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HOT SPRINGS SCHOOL DISTRICT District of Choice, Excellence and Opportunities

DISTRICT District of Choice, Excellence and Opportunities 400 Linwood Avenue Hot Springs, AR Phone: (501) Fax: (501) FALL VOLUME 9 ISSUE 1 SUPERINTENDENT... Dr. Mike Hernandez
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DISTRICT District of Choice, Excellence and Opportunities 400 Linwood Avenue Hot Springs, AR Phone: (501) Fax: (501) FALL VOLUME 9 ISSUE 1 SUPERINTENDENT... Dr. Mike Hernandez Superintendent Calendar of Events: August 11-13, Professional Development August 17, Students First Day of School August 17, st Quarter Begins September 07, Labor Day Holiday (No School) September 22, Parent/Teacher Conference (3:30 PM - 6:30 PM) September 24, Parent/Teacher Conference (3:30 PM - 6:30 PM) October 15, End 1st Quarter (43 Days) October 16, nd Quarter Begins October 23, Report Cards to Parents November 19, Interim Reports to Parents November 23-27, Thanksgiving Holiday (No School) The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time. The students are eager to meet their new teacher and see their friends to discuss summer experiences. Teachers are full of hope and a desire to help students reach their potential. Parents are delighted that their children have the opportunity to go to a school that offers caring and topquality education. I find myself thinking about the new school year and fresh faces often as I start my tenure as the superintendent of the Hot Springs School District. I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with staff, students, parents, and community members to continue the work of Ms. Craft and the Board of Education. We will strive to ensure that students are prepared to enter the world after high school with all the tools necessary to be successful. Together we can accomplish making Hot Springs the premier district in Arkansas. We will continue working on the Mission and Vision and start new initiatives such as a conversion charter for the high school, computer science education, and a renewed emphasis on grade level reading. I fully believe that we have a highly qualified staff that will work hard to take this district to new heights in education. I ask that all staff work hard in the areas of Communication, Customer Service, and Character. Communication is important to any organization. We must be transparent and communicate well with each other and patrons. Customer Service is important. Our customers are our students, parents, community members, and each other. We must ensure that we are a customer-oriented organization. Lastly, great Character is something that we must have and ensure that we teach students to have the same. We must do the right thing all the time and be a model to our students. I look forward to the things we will accomplish this year working side by side for the students of our district. I am eager to hear from you on how we can make things better for kids. Dr. Mike Hernandez, Superintendent December 18, End 2nd Quarter (41 Days) December 18, End of 1st Semester (84 Days) December 21 - January 01, Christmas/Winter Break (No School) Staff members should check the website for available and required professional development opportunities. V I S I O N STATEMENT The vision of the Hot Springs School District is for students to graduate college and career ready in order to meet the challenges of an everchanging world. M I S S I O N STATEMENT The mission of the Hot Springs School District is to assure that all students have the essential skills to compete in a global society, value and respect diversity and possess the ethical standards of integrity. TRANSITIONING SUPERINTENDENT... As we move into the school year, I want to thank you for all of your hard work during the school year. As I reminisce on the beauty of education, I am in awe of what our profession does in the life of our students. It gives them hope, a future, a quest for a better life. What a most rewarding and gratifying profession to change the lives of children. As you continue