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ARTICLE I: CORE- GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS AND PROVISIONS REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL No FOR Grid Ops Situational Intelligence ARTICLE I: CORE- GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS AND SCHEDULE RFP Schedule Date RFP Distributed to Bidders 5/12/2014 Last Day to Submit Written Questions to PG&E 5/19/2014 RFP Responses Due 6/6/2014 Selection of Finalists 6/20/2014 Finalist Interviews (please reserve this date) 6/23/2014 Notifications of Successful/Unsuccessful Bidder 7/11/2014 Target Date for Contract Execution 8/15/2014 New Program Commencement 9/5/2014 1 Article I: Core RFP General Instructions and Provisions TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION PURPOSE OF REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) RFP STRUCTURE SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS PROCEDURES FOR RESPONDING QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION BID PREPARATION EVALUATION CRITERIA CONTRACT TERM RESERVATION OF RIGHTS SUPPLIER DIVERSITY STATEMENT SAFETY STATEMENT ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT ETHICS STATEMENT PROPRIETARY INFORMATION Request for Proposal: Articles I IV Article I: Core RFP Article I: General Instructions and Provisions 1.0 INTRODUCTION Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), incorporated in California in 1905, is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. There approximately 20,000 employees who carry out PG&E s primary business the transmission and delivery of energy. The company provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 14 million people throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California. Our customers include over 20,000 schools, 3,000 hospitals, 20,000 high-tech companies and 700 military facilities. As the primary natural gas and electric service provider for Central and Northern California, PG&E s service territory stretches from Eureka in the north to Bakersfield in the south, and from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Sierra Nevada in the east. PG&E provides electricity to over 4.9 million customers and natural gas to over 3.9 million customers. PG&E is committed to enhancing its supply base to include contractors who can contribute to PG&E s corporate values, including diversity, safety, environmental stewardship, and corporate integrity. The RFP evaluation process is intended to provide opportunities for successful firms to expand their business with PG&E, new firms to establish business with PG&E, and for PG&E to realize reductions in costs, both internal and external, while experiencing enhanced commitment to corporate values. This will be an exciting opportunity for PG&E and its suppliers both current and new to reshape the way we work together and to improve PG&E s operations. 2.0 PURPOSE OF REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) The purpose of this RFP is to solicit bids for Grid Ops Situational Intelligence. Specifically, PG&E is seeking bids to provide the following: Grid Ops Situational Intelligence (GOSI) is one of several projects in the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program. The EPIC program provides funding for applied research and development, technology demonstration and deployment, and market facilitation for clean energy technologies and approaches for the benefit of ratepayers. The GOSI project will pilot visualization technologies that integrate various data sources and display information on Distribution Control Center video walls and individual computers, as well as computers and handhelds of other distribution and field service personnel. The objective of this GOSI Pilot program is demonstration of a real-time data visualization platform which integrates traditionally isolated data sources and presents that information in a form that is easily digestible by end users. PG&E will use the information submitted in response to this RFP to evaluate and to identify a company with the capabilities, quality, service, and competitive prices to provide high quality services most efficiently and at a superior economic arrangement. PG&E s primary objectives in issuing this RFP are to: Develop mutually beneficial relationships with a best-in-class company, Establish competitive pricing structures with the selected company, Develop a multi-year relationship with agreed-upon fixed prices; Set mutually agreeable Diverse Supplier sub-contracting goals and a subcontracting plan. The successful Bidder will agree to make good faith efforts to assist PG&E in meeting the goals set in General Order (GO) 156 of the California Public Utilities Commission through the implementation of Contractor s subcontracting plan. Such good faith efforts will be measured through Performance Scorecard provisions of the Contract. The parties will define performance standards, metrics, and reporting processes to generate consistent, efficient, and effective results for both PG&E and the successful