Elements of the mobile user experience

1. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Elements of the Mobile User Experience Lyndon Cerejo J. Boye Web & Intranet Conference…
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  • 1. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Elements of the Mobile User Experience Lyndon Cerejo J. Boye Web & Intranet Conference Philadelphia, May 2014
  • 2. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net ABOUT LYNDON UX Lead for Capgemini Rapid Design & Visualization 14 years Gave up on Inbox Zero a long time ago Author, writer
  • 3. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net “Build Us A Sexy App“ “Help me understand what you mean“ Sexy = look and feel, visual design Important, but only one of many aspects that impact the user experience UI = UX UX is...
  • 4. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Building A Sexy App Enjoyable Mobile User Experiences Understand Mobile User Experience Review Elements with examples How you can use it Links to detailed write up and resources at the end
  • 5. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net MOBILE USER EXPERIENCE A user’s perceptions and feelings before, during and after their mobile interaction using a mobile device Breaking it down 12 elements ( not all may apply ) Let’s dig into each!
  • 6. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Functionality Tools and features that enable users to complete tasks and achieve their goals Core functionality Mobile optimized Relevant to category All channel experience kayak
  • 7. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Information Architecture Arranging the functionality and content into a logical structure to help users find information and complete tasks. Includes navigation, search and labeling Main features on landing page Concise, clear, consistent, descriptive labels Navigational cues Design for touch
  • 8. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Content Various types of material in different formats, such as text, images and video, that provide information to the user. Balanced content mix User control over media (no auto-start) Mobile appropriate content (chunk, scale images) Pictures, video as appropriate supportive content Product information Marketing Content Social Content
  • 9. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Design The visual presentation and interactive experience of mobile, including graphic design, branding and layout Glanceability and quick scanning Visual flow Orientation Cross channel visual consistency iOS Weather Yahoo! Weather
  • 10. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net
  • 11. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net User Input The effort required to enter data, which should be minimized on mobile devices and not require the use of both hands Minimize input Smart defaults Alternate mobile input Appropriate keyboards
  • 12. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Mobile Context The environment and circumstances of usage, which can change constantly and rapidly. Common examples are distractions, multitasking, motion, low lighting and poor connectivity Use device capabilities User-provided information User preferences & settings Nadav Savio
  • 13. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Usability An overall measure of how well the information architecture, design, content and other elements work together to enable users to accomplish their goals. Affordance Tap sized & spaced Conventions & platform standards Contrast, color, typography and font size Luke W, Mobile First
  • 14. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Trustworthiness The level of confidence, trust and comfort that users feel when using a mobile website or app. Privacy & Security concerns Ask permission Explain business practices Mobile friendly legalese Give users control
  • 15. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Feedback Methods for attracting the user’s attention and displaying important information Minimize number of alerts Brief and clear message with options Onscreen feedback and confirmation
  • 16. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Help Options that are available to assist the user in using the website or app. First launch guide ( w/ skip) Multiple help options (@AskCiti) Global and contextual help Optimize click-to-call Weathercube
  • 17. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Social Content and features that create a sense of social participation, that enable user interaction and that facilitate sharing on established social networks. Incorporate social presence and activity on site Generate content with your brand Shareable content Seed content Red Robin Customizer @Tweetacoffee
  • 18. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net Marketing Methods by which a user finds a website or app and the factors that encourage repeated usage. Optimizing for mobile search and discovery QR codes to mobile optimized page Promote app in other channels Prompt for ratings reviews (w/ “don’t remind me”)
  • 19. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net PUTTING THE ELEMENTS TO WORK During Design, Reviews & Evaluations Personalizeit for your users, industry, competition Framework as a starting point (DigitalGov: Ongoing updates
  • 20. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net QUESTIONS ? RELATED RESOURCES (detailed article, links to books, articles and further reading)
  • 21. Lyndon Cerejo | | @lycerejo Strategist.Net THANK YOU!
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