to change children s lives during this new school year and as the torch is passed with new leadership, you should feel proud to be a Trojan . There is and always will be a spirit of oneness in the Hot Springs School District and that unifying force is the Black and Gold ! Alumni and friends far and near have a vested interest in the Trojans and the success of the Hot Springs School District; therefore, as you continue to invest in the lives of children, know that your impact is immeasurable and will make a difference for years to come. The title of the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins, sums up the outlook (or potential) of the Hot Springs School District and, I ask you, what better way to end a 43-year career in public education as a professional educator than to know the promising future of the Hot Springs School district - its staff, students, and parents will move from good to great under the new leadership of Dr. Mike Hernandez. Mrs. Joyce Craft, Transitioning Superintendent You can; you will! DISTRICT District of Choice, Excellence and Opportunities 400 Linwood Avenue Hot Springs, AR Phone: (501) Fax: (501) FALL VOLUME 9 ISSUE 1 TECHNOLOGY... Welcome back, I hope everyone had an excellent summer break! As always, it has been a very busy time for the technology department. We ve upgraded computers, finished several ongoing projects and setup and delivered over 360 new devices to various buildings throughout the District. We also hosted our annual technology conference and I m happy to report that HSTI was once again an awesome success! Nearly 1200 educators from across the state attended, receiving professional development on a wide variety of topics. It also provided us an early opportunity to welcome our new superintendent, Dr. Mike Hernandez, as he spoke in front of a packed house in Mackey Theatre. Most important of all, as we begin a new school year, I want to let you know that a bright path forward is being laid out for technology. It s obvious to me that Dr. Hernandez has a heart for tech and a real belief in maintaining what we have. As a result he has formed a committee to begin the serious work of planning for the future of technology in our District. I truly believe these efforts will help push Hot Springs School District to the front of the pack statewide! I was reminded of one of my favorite sayings recently If you believe you can or can t accomplish a particular goal You re RIGHT! I believe we can! Mr. Bryce Walker, District IT Coordinator Starting a new school year is exciting not just for students, but for teachers as well! Summer professional development has opened our eyes to new teaching strategies and resources that we can't wait to incorporate into the classroom. Many of these resources includes tips for technology integration. While it is important to remember that learning goals and objectives drive classroom engagement, it is exciting to think about the opportunities that we have as educators to integrate technology into student learning experiences. With ipads, Chromebooks, Macbooks, Netbooks, just to name a few..., our students have the world at their finger tips. So as educators, how do we manage it all? What if we started by trying one new tool each month? Whether you have one laptop or a class set of tablets, there are tons of educational technology tools to explore, such as Google Classroom, Edmodo, Skype in the Classroom, Edublogs or Weebly, to name a few. Choose one new tool to try out each month. This will give you enough time to really see if it works with your teaching style and if it is relevant to the content you're teaching. If you love it, add it to your technology tool belt and keep using it for the rest of the year. If it's not for you, applaud yourself for being a risk-taker and at the end of the month choose another one to explore. Just keep trying, exploring and sharing. Your students, as well as you, will reap the benefits! Mrs. Michelle Moore, District Academic Technology Coach BUSINESS & FINANCE... Welcome back. We hope everyone enjoyed their summer break and came