Hyundai Globale Expansion

HMC case study
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  Hyundai Globale Expansion Team Member : Kankana Basu, Enkhmandal Bayarbat, Jing Lu  Outline  History of Hyundai Organisation  Global long term objectives  SWOT & Value proposition, break down to key markets International market adaption (Enkhmandal)  America (Enkhmandal ) China & India (Jing & Kankanda) Germany ( Kankanda)   Assumption for further global expasion  History of Hyundai Organisation ã 1967 foundation by Ju-Yong Chung ã 1986 FDI in USA ã 1996 FDI in India ã 1998 Aquisition Kia Motors in 1998 ã 1999 Reorganisation (cost & Know-how) ã 2000 Plan of Expansion overseas markets in 2000 ã 2002 FDI in China ã 2003 FDI in Europe  Long term objectives ã global leader in automotive industries

Case Study 1

Jul 23, 2017
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