Bidder. Performance measurement reporting processes will be as specified in the Performance Scorecard provisions of the Contract. Work collaboratively with the selected company to develop value-added services and processes that focus on reducing costs for both PG&E and the successful Bidder. PG&E s overall objective includes implementing an integrated supplier relationship with the selected company(s), continuing the excellent service that PG&E has received to-date while also working collaboratively to reduce costs for both PG&E and the supplier. PG&E challenges each Bidder to propose innovative ideas to improve efficiencies or reduce costs. Such ideas could, for example, include cost savings or efficiency recommendations. The responses to this RFP will serve as the basis for any agreements and represent a firm offer by the Bidder to provide services to PG&E as detailed in this RFP document. Additionally, all bid responses will be evaluated and PG&E will conduct negotiations in order to reach final agreements with the selected company. This RFP may be subject to a Two-Step Bidding Process. See Article 8 for additional information. 3.0 RFP STRUCTURE This RFP is structured into four Articles: This Article I, entitled Core - General Instructions and Provisions, provides a description of the RFP structure and bid submittal instructions that are applicable under this RFP. Article II, entitled Specification, describes the scope of work (specific conditions) and the General Conditions which will be included in any Contract awarded pursuant to this RFP. Article III, entitled Questionnaire and Pricing Sheet, includes the questionnaire to which all bidders must respond and the pricing sheets that bidders shall use in quoting prices. Article IV, entitled Bid Forms, is a collection of standard forms that must be completed and returned as part of each Bidder s Proposal submittal. Details concerning these forms will be covered in Section 4.0 Submittal Instructions. 4.0 SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS Bidders shall submit their proposal(s) in accordance with the outline shown below. All proposals must be submitted in the exact order described below. REQUIRED SUBMITTALS Transmittal Letter: Bidder shall acknowledge that the RFP was used in the preparation of its Proposal by returning one signed copy of the Transmittal Letter. By signing the Transmittal Letter, Bidder agrees to be bound by all elements of its Proposal should PG&E accept such Proposal (e.g. award a Contract to Bidder). This form must be signed by a person that has the authority to bind Bidder to a contract. The Transmittal Letter can be found in Article IV Bid Forms. Compliance Certificate: Bidder shall complete, sign and submit one copy of the Compliance Certificate for the Injury and Illness Prevention Program as part of its proposal. The certificate can be found in Article IV Bid Forms. Bidder s Primary Contact for the RFP: Bidder shall identify its primary contact person for the RFP. Bidder must provide the contact person s name, title, mailing address, phone number, emergency number (cell), fax number and address. Insurance Certificate: Bidder shall provide a Certificate(s) of Insurance detailing all of the relevant insurance policies that Bidder currently carries and each policy s respective limit. Questionnaire Responses: Bidder shall provide detailed answers to the questions posed in Article III Questionnaire and Pricing Sheets. Pricing Sheets: Bidder shall complete all pricing sheets. The pricing sheets can be found in Article III Questionnaire and Pricing Sheets. Exception Statement: Bidder shall complete, sign and submit the Exception Statement. This form indicates whether Bidder takes exception to any term or condition of Article II Specification (Specific or General Conditions). The Exception Statement can be found in Article IV Bid Forms. Exception Sheets(s) If Applicable: For each exception that Bidder takes to Article II Specification, whether the specific or general conditions, Bidder shall submit a fully completed Exception Sheet. The Exception Sheet can be found in Article IV Bid Forms. 5.0 PROCEDURES FOR RESPONDING For Bidder s Proposal to be considered for award all information requested in Section 4.0 must be submitted and the following procedures must be observed: Quoted prices must be entered on the pricing sheet provided in Article III. Bidder will receive an invitation to register with Power Advocate before the RFP is released. Once registered, the Bidder will be able to view and respond to the RFP. All communications regarding the RFP will be funneled through Power Advocate. Bidder's Proposal must be posted to Power Advocate no later than 3:00PM PST on TBD (hereinafter, Due Date ). Proposals received after that time will not be accepted. All proposals must be valid for a period of not less than one-hundred twenty (120) days from the Due Date. PG&E WILL NOT ACCEPT PROPOSALS TRANSMITTED BY FACSIMILE (FAX) OR E- MAIL. 6.0 QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION If Bidder is in doubt as to the intent