back to school refreshed. The Business Office would like to remind all employees that open enrollment for insurance will be October 1 to October 15. These changes will take effect January 1, We would also like to remind all employees with District insurance that the deadline for your wellness visit and health risk assessment is October 31. You can read more about the assessment and wellness visit on Junk mail. You may contact the business office at if you have any questions. Mr. David White, Business & Finance Manager SECONDARY EDUCATION... schools. Amazingly enough, another summer has passed and a new school year is upon us. There are lots of exciting opportunities for our students on the horizon in our secondary HSHS submitted a letter of intent to apply for District Conversion Charter School status. A steering committee has been meeting regularly to guide the application process. Our completed application will be submitted by September 9. The time is now to be innovative and flexible in our schools to meet the needs of all of our students and to prepare them to be productive citizens as they are our future. We are exploring academy style learning options that will enrich learning. All programs will be based on the needs of the career fields leading to high growth/high wage jobs. Students will have the ability to gain a high school diploma, associate s degree, and industry certification upon graduation. Providing real-world experiences will empower our youth beyond high school. HSMS will begin conversations soon about possibilities for them in the future, as well. Professional development was a focus throughout the summer with conferences attended locally, in state, and out of state. All attendees will be expected to share their learning with fellow educators in their buildings and in the district. Data will continue to be a focus through collaboration in Data Teams and utilization of the Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboard. Don t forget that the Arkansas Student Intervention System is a key component of the StudentGPS Dashboard and can track interventions, along with AIP s and IRI s for our students. Dr. Stephanie Nehus, Director of Secondary Education & District Testing Coordinator DISTRICT TESTING... As you may have heard by now, PARCC is out and ACT Aspire is in. Our district testing calendar will be set in the very near future as more information becomes available from the state. Below is a snapshot of the state and alternate assessments with their testing windows to give you an idea of the year ahead. Kindergarten Qualls [Aug. 17-Sept. 18] Grades 1 & 2 Iowa Assessment [Apr. 4-15] Grades 3-10 ACT Aspire [Apr. 11-May 13] ELA (English, Reading, Writing), Mathematics, and Science Grade 11 ACT [Mar. 1-15] LEP Students K-12 English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA 21) [Feb. 1-Mar. 11] Science Alternate Portfolio Qualifying students in Grades 5, 7, & 10 only [Mar. 18] NCSC Alternate for Math & ELA Qualifying students in Grades 3-8 & 11 [Mar. 28-May 6] Together we will make a fabulous year! Dr. Stephanie Nehus, Director of Secondary Education & District Testing Coordinator DISTRICT District of Choice, Excellence and Opportunities 400 Linwood Avenue Hot Springs, AR Phone: (501) Fax: (501) FALL VOLUME 9 ISSUE 1 SPECIAL EDUCATION... Welcome back. We are excited to welcome several new staff members to the special education team: Megan Washburn (HSIS), Kristin Dobbs (HSHS), Anita Bell (HSHS), Julie Black (HSHS), Lesa Blees (HSMS), Nathan Crockett (HSMS), and Karen Bean (HSHS). A few reminders as we begin this school year - Create a successful learning environment Become Familiar with intervention strategies Provide students with multiple opportunities for success Focus on reading, math and writing Implement appropriate accommodations Do whatever it takes to help students be successful HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!! Mrs. Bobbie Morrison, Director of Special Education FEDERAL PROGRAMS... ACSIP on Indistar This year all of us will use a new software program to input our Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plans (ACSIP). The new program is Indistar. Some schools have used it in the past for other projects. All of us will use it this year! Indistar is a continuous improvement planning process built on research and best practices. It guides school teams to look at what they do well and to determine exactly what needs improvement. With Indistar, a school can monitor their progress with reports to assess what is working and what needs more assistance and focus. Indistar will allow us to collaboratively work together to get us all on the correct path to help each student reach their full potential. Remember the FORC!! Please remember to tell our families in need about our Family Outreach Center. Located near Langston at 371 Palmetto, Erika Cross helps families develop a network of support. At the FORC families can gain assistance in connecting to community services; take classes on life skills, employment skills, nutrition and finance; access the food pantry and/or clothes closet; use the washer and dryer or stove; receive assistance in filling out a job application, SNAP and Medicaid applications; prepare for a job interview. The Hot Springs Family OutReach Center is here to help! Dr. Anne Gentry Director of Federal Programs HSSD COLLEGE AWARENESS INITIATIVE The vision of the Hot Springs School District is for students to graduate college and career ready in order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. As part of that vision, one of our goals for the Hot Springs School District is to see a significant increase in the number of our students who graduate on time from Hot Springs High School and go on to earn their college degree. In order to help our students reach that goal and under the direction of our superintendent, Dr. Hernandez, we want to continue the early college awareness campaign in our school district. As part of our district s early college awareness campaign, we are continuing with the Hot Springs School District Tradition by asking ALL staff members and students to wear a college shirt on the last Tuesday of each month. For staff members these can be shirts from the college you attended OR from your favorite local or state college. For students, you may wear a college shirt from your parent s alma mater or the college you hope to attend in the future. This tradition will help us visualize our goal of college for each of our students. *The November, December and May dates fall on the last Tuesday that we are in school for those months. Everyone is asked to furnish their own shirt. Hopefully, with everyone s participation, we can make this a positive experience for our district and provide much encouragement for our students. DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT, DR. MIKE HERNANDEZ ANNOUNCES THE BUILDING AND DEPARTMENTAL STAFF. Gardner STEM Magnet School Laura Angel, Clarissa Aquilar, Christie Beaty, Missy Bell, Kristi Bellomy, Paula Bettis, Christina Bishop, Detric Brown, Trina Burden, Tom Buth, Kimberly Campbell, Dianna Carpenter, Katie Cazenave, Patricia Corbell,, Gail Curran, Carolyn Dawson, Rebecca Dickinson, Cynthia Finstrom, Betty Graham, Cassie Harris, Holli Hightower, Dawna Hill, Janie Hill, Christi Hodges, Rachael Huddleston, Bobbi Huffman, Diane Hurley, Cathy Johnson, Jessica Keller, Blanche Kingery, Nancy Loe, Stacie Love, Katelynn Martin, Gerald McAnulty, Paul Miller, Tara Milroy, Tanya Montgomery, Stephanie Moody, Brittney Nobles, Gay O Neal, Sandra Peppers, Ruby Perkins, Tamra Riddell, Carol Roberson, Kendra Roberts, Loretta Ross, Lorri Saracini, Lauren Sierocuk, Lora Scoggins, Amy Simmons, Shannon Shannon, Jodie Spainhour, Christie Spriggs, Linda Steed, Brandie Stipe, Bill Taylor, Natalie Thomas, Alison Tony, Katelyn Walker, Michael Watson, Lauren Wilson, Cathy Widener, Charles Wray Langston Aerospace & Environmental Studies Magnet School Nikki Anderson, Jimmy Batchelor, Debbie Benton, Katrenia Bledsoe, Tasha Boozer, Carolyn Boyette, Melissa Briggs, Vickie Bulfone, Whitney Bulfone, Tessa Campbell, Tammy Cash, Barbara Cooper, Frank