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Filcro Media Staffing offers media industry specific executive recruitment of business, technical and creative personnel to facilitate the management, operation and monetization of media properties for standalone and cross-platform media assets in US, MENA, LATAM, ASIA and EU markets.
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  Filcro Media Staffing - Broadcasting & Media Recruitment Practice Groups Broadcasting and media executive search experience and skill set designations for clients and candidates   Accounting   Advertising Sales Affiliate Sales Broadcast OperationsBusiness Affairs Broadband Closed Captioning Corporate Creative Services Development Editorial EngineeringFacilities Finance Human Resource IT Interactive Inventory Legal Marketing Media  / Music On-Air Promotions Production  / Post Program PracticesProgramming Real Estate Research Sales Sales Planning Sports  / Systems Talent Payment TechnologyTraffic TV / Radio GM’s Our Industry Cares Home Page  / Clients     MobileCable TV & MSOBroadcast TVRadio & MusicOnlineMulticast & OEMSatellite   Media & Broadcasting Sales Local, Regional, National and International  Advertising - Direct Response - Sponsorship - Technology Filcro Media Staffing offers media industry specific executive recruitment of business, technical and creative personnel tofacilitate the management, operation and monetization of media properties for standalone and cross-platform media assetsin US, MENA, LATAM, ASIA and EU markets. Hiring managers and human resource professionals are encouraged to review each media industry “skill and practice group” corresponding to their r ecruitment needs. These media practice groups represent essential skill sets and experience compilations specific to the media and entertainment industries. The tactical and strategic weighting of corresponding executive search assignments are also exhibited in each practicegroup with verbose recruitment modalities profiled in each case history.The firm’s identification, recruitment, assessment and attraction methodologies utilize media industry standards andproprietary modalities normalized by Filcro Media Staffing with proven efficacy.  Leadership requirements can vary greatly as well as the media platform synergies to be managed across broadcast, online,mobile, print, telecom, OEM and DOOH holdings. Each recruitment practice group exhibits media terminology for clientswho are seeking guidance in articulating and establishing normalized nomenclature for media executive searchassignments. Clients seeking executive search reviews or references within context of their recruitment needs will enjoy each casehistory. Understanding how Filcro Media Staffing consistently brings executive searches to fruition can be extremelyinformative to hiring managers and human resource executives engaging Filcro Media Staffing for the first time.Filcro Media Staffing encourages clients thinking of engaging the firm to first understand the specialized media andbroadcasting recruitment focus and specialized services offered. FilcroMediaStaffingprovidesinternational, national, regional and local market recruitment of CRO’s, CSO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors,Managers and Account Executives of advertising, direct response and sponsorship sales.Filcro Media Sales Group - Sales Case Histories. -  Affiliate Sales. - Technology Sales - Workflow Sales - Media SalesRecruitment Group  - Client Rosters  Media   Technologies Broadcast Operations, IT, Advanced Technology, Production, Post, Engineering,Sales, Programming, Workflow, Content Management Systems and Cross PlatformIntegration Filcro Media Staffing recruits executives for any combination of media platforms, media assimilators or media disseminator to create the “ideal” CXO or functional Manager for single or multicast media platforms and product monetization. Broadcast TVCable TVMobileDOOHGamingSocial NetworkingRadioOutdoorOnlineMusicSearch EnginePrintSatellitePlace BasedOEM’s Filcro Media Staffing headquartered in New York City can recruit a complete international, national, regional or local adsales force and their required sales support and back office services structure anywhere in the United States, Europe, Asia,South America, Africa or the Middle East.When identifying a single key sales executive or entire national sales force the firm utilizes proven methodologies to recruitand attract advertising and media sales executives. A honed media sales profile combined with over twenty-five years of media and broadcasting industry recruitment experience assures proper and timely identification. Hard and soft skill setsare analyzed on three levels to determine current and future capacity for each sales executive. Filcro Media Staffing is onethe most effective media sales executive search firms in the world.Filcro Media Staffing begins each media sales executive search with a complete understanding of a client's current markets- local, regional, national or international. Filcro Media Staffing utilizes a client company's current media brand penetrationof markets through metrics such as SUBS, DMA's, uniques, category specific verticals, platforms and revenue to determinerecruitment strategies. The firm then relates current budgets to an ideal and identifies the sales executives with the proper management skills, client relationships, agency contacts and industry experience to facilitate the growth desired. Talentedmedia recruiters that specialize in media sales compile extensive search universes to recruit, tier and present in anexpeditious manner.When confidential change is a consideration, Filcro Media Staffing provides the sensitivities and experience to maketransitions seamless without industry or internal awareness. Skilled sales executives are identified that manage entire sales organizations, the development of sales staff, sales trainingprograms, ad sales services, new business development, sales technology management, budget development, online andmulticast integration, sales planning, research, affiliate and digital / multicast network relationships and much more. When Filcro Media Staffing identifies an advertising sales executive, they are uniquely qualified. We enhance revenue andmake positive changes from a tactical and strategic perspective by utilizing specialized recruitment methodologies that arespecific to the monetization of the media and broadcasting industries. Monetizing media assets links. To browse through media and broadcasting advertising sales executive search case histories conductedby the firm please utilize this link .  