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  The habitus of hygiene: Discourses of cleanliness and infection control innursing work Social Science and Medicine 67 (7): 1047-1055. Brown, B.J.; Crawford, Pal; !erlic , Bri#i$$e; %o$e&'o, !el&a Abstract  i *a*er re*or$ *on a +ali$a$ie in$eriew $d& of  a$ron, infec$ion con$rol $aff and o*era$in# $ ea$re $aff w o were +e$ioned a/o$ $ eir wor'in# lie and $ e role $ e& *la&ed in $ e con$rol of eal$ care ac+ired infec$ion c a MS in $ e 2%.  $ eore$ical fraewor' drawin# *on $ e wor' of Pierre Bordie i de*lo&ed a i no$ion of a/i$ ca*$re $ e co/ina$ion of *rac$ical wor', * &ical di*oi$ion andwa& of loo'in# a$ $ e world w ic are di*la&ed in $ e in$eriew accon$ of la/or in $ e eal$ care field. ree $ ee eer#ed fro $ e anal&i: 3ir$, $ e ecri$ia$ion of eal$ care wor', concerned wi$ con$rol, *eriion, a'in# re and $ e ana#een$ of ri' $ ro# in*ec$ion, adi$ and $ e eercie of re*oni/ili$&. Second, $ e ene of $r##le a#ain$ doc$or w o were een $o re*reen$ a $ rea$ $o $ e carefll& or#anied /ondarie, $ ro# c alle#ed iola$ion a no$ wa in# $ eir and, wanderin# /e$ween $ ea$re and can$een area in oiled clo$ in# and $ in'in# $ e rle did no$ a**l& $o $ e.  ird, in a /ac' $o /aic $ ee *ar$ici*an$ e* aied $ e fndaen$al of w a$ $ e& aw $o /e nrin# wor' and were concerned wi$ cleanline  and *rac$icall&-/aed $rainin# 8 $ e a/i$ of &#iene i$elf.  i wa forla$ed in no$al#ic $er wi$ reinicence a/o$ /aic $rainin# earlier in $ e *ar$ici*an$ career.  e *reocc*a$ion wi$ &#iene and i$ /aic *rocee can /e een a a wa& of ana#in# ncer$ain$&, accla$in# a cer$ain 'ind of &/olic ca*i$al and con$rc$in# and ain$ainin# /ondarie in $ e eal$ care field. 9$ alo a'e for elf #oernin#, elf-e*loi$in# indiidal w o accre re*oni/ili$& $o $ eele for i*leen$in# $ e  a/i$ of &#iene. %e&word: Bordie, &#iene, nre, a$ron, cleanline  The habitus of hygiene: Discourses of cleanliness and infection control innursing workIntroduction 9n $ i *a*er we conider accon$ of nre ana#er and infec$ion con$rol $aff $al'in# a/o$ $ eir wor'in# lie, and ow $ e& $r& $o i*leen$ *rac$ice w ic are encora#ed /& na$ional and or#ania$ional *olic& $o en ance afe$& in rela$ion $o eal$ care ac+ired infec$ion.  e con$rol of infec$ion, *ar$iclarl& MS (e$ icillin-rei$an$ Staphylococcus aureus ), i a con$en$io ie $ a$ a$$rac$ conidera/le */lici$& in $ e 2% and effor$ $o con$rol i$ ae eercied *olic&a'er, ana#er, infec$ion con$rol $aff and o$ er eal$ care *rac$i$ioner for oe $ie.9n 007 2% new*a*er *reen$ed eadline c a S ae of $ e fil$ & ward (ail& Mail 1<6<007), *ro*$ed /& $ e releae of =eal$ care Coiion da$a $o $ e effec$ $ a$ >> o$ of ?4 o*i$al $r$ in @n#land were no$ in co*liance wi$ $ e 2% &#iene code (=eal$ care Coiion 007). Aordon Brown coenced i *reier i* wi$ a coi$en$ $o redce infec$ion ra$e in o*i$al, ee'in# $o ale $ e n/er of *eo*le dia#noed wi$ MS /& *ril 00 (eill, 007).  eill re*or$, ?00,000 *eo*le a &ear were $ en /ein# dia#noed wi$ a o*i$al ac+ired infec$ion.  e 2% new edia alo re*or$ed $ a$ a #rowin# *ro*or$ion of dea$ cer$ifica$e were ied w ic en$ioned MS or clostridium difficile  (a$erfield and 3lein#, 007). Pre re*or$ lin'ed $ e *ecific icro/e $o $ e $a$e of cleanline in o*i$al (a er and Joffe, 006, Crawford e$ al, in *re).  i a /een  acco*anied /& a *reocc*a$ion wi$ ean of redcin# $ e incidence of infec$ion.  eclinical reearc li$era$re a i$oricall& ad oe difficl$ie in deon$ra$in# a clear lin' /e$ween infec$ion ra$e and a**earance of cleanline (Ma'i e$ al, 1>; Collin, 1>). More recen$l&, oweer, infec$ion con$rol *eciali$ li'e ancer (00) ae i# li# $ed $ e i*or$ance of o*i$al &#iene, /ecae o*i$al ae /ecoe dir$ier in $ e *a$ decade. ancer alo $ree $ e role of 'in *ar$icle and icro/e on rface c a /ed frae, $a/le, frni in# fa/ric and door andle, fro w ic $ e& can /e *aed $o *a$ien$. Polic& i * in# o*i$al /o$ $oward i*roed $andard of cleanline (e*ar$en$ of =eal$ , 004; !=S @$a$e, 001; 004) and i# er /ed occ*anc& ra$e (=oe of ord, 005).  e la$$er a& /e a$ odd wi$ lowerin# ra$e of infec$ion (Cnnin# a e$ al, 006). Policie ae adoca$ed eeral new ini$ia$ie, *rocedre and wa& of wor'in#, c a $ e Ma$ron C ar$er (e*ar$en$ of =eal$ , 004), and ec ani $o enre $ a$ enior ana#er are infored of ra$e of infec$ion (=eal$ care Coiion, 00).  ee ini$ia$ie ean $ a$ $ e *rac$ice of infec$ion con$rol in o*i$al e$$in# $a'e *lace in a field ric wi$ l$i*le narra$ie and eanin#. 9$ i or in$en$ion $o  ow ow $ e dicrie and ocial *rac$ice in one *ar$iclar 2% o*i$al $r$ can /e /ro# $ in$o foc in# $ e $ eore$ical forla$ion of $ e ocial $ eori$ Pierre Bordie. 9n nder$andin# wor' in eal$ care, Bordie i *ar$iclarl& a**oi$e (Bordie, 1>>0; 1>>>; Bordie D ac+an$, 1>>; 3owler, 1>>7). 3or or *r*oe, $ e 'e& eleen$ in Bordie $ in'in# are i no$ion of habitus , field   and capital  .  e no$ion of habitus deno$e an ac+ired, collec$iel& eld *a$$ern of $ in'in# and ac$in#. =a/i$ i an
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