Cooper, Dorian Counts, Kim Cox, Margaret Dickson, Cynthia Dobbins, Britney George, Gerald George, Carol Gibbs, Sara Graves, Stacy Green, Virginia Greene, Georgia Guinn, Troy Hall, Rebecca Holder, Chris Holzer, Cartheleen Houston, Rachel Huddleston, Ronda Hughes, Rebekka Hughley, Anna Jackson, Terry Lawler, Bernice Lowrey, Ana Margetic, Krystal Mayhone, Sharon McClure, Jessica Moore, Tifanie Mullenix, Gloria Newborn, Utana Newborn, Amanda Noverola, Tina Overton, Ami Parker, Julie Redifer, Forrest Ridgley, Angel Rhodes, Jerraldean Ross, Gwen Saylor, Ashley Shadwick, Debbie Shelman, Darlene Shepperd, Julia Short, Enedian Silva, Whitney Smith, Jessica Spoon, Stephany Stokes, Katrina Swanigan, Alberta Swint, Betty Telles, Debbie Thompson, Dawn Utsey, Rhonda Vaughn, Tina Vineyard, Amy Wagner, Michael Watson, Cynthia Woodard, Charles Wray, Angelique Zeigler Oaklawn Visual & Performing Arts Magnet School Dawn Anderson, Michael Baker, Angela Bates, Abigail Baze, Gail Bean, Bethany Burkeen, Donavan Bennett, Leigh Bradley, Prince Brandon, Angela Brown, Courtney Buckelew, Barbie Caldwell, Catina Campbell, Kina Clayton, Ashley Coats, Allison Cole, CJ Coleman, Amanda Crawford, Georgie Crihfield, Jodi Delaney, Betty Dobbs, Therie Eichelberger, Matthew Everett, Kala Freeland, Sarah Glisson, Kristen Gordon, Heidi Graves, Melissa Gray, Michelle Hartmann, Sharon Horne, Steven Hogue, Cheri Huff, Jennifer Irons, Jessica Jeffers, Joyce, Johnson, Felicia Jones, Theresa Jones, Brenda Jordan, Kim Keller, Jenny Kelley, Karen Kendig, Debbie Kopf, Charlene Lampinen, Dana Lazic, Jamie Limbaugh, Cheryll Long, Donna Ludwig, Gail McKee, B. Sean McNary, BelindaMiller, Maureen Miller, Jenny Mitchell, Tracy Nelson, Meredith Palmer, Jamie Pearce, Antonia Raith, Sally Randolph, Kendra Roberts, Bobbie Robinson, Glenda Rusert, Amy Ryan, Carrie Sales, Karli Sanchez, Melinda Scott, Jason Selig, Kathleen Sietman, Julienne Shepperd, Laura Smith, Heather Spruill, Marilyn Swartz, Lacey Tarkington, Treva Tarkington, Whitney Thornton, Melody Timm, Suzanne Trieschmann, Mendy Uhiren, Lisa Upshaw, Linda Walker, Kathleen Wallace, Michael Watson, Melissa White, Sharesa White, Kerri Whitson, Pam Wiles, Linda Withrow, Brooke Woolford, Charles Wray, Mike Wyatt Park International Baccalaureate Magnet School Bobbi Aldridge, Carmen Binns, Kristal Brandon, Amanda Bryson, Marissa Burton, Trudy Cansler, Karen Carpenter, Tina Chapman, Debbie Clevenger, Mary Cluck, Freddie Cobbs, Lynne Crow, Susan Escalona, Cindy Evans, Margaret Freeman, Theresia Gunnell, Jennifer Henley, Sharon Hunter, Ben Iverson, Ralph Johnson, Thomas Jones, Elizabeth Mehlin, Meghan Mabry, Linda Moore, Michelle Moore, Cynthia Moreland, Olga Oklobdzija, Patsy Olive, Candyce Putman, Julie Quast, Amy Ratcliff, Stefanie Ray, Susan Roe, Becky Rosburg, Teresa Rowe, Jennifer Shelor, Jan Sligh, Diane Smith, Bob Springsteen, Danny Steele, Renee Tester, Crystal Trejo, Joie Trejo, Lorraine Valladares, Laura Vaughan, Michael Watson, Kristy Wilkerson, Anita Wilson, Charles Wray Hot Springs Intermediate School Meredith Armstrong, Michael Benoit, Ashley Brown, Amanda Bryson, Madeline Bull, Trudy Cansler, Karen Carpenter, Tina Chapman, Amanda Coats, Deborah Clevenger, Freddie Cobbs, Erica Cooper, Rebecca Counts, Corrine Cox, Nathan Crockett, Jodie Crone, Lori Dabbs, Becky Davis, Sue Deleon, Taryn Echols, Susanna Escalona, Cindy Evans, Tawana Foxworth, Margaret Freeman, Stephanie Goodman, Theresia Gunnell, Sue Hall, Aspen Ham, Maxine Hannah, Georgia Houston, Wilda Hughley, Sharon Hunter, Ben Iverson, Ralph Johnson, Thomas Jones, Heather Kaker, Dana Keller, Lindi Kelly, Lia LaFollette, Natasha Lenox, Justin McArthur, Carolyn McDaniel, Melody McDaniel, Elizabeth Mehlin, Natalie Mitchell, Linda Moore, Cynthia Moreland, Michelle Moore, Crystal Myers, Nikki Natt, Kate Neighbors, Olga Oklobdzija, Patsy Olive, Lamont Page, Otilia Peret, Alexis Pritch, Candace Putman, Sally Randolph, Amber Reynolds, Susan Roe, Becky Rosburg, Lauren Russell, Daryl Scott, Lauren Sisson, Josh Smith, Julie Sorg, Danny Steele
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