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Cobol Tables Introduction

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  Tables 1 TABLES () ã  group of storage locations (i.e. elements) with the same name ã  accessed by name and subscript ex. var-name (sub) ã  similar to arrays in other languages  Tables 2 ã Integer values from 1 to occurs clause value (specifies maximum value) ã Up to 7 subscripts are permitted in COBOL ã Subscripts are listed in parenthesis following the table name ã Each time the value of a subscript changes, data-name (sub) refers to a different element in the array ã Using a data-name as a subscript enables its contents to be varied ã Relative subscripting is used when what is in parenthesis can be an arithmetic expression ã if using subscript constants (named or literal) compiler will detect error ã if using subscript variables, error won't be detected until run-time ã Defines the number of elements in the table for each level ã Defines the maximum subscript for each level ã Up to seven levels of OCCURS permitted in COBOL ã Can not be used on 01 level item OCCURS Clause SUBSCRIPTS  Tables 3 TABLE examples If item defined by OCCURS has PIC clause, it defines a series of elementary items 01 Totals. 05 Month-Totals Occurs 12 Times Pic 9(5)V99. For your information When a variable name has an OCCURS clause on it or above it with a smaller level number, it must have one subscript when referencing that memory location for each OCCURS.  Tables 4 TABLE examples Identifier used with OCCURS may also be group item 01 Tax-Table. 05 Group-X Occurs 20 Times. 10 City Pic X(6). 10 Tax-Rate Pic V999.
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