EPAC300 Programming Basics

How to program an EPAC300 for 2 or 4 phase operation with other options
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    EPAC 300  Actuated NEMA Traffic Controller Unit Basic Programming Guide Prepared By: Nick Basilico  Version: 1 Date: 10/2014    2 Overview This guide is intended for traffic signal collectors that are new to the EPAC 300 traffic controller or any controller unit operating SE-PAC software. It does not include all the features available on the controller unit, nor does it provide any information on NEMA cabinet hardware other than TS1 operation of the controller unit. The purpose of the guide is to get the collector programming a pre-timed intersection of up to 4 sequential phases plus 2 leading overlaps. It will also include how to set up night flash as well as choosing a second time plan. Further more advanced programming would be covered in a later version of this guide.  3 Table of Contents Starting Out with a Used Controller Unit----------------------- 4 Programming Start Up Operation ------------------------------- 6 Timing Vehicle Phases----------------------------------------------7 Timing Pedestrian Phases----------------------------------------- 8 Initializing the Phases-----------------------------------------------9 Pretimed Cycling or Actuated? ------------------------------------10 Leading Overlaps----------------------------------------------------11 Time of Day Operation---------------------------------------------12 Programming MAX 2 -----------------------------------------------14 Programming Remote Flash----------------------------------------15  Viewing Active Status----------------------------------------------- 16 Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------  4 Starting Out with a Used Controller Unit This section is intended for someone who has just bought an EPAC. Upon powering up the controller unit, on EPACs M42 and older, the controller will run self-diagnostics before powering up. Once all the diagnostics pass, the controller displays the main menu with the manufacturer name (Eagle or Siemens), and software revision information. First, check to make sure the controller does not have an internal pass code. From the main menu, go into UTILITIES and then into ENABLE ACCESS  You want to see this: ACCESS IS ENABLED  You do not want to see this, if you do not know the password: ACCESS IS DISABLED ENTER THE FOUR DIGIT CODE AND PRESS E If the latter is the case, it will be much more difficult and may require new firmware with access enabled. If it’s the prior, and you do not know the access code, press F to return to UTILITIES, and choose CHANGE ACCESS. Now, enter a four digit code that you’ll remember should it disable itself. Any four digit code from 0000 through 9998 will work. Code 9999 establishes perpetual access which disables the access code feature. Not entering the access code, or establishing perpetual access to the controller will prevent data to be altered. ACCESS IS REQUIRED PRESS E TO RETURN will appear at the bottom of the screen you are trying to change. Once access is enabled, the next step is to clear out garbage data in the controller


Jul 23, 2017
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