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    * INITIATION INTO THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT *   of the AVILLION CELESTIAL LIFESTREAM ALIGNMENT   A Salutation – A Direct Connection to The Great Central Sun -   God's Celestial Kingdom - The Divine Fire Source - the Mother - The Infinite Living Heart of the Father's Infinite Living Mind   “THE SACRED HEART”   From Fire to Light An Uninterrupted Communion- Of Breath, and Sight of Color.   To Re-align and Re-enter the Vibrations Of the Natural Law – the Inner World of God.   A Polarity Alignment from Core to Core – as in Heart to Heart   To achieve an Express Cleansing, Revitalizing And a Natural Empowerment of Heart.   Please note:  A fter completing the steps of the Initiation , the Abbreviated Version of the Lifestream Alignment should be done in the Morning, before leaving home and before retiring for the Night. The radiation of the vibrations are cleansing, revitalizing and empowering but also nourish and provide a protective shield. This shield will synchronize our entire energy self and as it radiates its rhythm into the world, it will attract enhancing and liberating situations into our life. At the same time it can be seen as nourishment and clothing for our energy self and body. Above all, this exercise brings the celestial fire into spirituality. This fire does not only renew the will principle but assures refinement into pure or divine will through identification with the heart principle as in Sacred Heart, - the Feminine aspect of God - as the Mother. It is the fire of the will that brings about action and action leads to integration. (The mother can also be regarded as the Loving Nature of God .)   It is essential to inhale through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Now we begin...   1   2 1. Light A Candle that has been especially dedicated for this purpose.   (Lighting the candle symbolizes the respect for the element fire that is a vital and essential energy source on the exterior level of life. On the interior level it provides us with the necessary energy current for physical and mental motivation in daily life.)   2. Stand Straight And Lift Your Arms High Above Your Head.   (Stretch from your hips as high as you can. It should inspire a feeling of elevation.)   3. Visualize as in think - imagine that way up above your head is a Great Golden Sun  - with Beacons - Rays of Golden Light streaming onto and into your head.   4. Now decide to Inhale Golden Colored Air - the Light from this Sun -   simultaneously lower your arms and with your hands guide this air as a golden liquid into your head and onward down into your whole body. See your entire body, from the inside to the outside turning totally gold. Exhale while guiding the golden liquid light into your feet.5. Now state:   Mother-Father God I Thank You For This Life Please Revitalize my Soul with the Essence of Your Heart.   I ask that my Soul and the Light of its true Spirit - this my Greater Self    take Charge and Integrate with my Mental, Emotional and Physical Body.   I claim this my Whole Energy Form as my Space of Responsibility - I allow No-one, or Anything to have Control over me!   Praise be Mother-Father God!   6. Take another Breath of Golden Light and for a moment hold your breath: See your entire body glowing in golden light. Exhale  with your hands pointed towards the Earth direct the golden light into the Earth.   Retain your hands in this position and return to normal breathing.   See the Golden Liquid Light run through the center of your feet into the Earth. - turning into a Golden River that runs speedily to the Center of the Earth - the volcano that symbolizes the Heart of Mother Earth 7. Speak to the Heart of Mother Earth:   3 I bring you the gift of Golden Light from the Great Central Sun - the Sacred Heart of Mother-Father God. Please empower me with the Essence of your Heart so that I can truly perceive the Sacredness in All Life,   Learn your language and thus step lightly upon your Sacred Soil,   Have strength and courage to move and grow with all Seasons of Life   Attain Balance and Harmony and thus join you in doing your Work of Love.   Praise to the Mother - the Source! Praise to the Father - the Creator!   See the RUBY RED Liquid Fire rising from the volcano - seeping over its edge and forming a river. 8. Now see this river running speedily towards your feet. With a deep In-Breath pull the ruby red liquid light into your feet. With your hands, still pointed to the earth, guide this ruby red river up and through your legs up into your heart - hold your breath and  while holding both your hands over the heart area, look at your Golden Heart that is now filling with the ruby red light -   Inhale deeply and guide the ruby red light with your hands onward into your head. Now see you whole body immersed in the ruby red.    With firm intent exhale  the ruby red liquid light through the top of your head into the Gold; simultaneously straighten your hands with your fingers pointed into the Golden Pillar.   Return to normal breathing.   See the two colors join (the Ruby Red and the Gold) and as they do so a brilliant Copper is springs forth.  (This symbolizes the union between Father Sky and Mother Earth and acknowledges the joining of the polarities between the highest from above to the highest of below, facilitated through your own heart and entire form.)   9. Inhale Copper Light  (Copper represents the entire Soul Family as well as True Freedom & Liberty) Turn your hands palms out  and slowly bring your arms down your side drawing a Ring of Copper colored Fire  around your whole body.   Exhale as your hands meet - palm to palm and with fingers pointed at your feet join the ends of the Ring of Copper Fire. 10. Raise your folded hands to your heart (as in prayer). Breathe in deeply and imagine yourself standing in a shower of Golden-Copper Light. See it sparkle and shine brilliantly with an inner Ruby Red Glow! Slowly exhale, while raising your folded hands up above the center of your head and stretch from your hips up  into the golden stream of light. This stream is now a very  WIDE, like a SOLID   4 PILLAR of sparkling GOLD from which shower beacons of copper light that totally engulf your whole being, expanding out into a Copper Ring of Fire for Protection.   11. Now Inhale Copper Colored Air and See/imagine yourself Immensely Tall while bringing your folded hands down over the center of your forehead across your third eye, touching your nose, your mouth and down to your heart, Exhale  and state:I Claim the Divine Fire of my Soul and the Light of Its Spirit. I Am Liberated into My True Heritage of the Golden Fire - To Expand My Divine Heart and the Light of My Divine Mind. Expand and Grow continually into a true and free vast self, serving The Divine Plan On Earth in the Name of Jesus Christ (or, Divine Source of Creation).  Glory and Praise to the Law of Love - the Sacred Heart! In Truth I Am Free and Clear of Fear & Limitations and manifest my Vast Self! 12. If you choose to stay with this color sequence & visualization instead of going any further into the complete or abbreviated version of the Lifestream Alignment, your radiant self needs to be completed with “violet”. As we serve we need to emit the radiance of Peace and Calm and at the same time evolve into unconditional love. Stretch up again and inhale from the Great Golden above VIOLET. Exhale and see it flowing down engulfing your whole vast self. About Decrees: 1. All decrees only need to be stated once. They should only be repeated when you feel the need to do so. A decree represents the symbol of the intent and thereby serves as a seal. Therefore, each time you inhale and exhale the co-ordinate color scheme, the initial decree is re-activated without having to be restated. This applies to all decrees and their symbols mentioned in subsequent chapters. 2. We have forgotten the true meaning of a decree and its true power. A decree looses its power when it is repeated routinely. It should also be noted that the wording of the initial decree is merely given as a guideline, to set the tone - they can be changed into your own words. Provided your own words still convey the srcinal meaning and come from the heart. There is no prayer as powerful as the one spoken in your own words that express your sacred intent.   Application after Statement of the Decree: 1. Once the decrees have been stated, all subsequent practices or exercises should only consist of the decision to do it i.e.: I will offer my praise by connecting with Mother-Father God, and continue by only engaging the thought of the various colors and breath coordinated with the physical movement. It is not a lengthy process and only requires the time it takes you to think and breathe . 2. Ultimately, the visualization of the color process can be repeated at any time during the course of the day when the need for extra energy is perceived. Particularly, when an express
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