of any part of the RFP documents, the Bidder shall post written questions to Power Advocate with the subject clearly marked. Questions from Bidders are due no later than 3:00PM PST on TBD. Questions submitted after the question deadline may not be answered. Any explanation of the RFP will be made only by a written addendum to the RFP which PG&E will transmit to all Bidders. PG&E will not be responsible for any other explanations of the RFP documents. If you require assistance in any diversity subcontracting efforts per Section 11, post the request to Power Advocate asking that they forward the request to a PG&E Supplier Diversity Representative. Any attempt to communicate about this RFP with any other PG&E employees or consultants may result in Bidder s Proposal being disqualified. 7.0 BID PREPARATION Any and all costs or expenses incurred in preparing, modifying or submitting a proposal are the responsibility of the Bidder. Under no circumstances will PG&E will be responsible for such costs and expenses. All proposals and any other materials submitted in response to this RFP will become the property of PG&E and may be returned only when requested by Bidder at PG&E's option and at Bidder's expense. 8.0 EVALUATION CRITERIA AND TWO-STEP BIDDING Proposals submitted by Bidders will be reviewed and evaluated by a cross-functional Team. The Team may evaluate this bid based on criteria including, but not limited to; Competitive price Acceptance of PG&E s terms and conditions Completeness of the bid package Cost reduction ideas or alternatives for performing the services Women, Minority, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (WMDVBE) status and/or subcontracting plan Safety record Financial stability Contractor s ability to perform the services Feature set Interoperability Scalability Supportability These factors are not necessarily listed in order of importance. PG&E at its sole discretion may decide to use some or all of these factors. PG&E may use a two-step bidding process to select the successful Bidder(s). The first step will be an evaluation of each Bidder s Proposal using the evaluation criteria described above. Those Bidders whose proposals which are technically acceptable and whose price is competitive may be invited to the second step in the selection process. The second step will be used for a more in-depth review of each proposal, and may include steps such as: Discuss the scope of work in detail, Identify any cost reduction ideas, Interview key candidate personnel in person, Visit candidate facilities An on-site demonstration of the proposed solution Contact client references. In addition, negotiations over Contract price and terms would take place. 9.0 CONTRACT TERM Any contract(s) awarded pursuant to this RFP will be for a base term of TBD years. In addition, PG&E shall have the unilateral option to extend the term on a year to year basis for a term not to exceed TBD additional years. Any Contract awarded pursuant to this RFP will be a non-exclusive Contract and there will be no guarantee as to the volume of work AWARD OF CONTRACT After consideration of price, capabilities, and other factors as a result of this RFP, Vendors will be selected in order to provide the identified requested resources herein. PG&E will reserve the right to deal directly with Vendor via the use of PG&E s Contract for Consulting Services or instruct the Vendor to coordinate further with PG&E s third party resources partner, Agile1, on such award, or a combination of both options, as deemed appropriate by PG&E. An award of business may be made to any Vendor without further discussion or negotiation. The right is reserved, as the interest of PG&E may require, rejecting any or all Proposals and to waive any formality in Proposals received. Depending on the engagement model chosen by PG&E, Vendors may be required to have an executed Master Services Agreement with PG&E in order to perform the work associated with this RFP. If the engagement channel, at PG&E s sole discretion, is deemed to be via Agile1, the Vendor will need to engage in a contract directly with Agile1 in order to be eligible to fulfill our requisitions for these roles. PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL COMPLY WITH THIS REQUIREMENT IN SECTION 4.0 In either scenario outlined above, the Vendors will agree to PG&E s Early Payment Discount term of 2% discount 15 days Net 45. PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL COMPLY WITH THIS REQUIREMENT IN SECTION RESERVATION OF RIGHTS PG&E reserves the right to withdraw or modify this Request for Proposal (RFP) at any time before responses are due. PG&E may accept or reject any or all responses, and may accept other than the lowest price proposal. PG&E will not be liable, by reason of such withdrawal or rejection, to any Bidder submitting a Proposal to this RFP. PG&E reserves the right to waive or modify requirements under this RFP, with or without notice to Bidders, in its sole discretion. Bidders are required to provide accurate and complete responses to the RFP