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Delicate, soft and nourishing. Mozzarella cheese with the true taste of tradition and the quality of innovation.

Delicate, soft and nourishing. Mozzarella cheese with the true taste of tradition and the quality of innovation. Reliability, flexibility and punctuality. Quality and safety are our utmost priority. Index
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Delicate, soft and nourishing. Mozzarella cheese with the true taste of tradition and the quality of innovation. Reliability, flexibility and punctuality. Quality and safety are our utmost priority. Index company Research & Development History Ethics figures plants Production Products Certifications company Leading company and trusted partner Trevisanalat is an Italian single-product company specialised in the production of Quality mozzarella cheese using only select lactic ferments. With over thirty years experience, our company has established itself as a fast-growing market leader and trusted partner for Private Labels in large scale retail trade and dairy factories, both in Italy and abroad. The genuine taste, freshness and safety of our product is guaranteed by our constant commitment to keeping quality standards and selecting first choice raw materials, by means of continuous investments in innovation and cutting-edge technology, great attention to production methods, monitoring of the entire process and prompt deliveries. Results of PRODUCT TESTS requested by our Customers have always placed us first in terms of satisfaction and willingness to repurchase. 3 company / Research & Development The taste of tradition and the quality of innovation Research and Development have always been key factors in which our company has invested with a view to optimizing timing and processes in order to guarantee a constant high quality product: soft, fresh and tasty mozzarella cheese. 4 company / History History Trevisanalat was set up in 1980 as a general partnership in the Treviso area. During its first years of activity the company produced a wide range of dairy products for small shops and supermarkets. In 1996 the company decided to direct all its know-how towards a single product: quality mozzarella cheese exclusively produced with select lactic ferments. In order to face new national and international market needs, the company underwent a process of corporate restructuring and became an S.p.A (joint-stock company). Since then, all our efforts and investments have been aimed at innovation, advanced technology and safety saw the opening of our new headquarters and the second highly automated and technologically advanced production plant. Our work has been fully rewarded. In 2007 we were awarded a certification testifying to our high global standard in terms of food and work safety, and social responsibility. We have undertaken a commitment to respect the environment. Trevisanalat believes that sustainability and renewable energy are the only opportunities for growth. We have installed a photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 350 kwp. 5 company / Ethics Ethics Trevisanalat has adopted a new organization, management and control model in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 231 of 2001 relating to the administrative liability of legal persons. The new organization model foresees the adoption of a specific code of ethics that is to be published online. 6 company / figures Our figures 33 years of know-how mq square metres covered area 2 plants with a covered area of 13,000 square metres 8 production lines various product shapes and sizes 90 tons production capacity per day tons produced in employees square metres of photovoltaic panels 350 kwp nominal capacity 85% Italy 13 export countries 20% turnover Trevisanalat 80% turnover Private Label 15% abroad 7 plants Cutting-edge plants Our production is carried out in 2 cutting-edge and highly automated plants, able to ensure consistent quality in compliance with all health and hygiene regulations. Each plant operates autonomously with 8 computer-controlled production lines. We process from 400 to 600 tons of milk a day from Italy and EU-countries producing from 50 to 80 tons of finished product. The production process, from receiving the milk to the packaged products, undergoes a rigorous and consistent control carried out by our inhouse laboratory and accredited laboratories. The mozzarella cheese produced in our plants comes in various shape and sizes and for any use, ready to reach our customers in Italy and throughout the world. Our cooperation with certified companies specialised in the transport of fresh produce is a guarantee of the cold chain and prompt deliveries. 8 Production Production Producing mozzarella cheese with lactic fermentation and in line with tradition is a challenging choice with respect to producing it with citric acid. From a technological point of view, once raw milk has been pasteurised lactic ferments and rennet are added. Mixing and cutting phases alternate with rest phases lasting more than three hours, that is, the necessary time for natural fermentation to occur and for obtaining that typical flavour and aroma characterising the fresh and delicate taste of mozzarella. Our specialisation choice and investments in technologically advanced plants highly automated and continuously updated have been made with the aim to constantly offer a product with excellent organoleptic properties and in line with characteristics defined by the product specifications for the production of mozzarella cheese. PRODUCT TESTS confirm that we have made the right choice. 9 Products Delicate, soft and nourishing. Mozzarella cheese with the true taste of tradition and the quality of innovation. 10 Products Products code product brand weight (g) packing size box (cm) pieces per box boxes per layer layers per pallet total boxes per pallet EAN CODE box 800 Mozzarella DIVINA 200 pan 23X30X Mozzarella NA MEZZARELLA x18x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT x30x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT x30x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT x30x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT x40x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT x30x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT x40x Mozzarella TRIS (3x125g) Mozzarella (4x100g) Mozzarelle ciliegine (ca gr.8/9) TREVISANALAT 375 TREVISANALAT x40x x40x TREVISANALAT 150 pan 29x24x Mozzarella ROLLE filoncino TREVISANALAT x30x Mozzarella per Pizza panetto TREVISANALAT 400 Tmf + Sv 30x40x Mozzarella per Pizza filone TREVISANALAT Tmf + Sv 30x40x Mozzarelle ciliegine (ca gr.8/9) TREVISANALAT bucket 539 Mozzarelle bocconcini (30gr.) TREVISANALAT bucket 39,5x39,5 x16 39,5x39,5 x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT 125 pan 36x30x Mozzarella TREVISANALAT 100 pan 36x30x Mozzarella TRISsoloLatte Italiano (3x125g) SANTA REGINA x40x Mozzarella BIANCABELLA x30x Mozzarella BIANCABELLA x40x Mozzarella BIANCABELLA x30x Mozzarella BIANCABELLA x40x Mozzarella BIANCABELLA x40x Mozzarella TRIS (3x100g) Mozzarella TRIS (3x125g) BIANCABELLA 300 BIANCABELLA x40x x40x Mozzarella LIGHT BIANCABELLA x30x Mozzarella CAMPESINA x40x Mozzarella CAMPESINA x40x Mozzarella DEI PRAI x30x Mozzarella DEI PRAI x40x Mozzarella DEI PRAI x40x Mozzarella ROLLE filoncino DEI PRAI x30x Mozzarella BIANCAMORE x40x Mozzarelle ciliegine (ca gr.8/9) Mozzarelle ciliegine (ca gr.8/9) BIANCAMORE 250 pan 29x24x PRONTI BIANCHI Mozzarella per Pizza cubetti PRONTI BIANCHI Mozzarella per Pizza julienne PRONTI BIANCHI Our mozzarella cheese is made according to tradition, and exclusively with milk, salt, rennet and select lactic ferments. 30x40x x40x x40x Certifications Certifications Our business activity complies with the highest international Quality standards in order to guarantee high safety level and protection of our production and its traceability. Since 2007 our company has been certified according to the following global certification programmes: UNI EN ISO 22000:2500 Food Safety Management System IFS Versione 6 Food Safety throughout the food supply chain BRC Versione 6 Global standard for food safety Safety management system 8000 Social Responsibility 12 Trevisanalat S.p.a. via Roma 111/ Resana (TV) tel fax Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Daniele Gheno General Manager Albino Dal Bello Sales Department Ettore Pivetta Export Alessandro Dal Bello Quality Department Giovanni de Ziller
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