Elegy to Love, written by Angela Brown

Elegy to Love, written by Angela Brown
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  Elegy to Love , written by Angela Brown An elegy to love is a refreshing fruit; The flavor is sweet to taste, Because it is natural. When I fell in love, you were the one I was your crescendo, a metaphor for love. I was a young thang, an innocent virgin I admired you from afar and fell in love at first sight. For the first time I made love, uncertain of who I was I did not understand relationships or who to  be with. We came to fuck unexpectedly, my eyes shut tightly, You told me you needed me to trust I was afraid something would come between us. At the time of emotional disparity It felt so good it was a sweet parody. An elegy to love is a refreshing fruit; The flavor is sweet to taste, Because it is natural. I saw oceans unfold into waves; I saw the rain pour down from heaven; I heard thunder clap its hands loudly; I tasted the water quench my thirst; I smelled the sweet nectar of perfume  between us. An elegy to love is a dedication to the young virgins who have fallen in love for the first time. The fruit is an analogy to a virgin who changes from a girl to a woman. In this first stanza, there is a reference to what being in love meant to the girl’s voice. She states that she was in love for the first time. She is immature to fall in love with someone she barely knew at first sight. She inquires her first sex interlude and has a fallacy that this must be love is about. She states that she never fell in love before and she was not educated on what building a relationship meant. She being immature thinks that touching someone is having sex that she is afraid to welcome. Her lover wants her to trust him. She is afraid of losing him in this moment of lust. She was full of emotions for this man she wanted so much to be with. She felt deeply about this man. There is a reference to a fruit being innocent and she goes on to explain how she felt her interlude with lust felt when they touched. She felt the emotions of good images in reference to nature innocence when she compares lust to the ocean waves and rain  pouring from heaven and thunder clapping and the scent of fruit that is sweet to taste and love coming natural.  It was a quiet moment that dare not end It was the pleasure of this moment I had sinned. It was a moment of distress Tears flowed down my cheek and digressed. An elegy to love is a refreshing fruit; The flavor is sweet to taste, Because it is natural. And through this moment of passion A long stem rose appeared, Wuthering heights was near. A spiral stair case, a babbling fire A feather underneath my feet, fulfilling my desire. The shape of your mouth as you snore, the snare of your body as you roar The slur of your speech, walking barefoot on the beach. The grain of sand in my hand, sustaining in time A still born lost in memory left splinters in my mind. And the deep velocity of the universe never stops counting rhymes And the illusion of love lives eternally in time. An elegy to love is a refreshing fruit; The flavor is sweet to taste, Because it is natural. She never wants this moment of love to end  because she finds pleasure in the experience. It is meaningful to her. She was so happy to feel this that tears flowed down her cheek. The refrain stresses throughout this poem that love to be a symbol for innocence. The voice of the girl expresses through imagery that passion meaning is up to interpretation of imagining someone giving you a long stem rose, love must mean a stair case that circles up, or a blazing fire, or how a feather tickles my feet love fulfilling my desire of hope. Love must love to see you snore, or the noise you make when you roar, or it can mean the simple things like when you slur when you speak, or the memory she had when they walked barefoot on the  beach. Could love be as worthy as small as a grain of sand held tightly in my hand be a measurement of time we spent together? The  pain of losing a child are like thorns. Could love mean the universe ever changing sustaining in time eternally as love does. Is love a fresh fruit, waiting to be plucked and eaten? Or does love come natural?   
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