Head-initial constructions in a head-final language: Basque nominal modifiers

Basque is thought to be a virtually perfect SOV language. While (more or less) true for the modern Basque, several head initial nominal modifiers are extensively attested in old texts: relative clauses, genitives and phrases with the relational
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  Head-initial constructions in ahead-final language:Basque nominal modifiers Dorota Krajewska University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) 16/10/2015  Outline 1  Introduction 2  Relative clauses 3  Relational marker  -ko  4  Genitive 5  Conclusions  Preposed and postposed modifiers Modern Basque is a rather “well-behaved”  SOV language.But in old texts  postnominal modifiers  are alsofound: 1  Relative clauses 2  Relational marker  -ko  3  Genitive ➠  Postnominal RCs are still used in some dialects. ➠  Postnominal genitives and relational suffixes are rarelyused nowadays.  Relative clauses (1) a. [[gizon-ak  man- DET . ERG edan  drink du-en]  AUX - COMP ardo   ]-a  wine- DET ‘the wine which the man drank’b.  [  ardo  wine [gizon-ak  man- DET . ERG edan  drink du-en]]-a  AUX - COMP - DET ‘the wine which the man drank’(2) a.[[.... verb- COMP ]  NP ]  DET b. [ NP  [.... verb- COMP ]]  DET
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