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Kunci Jawaban Soal UAS UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 www materisoalujian blogspot com

Kunci Jawaban Soal UAS UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 www materisoalujian blogspot com
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Transcript Page 1 Kunci Jawaban I 1.   Our country has two seasons, which are dry and rainy  2.   How is the sun in dry season? It is shines brightly  3.   When the rainy season begins? It begins in November to April  4.   What the farmers do in rainy season ? They begins Plants the tree  5.   Why in someplaces people get flood ? Because Water is too much and can’t abs   orb into the  6.   The nearest planet from the sun is Mercurius  7.   Brunei Darussalam is a Kingdom  8.   Ciliwung River are located in West Java  9.   How many  money do you have? I have Rp. 20.000,00. 10.   How many  book do you have?I have five books. 11.   The sunrises is in the east  and sunsets is in the west  12.   A farmer  works in paddy field to plants rice. 13.   Elephant is bigger  than goat. 14.   A : Is she a singer? B: Yes, she is  15.   “Angkat tanganmu” in Eng lish is Raise your hand  16.   Lea has long and short  hair. 17.   We can see a lot of ships in the harbour  18.   A : Are they a pilot? B : No, they coul dn’t 19.   It is white, it is fall from the sky, it is cold and looks like a cotton. It is snow  20.   I like autumn  best because when the leaves fall, its took so beautiful. Kunci Jawaban II  21.   What the writer name? Her name is Irma  22.   My sister has a son, he is my brother  23.   My brother goes to his office by motorcycle everyday  24.   Mr. Bima Arya is a Walikota  of Bogor city. 25.   The center of our solar system is Sun  26.   I like to eat chocolate, its taste a sweet  27.   The located of bookstore are between  school and bank. 28.   The located of city park is on Sehat Street. It is the same street location  a hospital. 29.   People who tells and shows us to tourism object are called is tour guide  30.   Ina is 165 cm, Ani is 155 cm. Ina is higher  than Ani. 31.   The opposite of South is North  32.   Fable is a story about fiction imaginary  33.   That is my bag. That bag is mine  34.   Belok kiri in English is “ turn left ”  35.   Do you have a ballpoint ? Yes , I have   III. Answer the Questions Page 2 36.   Mention 5 name of mounts in Indonesia! Gunung Agung, Gunung Gede, Gunung Salak, Gunung Galunggung and Gunung Bromo 37.   Mention 5 name of public places! parks, fields, shelters, malls, swimming pools and recreational parks 38.   Write down 7 days in a week in order !      Sunday    Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday 39.   Write the opposite!    Short    Fat    Small 40.   a. Sir, can you shows the way to library  ! b. Can you please help me turn on the fan  !    ______selamat belajar___    ___
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