For the Media Sales Recruitment Group . - Client Rosters   Media Broadcast Distribution, Production and Post Operations, Workflow, Sales Operations, Facilities, Engineering andEmerging Technologies. Filcro Media Staffing identifies specialized media and broadcasting technology executives with broad strategic, operational,distribution, production, engineering, sales, programming and maintenance responsibilities from a software and hardwaremanagement perspective. Technology Recruitment Group   - Client Rosters Broadcast Operations and Engineering (BOE), Broadcast Operations Canters (BOC),Network Operations Centers (NOC) ,Television Operating Centers (TOC), Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Video On Demand (VOD), Content ManagementSystems (CMS), Communications Security (COMSEC), High Definition (HD), 3D, Holographic Conversion (HC) , DigitalRadio (DR), In Band On Channel (IBOC), All TV & Radio Subcarrier, Broadcast Robotics and Automated Production(BRAP), Set Top Box (STB), Workflow Automation,(OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer Integration, (OTT) Over TheTop Integration, (CDC) Cloud Distribution Centers, Multiplatform Automated Delivery, Library & Storage, MPEG(x) AllCompression, (MME) Mobile Media Engineering, Multiplex Distribution, Encoding, CODEC Development, BroadcastMechanical & Facilities Engineering, Broadcast HVAC, Telecom & MSO Network Integration and all VoP, RTP, VOFR, ATM, BPL, and VTOA. Specialized Media Technology and Workflow Sales GroupThe media technology listed above is specialized broadcasting, MSO and Telecom technology nomenclature relevant to therecruitment and executive search practices of Filcro Media Staffing. This diverse technology subject matter reflects the scope and granular practical understanding that Filcro Media Staffingutilizes to recruit media technology executives. Media and Communications companies seeking talented media technologyleaders for single platform or multinational multicast multiplex multiplatform entities are Filcro Media Staffing’s clients.With the growing influence of IT facilitating the efficacy of convergence; telecommunications and broadcastinginterests experience similar benefits from implementing change management and succession planning throughour focused identification. Filcro Media Staffing as a media broadcasting executive search firm understandsmedia technology and media technology people from a tactical and strategic perspective.Filcro Media Staffing has broad strategic and granular IT and engineeringrecruitment acumen specific to the media industry. From actual code for customprogramming and systems environments that develop their own solutions for every facet of thebroadcasting industry to distribution and sales operational initiatives, Filcro Media Staffing offershighly specialized technology recruitment. Traffic, broadcast operations, inventory, production,post production, library management, sales, sales operations infrastructure, distribution, researchanalytics, NOC automation, satellite control systems, CODEC development for in-house and or off the shelf box development are all areas relevant to Filcro Media Staffing’s technology clients and specific to the firm’srecruitment proficiency on tactical and strategic levels. The Technology Recruitment Group   AmericasU.KAustraliaCanadaChinaHong KongIndiaIndonesiaJapanPhilippinesNapalNew ZealandSingaporeTaiwan Filcro Media Staffing Global Media & Broadcasting Executive Search Filcro Media Staffing is a global executive search firm and our client’s utilize our global recruitment experience to attracttalent from the primary technology centers all over the world. US | LATAM | MENA | EU |  ASIA. Our capacity to identify, recruit and attract technology talent in not limited by geographic boundaries. Some areas of exposure for the firm: Software and hardware Engineers, Managers, Programmers, Directors, Sr. Directors, Vice Presidents, Scientists and CIO, CTO, CXO level media technology executives are identified with the appropriate experience, acumen and skills. Our commitment to best practices in this group and our ability to identify executives when change management is essentialin sophisticated technology environments is proven. Example of video normalization across five broadcast platformsFilcro Media Staffing maintains up to date information from organizations like SONY,Panasonic, GE, Harris, Scientific Atlanta, Lucent, Cisco, SUN, HP, Microsoft, Oracle,INVISION, TRW, Pioneer, JVC, Grass Valley, Philips, Motorola / GI and others toestablish our own internal guidelines for hard skill sets for each technical search. Whenthe firm identifies and recruits a CIO, CTO, Senior Vice President of Network BroadcastOperations or a Director of Network Distribution and New Technology for a Multi-Plex,single network or their integrated x.0 compliant web property, Filcro Media Staffing assures that that individual's skills andbusiness capabilities are everything they should be now and going forward.Every search in this practice group is conducted by an Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) with a minimum of 15 years of technical recruitment experience who is also a former Satellite, IT, MSO, TV Network, or technology sales executive withextensive industry knowledge related to a client’s needs. Theoretical and practical knowledge of current and future MSO /network distribution, fiber, digital, production/post, mobile, OEM, satellite and RF technologies facilitates rapid and accurateidentification of talented technical employees in every media market in the United States or OCUNUS. The firm stays up todate with legislative and technical FCC mandates for spectrum license allocations including wireless for private/publicapplications, digital sub carriers and emerging BPL technology. COMSEC and INFOSEC searches are assigned to theappropriate search executive based on the nature of the organization.From initial build-out to recovery to security to operations to integrating legacy platforms for monetization with digitalproperties and accommodating technological growth, Filcro Media Staffing is the most comprehensive broadcasting andmedia executive search firm CONUS or OCONUS to identify and secure proven media information technology andengineering leadership. For Tony Filson OIC Roster   - For CTO  / CIO  - For Sales GroupProgramming executive searches for all operational, engineering and application development recruitment include but arenot limited to: SAP, ASP/, VB/, .NET, Perl, Linux, C++, Oracle, UNIX, SAS, Java/J2EE, SQL Server. Pleasenote that Filcro Media Staffing only recruits programmers with related media, broadcasting, telecommunications andentertainment experience. Technology Recruitment Group   - Client Rosters. Also visit our specialized “Media TechnologySales Group”. 
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