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Rebuttal of an antimason who claims to be Christian
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  This is in reference to the document Christianity And Freemasonry – Are They Compatible? put forth by Mr. Carl Gallups, an antimason who claims to be Christian. It should be noted that although I am a Freemason, my motivation is not as a Mason, since Freemasonry believes that everyone is allowed to believe anything they want to. My motivation stems from my orthodox !iblical Christian beliefs in opposition to false doctrine taught by various cults atheism, #ehovah$s %itnesses, Mormons and &christian' antimasonry among others .(everal early comments before beginning)*.+ text out of context is a pretext for a proof text. There are several places where Mr. Gallups claims to have &proof' for something and even gives a reference, but fails to provide an actual uote, -ust Mr. Gallups$ misinterpretation. Many of the references do not clearly map to the actual source documents in a manner I$m accustomed to, so I cannot cite them directly to exposeMr. Gallup$s false witness. They are very common misinterpretations, so I have no problem refuting them. In fact, these standard accusations are so common that it calls into uestion Mr. Gallup$s claims of having done his own research../se of old and out of date documents, common among antimasons who claim to be Christian, insome cases ta0ing advantage of language shifts that have occurred in the last *12 years.3.4ac0 of historical 0nowledge.5.6xcessive claim of authority for documents that are not supported anywhere but in the antimason$s imagination. For example, +lbert 7i0e$s flawed boo0 Morals 8 9ogma was not and never has been listed as an official &bible' for Freemasonry, but antimasons must give it this spurious authority to have any leg to stand on. Morals 8 9ogma has not been considered an official boo0 that all Freemasons must believe in by any group, including the +ncient and +ccepted (cottish :ite, (outhern #urisdiction; the small subgroup of Freemasons that it actuallymight apply to. In fact, to get any traction out of Morals 8 9ogma, all antimasons must totally ignore the 7reface to the boo0, printed in every copy) & The teachings of these Readings are not sacramental, so far as they go beyond the realm of Morality into those of other domains of Thought and Truth. The Ancient and  Accepted Scottish Rite uses the word Dogma in its true sense, of doctrine , or teaching  ; and is not dogmatic   in the odious sense of that term. Every one is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound . t is only re!uired of him that he shall weigh what is taught, and gie it fair hearing and unpre#udiced #udgment.$ bold emphasis added 1.Mr. Gallups claims authority from supposed study, including the fact that since he is a pastor, his credentials as a Christian and authority to interpret the !ible in his personal manner are beyond any uestion in his own mind. The good part of this, if Mr. Gallups is shown to be in error, it ma0es the !iblical case for disregarding his false testimony. 6asy ones come from Mr. Gallups attempts to use Morals 8 9ogma as a source for &proof' in light of the highlighted part of the 7reface in bold above.<.For reference) :omans 2) &*= !ecause that which may be 0nown of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 2 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse) * !ecause that, when they 0new God, they glorified him not as God, neither were than0ful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was dar0ened.' 7salms *=) &* The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his  handywor0.'There is something 0nown as &natural revelation', where the creation gives evidence to man of the Creator. :omans *)*=>* teaches this most clearly in (cripture. It is limited and shows no more than that all man0ind has the evidence of God before them all of their life and it is by theirchoice that they re-ect ?im. The !ible is &special revelation', or the %ord of God give to us by ?is will and for ?is purposes. It spea0s of things not found in nature. !y definition, any &holy writing' from any religion also count as a &special revelation' for followers of that religion. This is very relevant for understanding a number of Mr. Gallups$ misinterpretations.