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Create Your Online Account New Members. Welcome to Girl Scouts!

Create Your Online Account New Members Welcome to Girl Scouts! NEW Members: if you are registering a girl, an adult (18 years or older) must create the Adult Family Manager Account Profile BEFORE you are
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Create Your Online Account New Members Welcome to Girl Scouts! NEW Members: if you are registering a girl, an adult (18 years or older) must create the Adult Family Manager Account Profile BEFORE you are able to add and create a girl record to become a registered participant. Please note the * s are required fields throughout the registration process and must be completed to become a registered member. Step 1 Click New Online Account button on the right side of the screen Step 2 Personal Information screen this is information regarding the Adult/guardian who will be the Family Manager Account holder *First Name, Middle Name, Last Name *Address, City, State, Zip code *Date of Birth *Gender Step 3 Click Continue If you received this we have found you message, please with the following information. You will be contacted during business hours via or a phone. Name Address Phone number address Date of birth Girl s name you are related to You will receive the following screen to review before you are able to create your new customer record: Step 4 Choose one of the three options if it applies to you, or click on Continue to complete your Family Manager Profile Step 5 New Account for: Name and DOB My Girl Scouts Login create *Username and *Password, *Challenge Question and *Answer Contact Information * address (you may use whichever address you prefer, home, cell, work) *Phone Number - at least one phone number is required to continue (use whichever you prefer, home or mobile) Optional checkmark the box if you would like to receive informational or marketing text messages from Girl Scouts and agree to accept. Step 6 Click Submit Online Profile button you will see the following screen appear to continue your process of adding family members to your new online account If you want to Add children or adults follow these steps Step 7 Add a Family Member this is the screen where you will now add your girl (one at a time if you have more than one child to participate in Girl Scouts) Personal Information *GIRL S First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name *Address (Change if needed) *Date of Birth *Gender Step 8 click Continue Step 9 New Account for: Verify girl name the account is for, this will be who you are adding to your family account Contact Information address (only if 13 and Older) *Phone Number (at least one is required, Home or Mobile) Optional - checkmark the box if you would like to receive informational or marketing text messages from Girl Scouts and agree to accept. Click Submit Online Profile If you have selected Become a member click your name and Join Now! Button If you have chosen Register for activities you must complete one of the two above options to attend an activity Step 10 the screen will now reflect your My Family tab with your added family members you just created, now you are ready to register your participant Step 11 checkbox whom you are registering, use the dropdown arrow to select, Purchase Girl Scout Membership(s), click GO. (You can select more than one participant, you will process each one s screens separately but all will appear on one checkout screen when you are ready to process your payment Step 12 use the drop down to select Girl Membership 2016 (valid 10/1/2015 9/30/2016). If you are wanting to register for membership year, please review the drop down selection to choose the correct date. Current Membership Year is October 1, 2015 September 30, New Membership Year begins October 1, 2016 September 30, (Please contact the help desk at is you need assistance with the date options). Step 13 click on Process 1 of 1 (if you selected more than 1 participant, you will see Process 1 of X), click on button to continue, you will be brought back to this screen and continue to do the following screens for each participant Step 14 Collect Membership Information verify the following *Address (Change if needed) Contact Information Address (girls under the age of 13 cannot have a personal address, parents may use their if they prefer or you may leave it blank). *Phone Number at least one is required If you would like to opt in for Girl Scout text messages, please checkmark the box Step 15 click Next Step 16 Personal information verify the following *Date of Birth (Change if needed) *Gender (Change if needed) Step 17 * Race (select one) and *Ethnicity (select one) Step 18 *School place cursor in the white box, type only the first three letters of girl s school name and click Search (you cannot click enter) once school is populated in box below, double click to select one and it will appear on the right side gray box of your screen. Step 19 *Grade during the School Year use drop down to select grade level. If registering your girl for the 2017 membership year, please select the correct grade for the school year. Step 20 You may choose a participating Pathway. If you select troop you may leave the box empty or type in the troop number. Your girl will be moved into the troop once council staff has been informed to transfer your daughter into the leader s troop. Step 21 *Media Permission please select one of the two options after reading and giving consent that the participating girl you are registering can participate in media events. If you select, Permission Denied, it is your responsibility to inform the troop leader immediately. Step 22 Click Next Step 23 Custodial Care Information use drop down arrow for selections, verify information on screen, and complete *Employment option, click Next Step 24 Guardian 2 (optional) you may list a second guardian if you would like (follow screen prompts) or click Next to continue building girl profile record Step 25 verify all information in girl profile is correct, make changes where needed in each section, click Change on right side of screen, click Continue Step 26 Shopping Cart verify participant you are registering and paying the $15.00 membership fee for, click Checkout Step 27 *Financial Gifts (one circle must be selected to continue). If you are not making a donation at this time, (do not type in the Other box), select Not at this time and click Continue Step 28 Order Payment (My Family) screen verify the participant s name(s) you are registering. If you have a Financial Gifts box with an amount of $15.00 or other and did not intend to make a donation, please click on Shopping Cart at the top right of your screen. This will bring you back to the Checkout screen where you have the option under the name of Financial Gifts to remove this line item. System will ask you by verifying yes or no to remove it from your cart. Click Checkout, you will not be brought back to the Order Payment (My Family) screen. Please review the screen to ensure it states Girl ( ) or Adult ( ), this payment will be for our current membership year (began on 10/1/2015 ends on 9/30/2016). We cannot process refunds for purchasing the wrong year. Step 29 Put in your credit card information. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, and American Express online. Place a checkmark in the box to accept the Promise and Law. Click Process My Oder *An automated confirmation will be sent the to Family Manager s address on file. *Confirmation states - When you receive your receipt it will show that you are registered in GULFCOAST, please forward the to your troop leader, who will contact council to have your girl participant transferred into the troop. *If you need assistance after your purchase, please contact our help desk at or call during business hours, Tuesday Friday, 7:30am 5:30pm, or , press 8 for online ebiz assistance.
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