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  Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Lesson Plan- Federalism Student Teacher’s Name:  Brianna Leinon Date:  September 16, 2014 Lesson Title:  Federalism Subject:  Government Instruction time:  47 minutes Student’s level by grade:   Sophomores Standard(s) to be addressed:  N/A Learning Objectives for this lesson: Students will construct a collaborative poster surrounding the themes of federalism. Students will explain the themes of federalism to their fellow classmates. Identified student needs and plans for differentiation: Semi-Completed Worksheets Specific resources needed for this lesson: Markers (at least 6 different colors) Copies of Federalism Defined (From Text Book) Large Sheets of Paper (1 per group) Copies of Worksheet Lesson Sequence: Opening: Story with a Hole (5 min) Lesson: a.   Quick Write: What do you think Federalism is? (1-2 minutes) a.   Get in a group of 2-3 (around you) …discuss, what you think federalism is. (1 -2 min)  b.   Information: What is Federalism? (15 Min) a.   Pull Reading Up on Board  b.   Go Through Section i.   What is important? ii.   How do I know? c.   What Should Go On the Poster? (MAKE POSTER) i.   Definitions (Your Own) ii.   Pictures iii.   Examples c.   Large Group (WHAT IS FEDERALISM? Define together.) (3-5 min) a.   What is needed for Federalism?   b.   What does it mean? c.   What do I associate it with? d.   Directions for Small Groups (2 min) a.   Assigned a groups of three people (5 themes, 10 groups (Themes will be covered twice)  b.   Read a section assigned to you c.   Once it is read you will get a piece of paper (poster board) and markers from me d.   You will create a poster like the one I made (Explain what to include) i.   Each person will have their own color (put a key to the side to indicate who used which color) e.   Once Your Poster is done get some tape from me and hang it at the front of the classroom e.   Small Group Work (15-20 min) a.   As explained above f.   Presentations: (15 min) a.   Each Group will explain their theme  b.   *Make sure to go slow enough for your fellow students to understand and take notes c.   Other students will take notes on a guided worksheet g.   Exit Slip (2-3 min) Q: How does Federalism relate to you on a federal and state level?  Teacher:  Brianna Leinon Date/ Class: 9/16/14 Purpose:  Student will understand how federalism is used within the U.S. Government Task:  Create a poster highlighting a theme of federalism Comments:  Good job walking them through creating a definition of federalism. Let them also know how you are thinking. I think this is important because... , after underlining have them talk with a partner and come up with what they think is important from what you underlined. Have them come back together to write a definition? Things to keep doing:  Modeling, Productive group work, Good job with instructions, I like how you used the poster that you used, good for them to see your example. Good job working the room and giving guided instruction during group work time. Gradual Release:  Modeling, productive group work (collaborative poster), We do , You do it together Check for Understanding:  Think pair share, collaborative poster Reflection On a scale of 1-10, how close was that class to your ideal class? This class would be an eight in my opinion. What pleased you about the class ? With this class, I liked how accepting they were of the activity and that they jumped right into the activity as soon as the instruction was given. I also thought that it worked well to have the students help me create a working definition of Federalism  so that it was something we both could understand fully. What would have to change to move the class closer to a 10?  In order to make this class a ten, I would have expressed my thinking during the modeling part of the lesson. I would have  put a key to the side of the notes as well to indicate what color I was going to use for each part of my reading (i.e. Vocabulary, key points, examples, etc.) What would the students be doing differently? What would that look like?    I think that I would keep students actions very similar. I would still have them  following along without filling out their worksheet the whole time. I would change their involvement. I would set my expectations higher in order to gain more of a response from them when I ask for their opinions. In order to accomplish this  I would give a longer wait time in order to  prompt responses from them.
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