Jason Smith Stipulation of Facts

Jason Smith Stipulation of Facts
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  Virginia: I N   THE  C IRCUIT  C OURT   OF   THE  C ITY   OF  V IRGINIA  B EACH Commonwealth of Virginia,Plaintiff ! a#on Thoma# $mith %OB& '()*('+$$N& %efen /& CR)0(12)2 $ti34lation Of Fa-t# The Commonwealth’s evidence would show that on May 22, 2014, the defendantcommitted the crimes of Carjacking, Malicious ounding, !elony luding #olice, !elony$it and %un in violation of &irginia Code sections 1'(2)*'(1, 1'(2)*1, 4+(2)'1 and 4+(2)'-4( .ll of these offenses occurred within the City of &irginia /each.t aroimately 330 (m( the defendant was in ank arking lot located at 22 nd and .tlantic in &irginia /each( $e aroached Ms( C as soon as she arked and egan toget out of her 2012 hite $onda C%&( The defendant had a knife in his hand and toldMs( C to 5give me your f66king keys(7 The defendant then struggled with Ms( C over thekeys( 8uring the struggle the defendant sliced Ms( C’s arm with the knife he was holdingleaving a ermanent scar and he also roke her finger( The keys droed to the ground(The defendant icked the keys u off the ground and then drove off in Ms( C’s car at ahigh rate of seed nearly striking a car that was turning into the arking lot( The defendant roceeded onto 9)2+4 headed west( The olice followed in ursuit( The defendant eited at 9ndeendence and cut across 4 lanes of traffic in a veryshort distance( There were several olice cars in ursuit and they all had on their lightsand sirens( The defendant would not sto( $e drove u over the grass and cut through aTaco /ell arking lot and then turned right onto Market :treet at an unsafe seed with the olice in ursuit( hile making this turn he struck an auto that was stoed at a stosign( The defendant’s car ushed this auto into a fence in front of ;ordon /iersch( Thecar was totaled and had a damage loss of <1',000( The defendant continued to drivethrough the Town Center area with olice in ursuit with lights and sirens on( The car thedefendant struck y ;ordon /iersch had three occuants( =ne of the occuants wasinjured and had to go to the hosital in an amulance( This individual suffered aconcussion, contusions to his head and shoulder and he also injured his ris, ack andknee( $e has een in hysical theray three days a week since this incident( The O FFICE   OF   THE  C OMMONWEALTH ’ S A TTORNEY  2425 NIMMOPARKWAY V IRGINIA  B EACH ,V IRGINIA  23456-9050!5! 3#5-440$  defendant did not sto at the scene of this accident to check on the welfare of theindividuals he struck and did not echange information( The ursuit continued( The defendant caused damage to a olice car during thiscontinued ursuit and he also struck an unoccuied car that was arked at a neary#et:mart( The defendant eventually drove out onto &irginia /each /lvd( The car hecarjacked was damaged and ecame inoerale( The defendant allowed this car to driftinto the center median on &irginia /each /lvd and he rolled out of the car with theengine still running( $e then got u and egan to run away( The olice chased him onfoot for a short eriod and then took him into custody( There was a knife inside the hite $onda C%& the defendant carjacked as well asMs( C’s urse( The knife did not elong to Ms( C or anyone she knew( .ttached to this stiulation of fact are hotos for the following1(The white $onda C%& that the defendant carjacked as well as hotos of theinterior of this vehicle >to include the knife the defendant used in thecarjacking?2(#hotos of the car the defendant struck while turning onto Market :treet y the;ordon /iersch(3(#hotos of the injuries to Ms( C’s arm that resulted from the defendant slicingher arm during the course of the carjacking4(. hoto of the olice vehicle that was damaged after a collision with thedefendant’s vehicle(*(. close u hoto of the knife used y the defendant during the carjacking+(. hoto of the unoccuied vehicle the defendant struck in the #et:mart arking lot( The Commonwealth reserves the right to lay the olice 8ashCam video of this ursuit at the sentencing hearing in this case( /@ 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 .ttorney for the Commonwealth8efendant 666666666666666666666666666666 .ttorney for the 8efendant 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 8ateAudge of the Circuit Court O FFICE   OF   THE  C OMMONWEALTH ’ S A TTORNEY  2425 NIMMOPARKWAY V IRGINIA  B EACH ,V IRGINIA  23456-9050!5! 3#5-440$
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