@.4u0e *<)*2 &?e who is faithful in a very little AthingB is faithful also in much, and he who is dishonest and  un-ust in a very little AthingB is dishonest and  un-ust also in much.' +mplified I am not including a copy of Mr. Gallups wor0 with this for reference since I 0now that it will be going to someone with a copy. If need be, a copy can be found online at) http)boo0letsmasons.htmlIn the opening section, Mr. Gallups$ 0ey point is this &is true Christianity  compatible with FreemasonryD' emphasis in srcinal . This shows that Mr. Gallups is defining &true Christianity' to be what Mr. Gallups says it is. ?e will then define &Freemasonry' to be what he says it is for comparison purposes. Eo matter how correct he may be in his first claim, it is in the second that he bears false witness and twists meanings to suit his purposes.Mr. Gallups) & I AM prepared to say, however, that ANYONE, once confronted with the TRUTH about Masonic teachins and the TRUTH of !od s #ord and who chooses to $TAY in the Masonic %ode cannot be a TRUE chi%d of the &ivin !od' ()ohn *+ -, I Ti.' + */0, etc'12' #ohn *5)< is of no problem to any Christian. * Timothy 5)*> becomes interesting since Mr. Gallups implies that he is the arbiter of which side he is on in this case, but I$ve used that passage against cultists before, especially antimasons who claim to be Christian) &5 Eow the (pirit spea0eth expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines ofdevils;  (pea0ing lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;'.I also note that Mr. Gallups ma0es the usual antimasonic claim that some Masons consider Freemasonry to be all the religion they need. This is something that cannot be disproved, that someone, somewhere, somehow, some when was a Mason who believed that. I$ll note that I$ve never met one personally, I 0now of no Mason who has met one and it fran0ly is not a Masonic teaching. Mr Gallups then as0s us understand some things of great importance)& 1.Freemasonry claims to be a religion ' It a%so invo3es distinctive re%iious 4re5uire.ents4, before you can even be considered for .e.bership' (6OI& $ MA$ONI6 EN6Y6&O7E8IA 9::*0, and the ;&ORI8A MA$ONI6 MONITOR pae : < =ua%i>cations of 6andidates'1 Two i.portant speci>c re%iious re5uire.ents are that the candidate .ust be%ieve in a 4$upre.e ?ein4 and a 4future e@istence4' It a%so contains the use of c%ear re%iious practices and teachins prayer, and a%tar, the?ib%e on the a%tar, the %etter 4!4 for !od, teachins on the 4secret4 of !od, The !rand Architect of the Universe, The !reat 6e%estia% &ode Above, etc' No Mason can deny these re%iiouse%e.ents'2 Correct about the claims, but begging the conclusion. Freemasonry does reuire belief in a (upreme !eing and life after death, but Freemasonry has no consecrated priests, no sacraments, no sacred boo0s,no plan of salvation. Instead it en-oins each member to practice their faith diligently. (o only in the most superfical of definistions is Freemasonry a &religion' from these claims. In fact, by those standards, there would be no difference between Christianity, Islam, #%, Mormonism, etc.  & 2. Since Freemasonry makes religious claims , then, we have a riht to .easure its teachins aainst our re%iion, in this case, ?ib%ica% 6hristianity' The ?ib%e, then, our authority for a%% TRUE re%iious c%ai.s'2 Correct about the right to measure its teachings against the !ible. 9oes Mr. Gallups claim that the !ible does not teach that there is a (upreme !eingD 9oes Mr. Gallups claim that there is not life after deathD If not, then what is the issueD Islam teaches these things also, does that ma0e them falseD f course not, but deciding that something is against orthodox Christianity needs something a bit more than that. “Three Fundamentals of Biblical Christianity are as follows:1. esus Christ  is 8eity and the ON&Y way to Heaven and eterna% &ife ()ohn *+- B', etc'1 2. The Bible  is the ;INA& AUTHORITY for a%% .atters of re%iious state.ents of faith, re%iious truthand .ora%ity' (7$ **9C9, II Ti.' D*-, etc'1 !. Sal ation  is obtained throuh !od s !RA6E a%one (not #OR$1 (Ephesians 0C/*F, etc'1 These Three #oints are really the acid test  for deter.inin whether so.ethin is tru%y ?ib%ica%6hristianity or so.e for. of a cu%t' Every re%iious cu%t denies one or a%% of the above three funda.enta%s of the 6hristian faith' G Eo problem here, these are good. +ntimasonic, #%, Mormon, whatever, they fall afoul of these three points.