documents. Incomplete responses may be subject to disqualification in PG&E s sole discretion. PG&E may reject any response which is conditional or incomplete, or which contains any deviations from the instructions provided in these General Instructions and Provisions VENDOR PARTNERSHIP AND/OR USE OF SUB-CONTRACTORS PG&E requests bidders propose a complete platform solution using proven off-the-shelf software, or an integrated suite of proven applications/technologies. Given the breadth of desired functionality, PG&E recognizes that a single vendor may need to form partnerships with other vendors to develop a complete solution. Partial bids will be evaluated but given less consideration than complete responses. PG&E will agree on the complete solution and negotiate a contract with a single lead vendor ( Prime ) who will be responsible for integrating the products provided by partnering vendors ( Sub ). Onshore Resource Requirement Onshore resources are the initial requirement, and local resources are preferred. For the preferred local resources that are required, it is PG&E expectation that there will be no travel and related expenses. PG&E expects the Vendor to offer incentives and additional volume/spend based discounts throughout the engagement. Should Vendor desire, PG&E will consider alternative pricing proposals in addition to the above expectations SUPPLIER DIVERSITY STATEMENT PG&E encourages companies interested in providing services to PG&E to support Supplier Diversity Purchasing through its purchasing and subcontracting practices. In order for Pacific Gas and Electric Company to include the Woman, Minority and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (WMDVBE) contractor or subcontractor in the Company s supplier diversity goals, the WMDVBE prime contractor or subcontractor must have a current verification by one of the following agencies: * California Public Utilities Commission s WMDVBE Clearinghouse (for woman- or minority-owned businesses); or * Department of General Services (for disabled service veteran-owned businesses). Verification can also be obtained from one of the following CPUC Clearinghouse comparable agencies: * National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) or a regional affiliate * Women s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) or a regional affiliate * Small Business Administration Supplier Diversity RFP Questions In addition to any questions included in this RFP, it is recommended that Bidders address the following relative to their Supplier Diversity program. Is your company certified by the CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse as a woman or minority-owned business? If your company is service disabled veteran-owned, is your company certified by the Department of General Services? Please provide certification number and expiration date. If your company is woman, minority or service disabled veteran-owned but not certified by the CPUC or Department of General Services, does your company hold a Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) or SBA 8(a) certification. Please provide certification number and expiration date. Does your company have a Supplier Diversity Program? If so describe efforts your company has made to increase business with women, minority and service disabled veteran-owned businesses (i.e. does your company have a policy statement, participate in outreach activities, promote diverse firm subcontracting, publicize contract opportunities, provide certification assistance, etc.?) Please provide examples. If your company has a Supplier Diversity Program, does your company mentor women, minority and service disabled veteran-owned suppliers? Please provide examples. What percentage of your company's total contracting and procurement spend for the prior year was with women, minority and service disabled veteran-owned businesses? Supplier Diversity Sub-contracting Plan Successful Bidders will agree to a subcontracting plan, as part of their contract, to support PG&E s commitment to utilize Diverse Suppliers as outlined below. The term subcontractor referred to in this plan applies to subcontractors that provide a service, and sub suppliers that provide material, parts, assemblies or components. PG&E is subject to General Order (GO) 156 of the California Public Utilities Commission. GO 156 establishes goals for each utility to purchase a minimum of 21.5% of its goods and services from Women Minority and disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprises (WMDVBEs or Diverse Suppliers). Furthermore, GO 156 sets the following sub-goals: 15% minority; 5% women, and 1.5% disabled veteran-owned business enterprises. GO 156 requires each utility to establish and maintain a subcontracting program for the purpose of encouraging its prime contractors to utilize Diverse subcontractors. GO 156 does not authorize or permit a utility to utilize set-asides, preferences, or quotas in administration of its WMDVBE program. As part of the Proposal, the Bidder sha


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