strategy shall be discussed during the workshops. HOW WILL crackIAS CATER TO THESE CHANGES  crackIAS has always remained at the forefront in catering to the needs of changing patterns. Following additional efforts are being made by the Team crackIAS to meet the emerging needs of latest trends:: 1. All newly added areas in the syllabus are well- covered in the notes. Their scope in the notes has been  widely broadened to give you due understanding of the topic. 2. The 'WHY' factor of different topics in the notes has been given due care to give you in-depth understanding of the issue and to tackle the newly emerging questions in the paper. 3. This year onwards, we shall be providing very well covered issues of current relevance, covering all possible angles of these; apart from the current affairs which have been the strength of crackIAS over the years. So, chill and enjoy studying! Keep in mind one thing- being tense is not the answer to the new trends..... The latest trends intend to make you tension free while studying, but thinking while doing.  For anything that makes you confused about studies, feel free to call us on our nos.
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