& Freemasonry distinctly denies ALL THREE '2 ?ere, Mr. Gallups is reaching. It has already been shown that what religious elements are in Freemasonry, they are in accordance with the !ible, but we will see how he twists things. “Freemasonry clearly denies the $eity of esus  G Eo, it doesn$t. ?owever, since Freemasonry is a secular fraternity, not a religious order, it does not adhere to any special revelation of any religion. %hat Freemasonry clearly does is not affirm Christ$s 9eity since that would ma0e it a Christian order. Many men may pursue salvation by many means, but Freemasonry does not choose between them. This is left up to the individual Mason. “Freemasonry clearly denies the %nality and authority& +gain, as a secular fraternity, Freemasonry does not -udge among religions, instead allowing all men tosee0 the Creator revealed by the creation in their own manner. (o it does not affirm the !ible as the only valid holy writing. This is left up to the individual Mason. “Freemasonry clearly denies that sal ation is by 'od(s 'race& ?ow can this be denied when Freemasonry has no plan of salvation, but leaves it up to the individual MasonD For some of what I thin0 his specific concerns might be, how is something reminding a Christian that &rectitude of conduct' and &purity of life' are reuirements for a ChristianD (hould he go to church on (unday and live li0e hec0 the rest of the wee0D I$ll uote the +postle 7aul) God forbid+ point here, antimasons who claim to be Christian always seem to leave out those ualifying words  li0e reminder, may, hope, etc. to twist uotes from Masonic sources into ones that will fit their agenda.I$ll also note that he tries to use Morals 8 9ogma here as a source and I addressed &christian' antimasonry$s issues with it above. “)f you are only a member of the Blue *odge+  G Morals 8 9ogma again. I will state this one again) Eo Grand 4odge has ever accepted this boo0 as official or definitive. The statement he is uoting is something made up by +lbert 7i0e to push his organiHation and its additional degrees. “)f you claim to be a born again belie er in esus Christ+ “ If Freemasonry was what Mr. Gallups claims it is, then there would have a point. Eone of the three fundamentals listed by Mr. Gallups above are contradicted by anything taught by Freemasonry. For no other reason than they are items of special revelation and Freemasonry does not -udge or address such issues since it is a secular fraternity. If you are a member of the SOUTHERN BAPTIST DENOMINATION, I much prefer being an orthodox Christian, so I$m no longer a member of the (lowly !ecoming Catholic denomination after decades of belonging to (outhern !aptist churches, but that was caused more by the lies of the leadership when they promised the Convention that records of the GC: would be 0ept open, except in a few small exceptions, then demanded that they all be sealed or that no recordswould ever be 0ept again despite what the Convention ordered. I$m not going to touch on the issues listed here about the (!C$s ?M! and the political underhandedness pervading the bureaucrats in the Convention in any depth. I$m going to point out four things)*.?ow good is their researchD 4oo0 at item 5, because all lodges must be &furnished with a !ible', or in other words provided or supplied with. This ma0es the !ible furnitureD (eriouslyD.Mr. Gallups neglects to point out that there were also eight good things listed about Freemasonry.3.The ?M!$s secondary statements on Freemasonry exceeded the mandate from the Convention in violation of (!C rules and violated a core concept on the priesthood of believers.5.Isn$t the !ible the standard Mr. Gallup is supposed to be usingD Then why the appeal to the (!CD %hy not an appeal to the 7opeD& ,-T )F ) T/*$ 0/ T-T F/3 4/, /4 5T-)S C-C- ,)** B6*)67685  G Then Mr. Gallup gives us a list. %ell given that I$m a Christian, I$d certainly leave that church, becauseit would no longer be Christian. I$ll note as amusing a few things)*.The boo0 on the altar in a Masonic lodge is the one of the faith that the ma-ority of members belong to. (ince Freemasonry does not claim to be a religion, this isn$t an issue..Jery narrow definition of words found uite commonly among antimasonic cultists. 7ray tell me, what do I call those who served in combat in the military as I didD +m I going to hell because they are my &brothers'D %hat should I call my male siblings born of my parentsD +m I going to hell because they are my &brothers'D Is Mr. Gallup implying that all those around theworld who are not Christian by his definition are subhumansD That he would be happy with ma0ing Cain$s claim against these non>Christians he definesD
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