Guidelines for Car Parking and Internal Traffic Circ 2014

car park design guidelines
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   GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 2014 GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 1 GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING and INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN KUALA LUMPUR 2014   JABATAN PERANCANGAN INFRASTRUKTUR DEWAN BANDARAYA KUALA LUMPUR GARIS PANDUAN TEMPAT LETAK KERETA DAN SIRKULASI ALIRAN TRAFIK DALAMAN 1.0 TUJUAN 1.1 Garis Panduan Tempat Letak Kereta dan Sirkulasi Aliran Trafik Dalaman ini adalah bertujuan untuk menyeragamkan kehendak-kehendak Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur semasa memproses Pelan Tempat Letak Kereta 1.2 Panduan kepada Akitek dan Jurutera Perunding untuk merekabentuk dan menyediakan Tempat Letak Kereta termasuk menjadi panduan kepada kakitangan teknikal Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur untuk memproses dan meluluskan Pelan Tempat Letak Kereta 1.3   Garispanduan ini juga adalah untuk memperjelaskan keperluan dan kehendak syarat-syarat teknikal tempat letak kereta yang terkandung dalam Akta Perancangan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 1982 (Akta 267)   GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 2014 GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 2 PART 1   GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARK AND TRAFFIC CIRCULATION PLAN SUBMISSION 1. Two (2) sets plans, signed by both the owner and Engineer or Architect, are required. 2. All designed requirements set out in Part 2,3,4 and 5 must be complied. 3. The number of car parks provided must be complied with the planning approval 4. All plans must be colored; car parking spaces and driveway must be colored differently for clear identification (including visitors and disabled car park bay). 5. All dimensions e.g. width of driveways, size of parking spaces, radius and gradient of ramps etc., must be indicated on plans. 6. Levels of the car parking floors shall be shown 7. Degree of angled car parking spaces must be indicated. 8. All drawings of basements car parks must be certified by the M & E Engineer as follows: “I hereby certify that the minimum scale of fresh air ventilation in conjunction with mechanical ventilation shall be a minimum of six (6) air changes per hour, and I take full responsibility for the proper installation and performance of the same”.  9. Location for CCTV and safety mirror must be indicated on plans. 10. Walk path 600 mm must be indicated on plans Note: For more details refer Standard Drg. No. JPIF/TLK/2014   GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 2014 GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 3 DESIGN STANDARD FOR CAR PARK PART 2   STATIC REQUIREMENTS FOR CAR PARK   2.1 Dimension of Stalls Minimum stall width : 2400mm ( 8’ 0’’)  Minimum stall length : 4800mm (16 ’ 0 ”)  Minimum stall length for : 6000mm ( 20’ 0’’ ) Lateral parking 2.2 Dimension of Access way Minimum Clear/effective Width : 3300mm (11ft. ) 2.3 Aisle Width Parking Angle One Direction Traffic (Bay on one side or both side) Two Direction Traffic (Bay on both side) 90 o   6100mm (20’0”)   7300mm (23’11”)  60 o   4800mm (15’9”)   6700mm (22’0”)  45 o   4200mm (13’9”)   6700mm (22’0”)  30 o   3700mm (12’2”)   6100mm (20’0”)  Lateral 3700mm (12’2”)   6100mm (20’0”)   2.4 Ramps Ramps are required for multi-level and basement car parks and should conform to following minimum geometric design standard.   GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 2014 GUIDELINES FOR CAR PARKING AND INTERNAL TRAFFIC CIRCULATION 4 In the use of two-way ramps traffics streams shall be separated by a kerb of width 230mm (9’) and clear height of 150mm (6”)   or provided continuous double lines.   Description Minimum Geometric Standard 1. Clearway Ramps/effective Width i) On straights ii) On curves 2. Radius of Curves Ramps Minimum inside radius of lane Gradient i) Preferred Grade on Straights Ramps ii) Absolute Maximum Grade on Straights Ramps 3300mm (11’ 0”) per lane 3700mm (12’2”) per lane 4600mm (15’1”)  1 : 10 (10%) 1 : 7 (14.3%) iii) Ramps of Curved Section (absolute) 1 : 10 (10%)   3. Parking Ramps (Sloping Floor) Widths Radius of Curves Ramps 4 Gradient 1. Preferred Grade on Straights Ramps 2. Absolute Maximum Grade on Straights Ramps 3. Ramps of Curved Section Similar to standards for parking aisle Similar to standards for clearway ramp 1 : 25 (4%) 1 : 20 (5%) No Stalls Allowed 2.5 Headroom In those parts of a building (above or below ground floor level) used or intended to be used for the parking of wheeled vehicles, the minimum clear height of such part of the building shall be not less than 2300mm (7’7”). The underside of beams, directional signs, sprinkler heads, fittings and other similar items may be allowed to project below this height provided that under side of such items shall be not less than 2000mm (6’7”) from the floor level.  
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