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  @article{yan2013guided, title={Guided cobalamin biosynthesis supports Dehalococcoides mccartyi reductive dechlorination activity}, author={an, !un and "m, !eongdae and ang, i and #{$%o}&&ler, 'ran( )}, *ournal={+hil -rans . /oc }, volume={3}, number={11}, pages={20120320}, year={2013}, publisher={-he .oyal /ociety}}@article{yang2012eploring, title={)ploring anaerobic reductive dechlorination at lo4 p5 environments}, author={ang, i}, year={2012}}@article{yan2016corrinoid, title={-he corrinoid co&actor o& reductive dehalogenases a&&ects dechlorination rates and etents in organohalide7respiring Dehalococcoides mccartyi}, author={an, !un and {$c{/}}im{$c{s}}ir, urcu and 'armer, 8bigail - and i, 9engand ang, i and :ampagna, /ha4n . and #{$%o}&&ler, 'ran( )}, *ournal={-he "/9) *ournal}, volume={10}, number={6}, pages={10;2}, year={2016}, publisher={<ature +ublishing Group}}@inproceedings{capiro201lo4, title={#o47-emperature 5eating to )nhance the +er&ormance o& rganohalide7.espiring acteria}, author={:apiro, <# and 9arcet, -' and ang,  and #oe&&ler, ') and +ennell, >D}, boo(title={8G? 'all 9eeting 8bstracts}, year={201}}@inproceedings{capiro2016eamining, title={)amining the /econdary "mpacts o& iostimulation on ater Auality and /ustained ioremediation}, author={:apiro, <# and 9arcet, -' and ang,  and Gaeth, /+ and #oe&&ler, ') and +ennell, >D}, boo(title={8G? 'all 9eeting 8bstracts}, year={2016}}@article{yang201Borganohalide, title={rganohalide respiration 4ith chlorinated ethenes under lo4 p5 conditions}, author={ang, i and :{$Ca}piro, <atalie # and 9arcet, -yler ' and an, !un and +ennell, >urt D and #o&&ler, 'ran( )}, *ournal={)nvironmental /cience $ -echnology}, volume={61}, number={16}, pages={6B;776}, year={201B}, publisher={8merican :hemical /ociety}  }@article{yang201Bgrape, title={Grape pomace compost harbors organohalide7respiring Dehalogenimonas species 4ith novel reductive dehalogenase genes}, author={ang, i and 5iggins, /teven 8 and an, !un and {$c{/}}im{$c{s}}ir, urcuand :hourey, >aruna and "yer, .amsunder and 5ettich, .obert # and ald4in, rett and gles, Dora 9 and #{$%o}&&ler, 'ran( )}, *ournal={-he "/9) *ournal}, volume={11}, number={12}, pages={2BB}, year={201B}, publisher={<ature +ublishing Group}}@article{yang201Bresilience, title={.esilience and recovery o& Dehalococcoides mccartyi &ollo4ing lo4 p5 eposure}, author={ang, i and :{$Ca}piro, <atalie # and an, !un and 9arcet, -yler ' and +ennell, >urt D and #{$%o}&&ler, 'ran( )}, *ournal={')9/ microbiology ecology}, volume={;3}, number={12}, pages={&i130}, year={201B}, publisher={&ord ?niversity +ress}}@article{yan201purinyl, title={+urinyl7cobamide is a native prosthetic group o& reductive dehalogenases}, author={an, !un and i, 9eng and ourdon, 8llen > and 'armer, 8bigail - and ang, +o75siang and 9olenda, livia and Auaile, 8ndre4 - and !iang, <annan and ang, i and in, ongchao and others}, *ournal={<ature chemical biology}, volume={1E}, number={1}, pages={}, year={201}, publisher={<ature +ublishing Group}}@article{marcet201release, title={.elease o& )lectron Donors during -hermal -reatment o& /oils}, author={9arcet, -yler ' and :Fpiro, <atalie # and 9orris, #a4rence 8 and 5assan, /ayed 9 and ang, i and #&&ler, 'ran( ) and +ennell, >urt D}, *ournal={)nvironmental science $ technology}, volume={62}, number={}, pages={3E277361}, year={201}, publisher={8merican :hemical /ociety}}@article{pennell201Bserdp, title={/).D+ +ro*ect ).7212;}, author={+ennell, >urt D and :{$Ca}piro, +) <atalie # and Gaeth, /amuel and 9arcet, -yler and #{$%o}&&ler, 'ran( ) and ang, i}, year={201B}  }@article{marcet201impacts, title={"mpacts o& lo47temperature thermal treatment on microbial detoi&ication o& tetrachloroethene under continuous &lo4 conditions}, author={9arcet, -yler ' and :{$Ca}piro, <atalie # and ang, i and #{$%o}&&ler, 'ran( ) and +ennell, >urt D}, *ournal={ater research}, volume={1E6}, pages={21772;}, year={201}, publisher={+ergamon}}@article{ue201bacterial, title={acterial Diversity in :hinese .ushan :heese 'rom Di&&erent Geographical rigins}, author={Hue, !ia and ang, i and ang, Ihaoia and Guo, urong and /hao, uyu}, *ournal={'rontiers in microbiology}, volume={;}, year={201}, publisher={'rontiers 9edia /8}}@techreport{pennell201Bsecondary, title={/econdary "mpacts o& "n /itu .emediation on Ground4ater Auality and +ost7-reatment 9anagement /trategies}, author={+ennell, >urt D and :apiro, <atalie # and Gaeth, /amuel + and 9arcet, -yler ' and #o&&ler, 'ran( ) and ang, i}, year={201B}, institution={-?'-/ ?<"J /-< 98 /-<}}
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