International Relations, program and bibliography, 2015-2016

International Relations, program and bibliography, 2015-2016
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  International Relations PROGRAMA 1 – INFORMAÇÕES GERAIS Regente: Armando Marques Guedes Ano letivo: 2015-2016 Curso (1.º ou 2.º Ciclo): 1 !"!#o Semestre: 1 semes$re ECTS: % Contacto do docente: amarques&uedes'&ma"#(!om Horário: -2 – O)*E+I,OS E OMPE+.NIAS A A/IRIRAqu"s"3o de !on4e!"men$os re#a$"os aos quadros $er"!osu$"#"7ados 8e#os es8e!"a#"s$as da d"s!"8#"na e aos es$udos!omummen$e e#a9orados 8or es8e!"a#"s$as da :rea(O ;o!o es$: 8or "a de re&ra !o#o!ado em ques$3o !om8er$"n<n!"a =ur>d"!a( O 8ro&rama? !omo 8oder: ser!ons$a$ado? re!orre a ;on$es 8r"m:r"as@ es$: or&an"7ado 8orques$esB8ro9#emas a9ordados 8or es8e!"a#"s$as@ e eC8esem8re 8os"es a#$erna$"as so9re !ada um dos $8"!osa9ordados(Os o9=e!$"os e !om8e$<n!"as a adqu"r"rD $ornar os d"s!en$es$3o uen$es quan$o 8oss>e# em re#a3o aos quadrosana#>$"!os e 8ro9#em:$"!as aorados 8e#os es8e!"a#"s$as na:rea d"s!"8#"nar em !ausa? a das Re#aes In$erna!"ona"s? emque Es$ados se em9ren4am !om a$ores n3o-es$adua"s( Nes$a!aso? o 8on$o ;o!a# es$: !o#o!ado nos noos $"8os de!oo8era3o e !on"$ua#"dade $>8"!as dos 8a#!os "n$erna!"ona"semer&en$es(H – PROGRAMAem AneCoJ? 1  % – MK+O/OS /E A,ALIAÇOE#a9ora3o e a8resen$a3o na au#a !orres8onden$e  sess3ode um !ur$o $ra9a#4o de &ru8o(ECame na#? em que o $ra9a#4o a8resen$ado  !on$a9"#"7ado!omo ;a!$or de ma=ora3o da no$a na#( m ma"or 8ormenorquan$o a !r"$r"os de aa#"a3o  ;orne!"do aos a#unos no!or8o do Pro&rama? que AneCo(5 – )I)LIOGRAFIA"n!#u>da? $a# !omo os $emas a9ordados? no Pro&rama emAneCo? sess3o 8or sess3oJ6 – LEGISLAÇO8orque n3o se $ra$a de uma d"s!"8#"na =ur>d"!o-8os"$"a? aLe&"s#a3o a8are!e sem8re a8enas em !on$eC$o(Q – *RISPR/.NIA8orque n3o se $ra$a de uma d"s!"8#"na =ur>d"!o-8os"$"a? a *ur"s8rud<n!"a a8are!e sem8re a8enas em !on$eC$o( 2  ANEOD INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Professor Doutor Armando Marques Guedes Nova Law, school year 2015201!, 1st semester  POST-BIPOLAR TYPES OF POWER, IDENTITY-FORMATION,AND CONFLICT IN AN EMERGENT NEW WORLD ORDER  "N#$%D&'#"%N (h)le not want)n* +y any means to s)rt a rather thorny )ssue, the -resentPro*ramme was not des)*ned for future "nternat)onal $elat)ons s-ec)al)sts, +utrather for future .ur)sts/ "ts am+)t)ons are modest, as )t a)ms to -rov)de l)ttle morethan an )ntroduct)on to an academ)c d)sc)-l)ne  even )f )t does so )n fa)rly r)chand somewhat demand)n* manner/ Mostly, )t offers to -rov)de students w)th adeta)led ser)es of analyses of contem-orary )nternat)onal relat)ons from thesoc)alsc)ent)f)c -ers-ect)ve of "nternat)onal $elat)ons "$/ #h)s )s +y no means aco-out, as the Pro*ramme nevertheless does convey much of the *)st of what "$ has +ecome3 a l)vely and very techn)cal su+.ectmatter, one dee-ly concernedw)th the most -ress)n* )nternat)onal -ol)t)cal )ssues of today4s world/#hese am+)t)ons and a)ms w)ll +e carr)ed out select)vely dur)n* thesemester/ (e l)ve )n a t)me of chan*e and mult)centered confl)cts andaccord)n*ly these form the hard core of what follows/ #he sess)ons, accord)n*ly,focus a *reat deal of attent)on on )ssues -erta)n)n* to )dent)ty and )ts reco*n)t)on)n today4s world, and also on the many tens)ons and confl)cts that +eset us all aswe try to co-e w)th the very ra-)d nat)onal, su+nat)onal, re*)onal and *lo+altransformat)ons wh)ch *)ve us no res-)te/ #hat )s not all3 the sess)ons and the)r order)n* also *)ve +ody to d)dact)c constra)nts/ Narrat)ve4 )n style, the semestral)ntroduct)on that follows )s -resented )n +oth a w)dean*le lens and an )nde-thone  as we shall attem-t to cover as many e6am-les as )t )s -oss)+le )n asemester of as deta)led an analyt)cal fash)on as we can/ Moreover, -art)cular care 7  )s taen w)th conce-ts and the methodolo*)cal s-ec)f)c)t)es of "nternat)onal$elat)ons as a d)sc)-l)ne/A qu)c ma- may -rove useful at th)s .uncture/ #he Pro*ramme )sor*an)8ed )nto three ma.or sect)ons " call them Parts/ As noted, these follow asequence, wh)ch )s +oth a narrat)ve one and one of )ncreas)n* conce-tualcom-le6)ty/ #he f)rst Part, as th)s )s an )ntroductory Pro*ramme des)*ned for future .ur)sts, ma-s out conce-ts and cruc)al not)ons relevant )n "nternat)onal$elat)ons theory9 )t cons)sts of two su+sets, l)ned to the chosen to-)c of thesemester/ #he last Part, +y far the +)**est, )ncludes a ser)es of analyses of someof the most )m-ortant l)ve fronts4 of contem-orary )nternat)onal -ol)t)caldynam)cs/ #he m)ddle Part, lar*er than the f)rst +ut smaller than the last focuseson some of the *eneral tra)ts of the relevant )nternat)onal -ost+)-olar trans)t)ons  from the mer*ence of secess)on)st )nfrastate ent)t)es to su-rastate ones, tod)fferent forms of state react)ons to the)r sovere)*nty and terr)tor)al )nte*r)ty, tothe reemer*ence of rel)*)on as a -ol)t)cal d)mens)on, to new ty-es of asymmetr)cal warfare, and the )m-l)cat)ons of all these factors/:or each sess)on there )s a mustread +)+l)o*ra-hy/ At the end, " added afew more references wh)ch are o-t)onal/ All te6ts l)sted are e)ther ava)la+le at the;-hotoco-y house< fac)n* the :aculty, )n the L)+rary, or freely ava)la+le for download at the s)tes )nd)cated/ (h)le the f)rst four su+sect)ons of the Pro*ramme are ;ma*)ster)al lectures<,the latter ones )nclude a small -resentat)on of the theme +y selected *rou-s of students,followed +y d)scuss)ons around them/ "n terms of :aculty rules there )s an o+l)*atoryf)nal e6am/ =oth for the e6am and the short -a-ers that w)ll serve as the +ases for d)scuss)ons )n the second -art of the Pro*ramme, evaluat)on w)ll de-end on clar)ty )nthe use of "nternat)onal $elat)ons conce-ts used and d)scussed >0?, on nowled*e of the e6am-les treated 20?, and on the creat)v)ty d)s-layed >0?/ Parte I A FRAMEWORK: PERSPECTIVES AND CONCEPTS sect)on 1  SOME GENERAL OPERATIONAL NOTIONS  THE SEDIMENTATION OF THE DISCIPLNE OFINTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. FROM INTERNATIONALSYSTEM TO INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY. THE STATE,SOVEREIGNTY, FOREIGN POLICY, AND DIPLOMACY (1) >  The historical rise of the discipline of International Relations (IR). International anarchy and international society. The Peace of Westphalia, and theinternational state system. Sovereignty and international politics. Diplomacy asa political instrument. Headley Bull, (1977), “The nature of order in world politics”,em The Anarchical Society. A study of order in world politics : 3-53, acillan, !ondon"   Armand M. Mar!ue" Guede"  (19#$), “% estatuto cient&'codas ela*es +nternacionais”,  Nação e Defesa #: 3-15,+nstituto de efesa .acional, !is/oa . Mar#$n Hll$" e S#e%en Sm$#& ' 1990), “The rowth of adiscipline”, in  Explaining and Understanding International elations : 12-$5, larendon 4ress, %ford" Henry ($""$n)er   (199$), “The new world order”, in  Diplo!acy  :17-9, 6imon  6chuster, .ew 8or" Armand Mar!"e# G"ede#  200@,   ;A #eor)a "nternac)onal de Adr)anoMore)ra3 uma a-resentaBo<, em Adr)ano More)ra,   !omunidade Internacional em "udan#a 3 @7>, Almed)na, L)s+oa/  Armand Mar!ue" Guede"  (00#),  aising Diplo!ats. "olitical# genealogical and ad!inistrati$e constraints intraining for diplo!acy  , a;orita 6eries,  Diplo!atiche A%ade!ie , <ienna, =ustria"  Armand Mar!ue" Guede"  (010), “aisin iplomats asit”,  &ithuanian    'ournal of International elations , <ilnius,!ithuania (in print)" REALISM, LIBERALISM AND STR*CT*RALISM. PO+ER,ITS PLACES AND SCOPE. FROM BALANCE OF PO+ER TOCOLLECTIVE SEC*RITY. THE RISE AND PROGRESSIONOF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIATIONS () The three (classical) theoretical paradig!s in the study of I.The progression of international scenarios. (hege!onicdo!ination) *y the US and the li*eral proposals for (wars andother i!!oralities of international anarchy). +ro! the &eague 5
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